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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sadness all around...

What the hell is the world coming to? I recently wrote about the tragedy in a Berlin daycare where a madman went on a killing spree. Chris told me he'd read a story today out of Melbourne, Australia detailing a father who dropped his 4 year old daughter off the West Gate Bridge. She was found, and rescue attempts were made, but unfortunately, she later succumbed to her massive internal injuries. The news is on in the background, and I just heard a news report concerning a newborn baby (2-4 days old) found in a public washroom sink. The baby's mother left the newborn there. Fortunately, the baby is in good health. Last week, closer to home, there was a baby airlifted from the Prince County Hospital in Summerside to the IWK, due to his extensive injuries, and charges are laid for the child abuse that led to his hospitalization.

The past few days, the news is peppered with stories of another heinous, incomprehensible act...the murder of Karissa Boudreau.

Karissa was 12 years old, and had her entire life ahead of her. Her mother, Penny Boudreau, has recently confessed to her murder and is currently serving a 20 year jail sentence. The act was completely premeditated...step by step, she had it planned. She waited for a night when there was an expected snowfall so that her body would be snow-covered to delay its recovery. She pushed her down onto the ground and strangled her to death with a piece of twine. She looked into her daughter's eyes as the little girl breathed her very last breath, pleading for her Mommy to stop. She purposefully pulled the little girl's pants down after dragging her body to her thought-out drop off spot, in order to stage the scene to look like the little girl had been a victim of a sexual assault. And she then followed an elaborate plan to advise the public, her family, and friends that the little girl had gone missing. She pleaded to the public for the safe return of her beloved daughter...all the while knowing that it was all a devious win the attention and love of her boyfriend. The "thought of losing him was worse than the thought of losing her"...

According to accounts by a neighbor, the day after she reported the little girl missing, she started partying. She drank, smoked pot, and enjoyed lobster supper while the body of her little girl lay frozen by the riverbank. Now jailed for the crime, Penny Boudreau is getting her nails done, her hair styled, 3 square meals a day, warm sleeping quarters, and playing bingo. At the age of 54 she will have fulfilled her sentence.

"Karissa is remembered as a little girl who loved pretty clothes, stuffed animals and helping younger children."

Date Night

After work last night Christopher and I went out for his birthday supper. He chose Mosaic Seafood & Grill (to my delight, since his initial thought was to go to a local high-end steakhouse. I don't eat steak, and there's little choice there if you don't; plus, it saved me likely $25-$35 on the meal. Amber-food plus cheaper food. Sweet.). The restaurant was packed! It was good to see that, in support of a local business, although it did take a while to get our meal. We were also seated right by the door, so every time it opened...freeeeeezing. That's my only complaint though. The food was really good, and my meal was huge, enabling me to eat some for supper and then take the rest to work for lunch today. Bonus :)

After supper we waltzed into a local novelty store - had some laughs there, and then headed onward to Mavors for dessert. Chris had his mind made up that he wanted creme brule, and he'd had it there before and wouldn't settle on anything but. So, it being his birthday and all...can't help but go along with it, right? For my own dessert, I opted for a specialty coffee a B52 coffee. Delish! It was a fantastical night...thanks hunny, and again, happy birthday :)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

If you don't watch American Idol, please disregard this post...

3 nights of AI this week? Almost too much... I have a few things to say about Tuesday:
  • That was a stunning shirt Randy had on, no?
  • George Ramirez...18 and that much hair? Is that even possible? For some reason I have an urge to watch "The 40 Year Old Virgin".
  • Michael Perrelli could use a little therapy. I think Simon destroyed his whole world - that is after he was already partially destroyed by the 'no guitar' rule.
  • That Anne Marie girl who got the 2nd chance - good voice. She'll likely go fairly far.
Wednesday I felt like laid on the couch, sans lappie. Writing this after the fact, the only two singers that stick out in my mind were those Simon felt would be memorable: the chick with the kid who just got divorced with the big long arm tat. Her voice was memorable. Heck if I can remember her name though. Secondly - the hippie child with the dirty feet. I'm unsure if I enjoy her voice, but she's slightly memorable (at least her feet are).

This brings us to Thursday, and may I just say that on Thursday night I would so much more prefer to be enthralled in a CSI plot than to hear sh!tty singers?
  • Simon proved his warmth and compassion in helping that chick get her job back; she couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag. Thank goodness she has a day job.
  • The fluffy, whiny chick in the bad outfit & 80's hairstyle, begging for a chance? Get a grip and listen to the background music, "You're no good, you're no good, you're no're just no good".
  • "Rocker" Jackie - the chick in the room when the blinds fell. They all seemed to like her; I don't. Perhaps because she reminds me of a certain sl^t from my past named Cindy, and "I hate her guts"?
  • GuyPod - NO!
  • Norman Gentle - thanks for the giggle.
  • Ahhh...the return of, what a surprise? She STILL sucks.

Happy Birthday Chris!

To the person who has stood by me through a lot of trying times. To the person who has brought so much goodness to my life. To the person who I don't thank half as much as I should. To the person who makes me laugh. To the person who can frustrate the heck out of me in one instant, yet at the same time can make me so happy the next. To the person who completes my sentences, sometimes before I say them. To the person who I'm proud to call my very best friend. To the person who doesn't judge me. To the person who accepts me for what I am.

Happy Birthday, Christopher. I hope the year ahead brings you much happiness, much love, and much prosperity (especially prosperity...heeehee). I love you to pieces.
Thanks for all* you do...xoxo

*for the countless hugs when I need them
*for scraping my windows when they're frosty
*for shoveling the path to my car everytime it snows
* for being the 98.5%-of-the-time-maker-of-supper
*for sticking by my side when I'm being impossible
*for putting up with my hairdryer pretty much every morning when you'd rather be sleeping
*for putting up with many days of less than hot water in the shower because I've been in first
*for letting me sleep in the bed when I'm snoring
*for being silly and making me smile even when I try my hardest not to
*for understanding my anal-ness when it comes to my taped tv
*for putting up with, and sometimes actually loving, my cats
*for your advice, even when there are times I don't take it (and not for screaming I TOLD YOU SO when I don't)
*for eating healthier with me these last few weeks
*for all this, and so much more....THANK YOU.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

"Happy" Hump Day

Ok seriously...can I just have a re-do? So far today...

-I overslept
-spilled coffee all over my coat (the white one, no less)
-got to work to realize that someone had messed with my chair

Keep in mind that although it's Hump Day for most, for me, it's just another "Monday" on account of having yesterday off. Oversleeping was all my fault. If I had've left the snooze button alone, I would have been on schedule. The coffee...well, I just happened to dump my coffee all over me while getting into the car...spilling it on the sleeve and all over the left front side. For a split second I contemplated just going to work and worrying about it later, but you know how coffee I trotted back inside, got out the "Shout!", sprayed it all over the stains - dripping some on the floor in my haste, of course (and I'm hoping I got the drip spots all cleaned up so that Bosco doesn't lap it up like a delicious treat), and changed into my other coat. Of course this meant that I was also leaving home later than usual to even get to work. Thankfully I do have a backup coat, and I did manage to get in on time, but still. The chair...well that's another thing entirely.

We have dedicated work stations, so our desk and chair is our 'own'. If you have any concept of how long it takes to get the chairs at work where you want them, you'll understand. Is there not an unwritten rule somewhere, along the lines of Office Etiquette 101 or something to NOT mess with another person's chair? Common courtesy, even?? I don't even know yet if it is my chair or not. Before I arrived, my desk didn't have one, because whomever messed with it didn't put it back even. A co-worker moved what he thought was mine, back to it's place before my arrival. If it is mine, the seat has been lowered, the back support doesn't feel right...and it just added crank to an already cranky Amber!

Yeah, so can I get a re-do?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Really Friggin Cool

So my first post of the day was kinda lame. I hate doing that to you, my lovelies, so instead of just leaving you with complaints, I give you this link:

I strongly encourage you to click it, as well as read what it's all about...220 images - 1473 megapixels - stitched together to offer a panoramic image of the near two million people witnessing the recent inauguration.

So friggin cool.

Then, I strongly encourage you to view the image with the 'fullscreen gigapan viewer'. Then, you should click on the image just to see the clarity...see if you can find Aretha in her big-ass sparkly hat. If you look through the crowd, you could possibly even find someone pickin' his nose.


I work Saturday so I'm home today. I'm up to my eyeballs in laundry (literally if you piled it up in one stacked up pile I'd guarantee it'd reach - no, surpass, my eyeballs). That headache I alluded to the other day is back, or stronger...or something. I'm also currently sipping on some water, soon to be replaced by a tea...trying to convince myself that my throat isn't sore. Surely, it must be just dry. Yeah. It's too cold outside to do anything, but I do have a hair appointment tonight, and I suppose I should try to pick up a few things for Christopher's birthday (Thursday). That also means I should try to make a path through to my craft desk to make a card for him, too. I wish it was 6am. Turns out I have a lot more to do today than I thought.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Wherein I lament about my long lost starter

Holy Frick it's cold! I can't describe how much I miss an automatic car starter. I know it's not very eco-friendly, and with the gas prices being so volatile I really should be thankful that I don't have a starter to avoid wasting gas. But man I wish I had a starter. My car takes so freaking long to warm up I'm normally at my destination just as it's starting to feel warmer. One thing I am thankful for in my VW Golf, though,...the butt warmers. The rest of me may be pre-frostbit, but my arse is as warm as pancakes fresh off the griddle.


My heart goes out to the familes, friends, neighbors, workers...anyone associated with the day care stabbings, and subsequent murders, in Belgium. Apparently, this monster is also the suspect in another murder earlier in the week. It sickens and saddens me to think that someone is capable of such a henious and unthinkable act. How do you punish someone who has done something like that? How does a family get any closure whatsoever after having their family member ripped from their lives in such a horrific way? How does a person maintain faith of any kind, especially faith in humanity, after an experience like this? I just have no words. I pray all those affected find peace...somehow.

Monday Monday

Yuck - is it really Monday morning again already?

The weekend passed very quickly, as always, but it was fab just the same. I worked Friday night til 9pm so it was home and an early bedtime that night. Saturday started out fairly lazy, with Chris bringing Timothy's breakfast to me, so I didn't even have to break an egg. A co-worker of Chris' had loaned him the first 2 seasons of Dexter, so we watched a few episodes of that over breakfast, and beyond - and I can easily say that the show is going to be another new favorite. It's sooooo good - check it out if you've not yet seen it or heard of it. Saturday night I joined my girlies for our monthly soiree. There were good eats, great laughs, co-miserating, and all-out fun (can you say t-h-e-r-a-p-y?). Thanks my lovelies! I can't wait until the next one!

Sunday Lana & Bruce had us over for an afternoon movie (Leatherheads - it was just fair, but seeing George Clooney in a starring role is never a bad thing). A huge thank you to Lana for encorporating a 'healthy' snack for the movie, and the fantastic supper she treated Chris & I to. It was excellent dawwwling :) xo. After returning home we caught ourselves up on the taped tv (ER & CSI), and watched another episode of Dexter.

That brings us up to current. I'm feeling sorta cruddy...can only blame it on the overindulgences on Saturday night, because I've been feeling so good prior. I can also likely blame too little sleep as well. Happy Monday, ya'll :).

Friday, 23 January 2009


What a long week! I'm sooo glad it's finally Friday. It's weeks like this that prove to me why we have a 5 day work week - because I wouldn't be able to muster up the strength to do it for one more day...

Due to having to work nights this week, I had to tape ER and CSI last night so haven't seen them yet, but wow...what a Greys & PP! I blubbered like a baby through the end of PP. Perhaps that's why I feel so drained and tired today? (Yes, I'm a tv junkie and I get overly emotional whilst my favourite 'stories' are on - don't judge).

Tomorrow night I'm meeting up with some girlies from work. We're doing a bit of a Mexican fiesta with many yummy-but-bad-for-us-snacks. We'll be in our sweat pants for added comfort (and it can't help but aid in the ingestion of the yummies). After eating 'healthy' for the last 3 weeks it will be a treat for my palate, indeed. I'm making a nacho dip, and I'm salivating just at the thought of it. I'm going to use 'light'/'fat free' ingredients, but that really doesn't health it up a whole lot. Ah's not good to deprive yourself, right? I'll have to clean the house from top to bottom on Sunday to try to work off some of it though.

I hope you all have a fantastic, stress-free, yum-filled weekend :)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

You know you want it...

We had another 2 nights of Idol auditions this week. How I enjoy the beginning stages of the show. Perhaps I'm lame, but I'm so amused by it all. Some more highlights from this week:

  • Tatiana/"Miss AmericaIdol" - I hated her before she opened her mouth to sing. Wtf was with that dress?? Simon's reaction to her was fantastic; unfortunately, she's moving on to Hollywood. And seriously - that laugh? I'd be up on criminal charges if she was in my social circle.
  • Kai is a cutie; he can sing, and his dedication to his mama was touching, indeed.
  • Tiffany...must have shared whatever she was smoking with her mom and dad since they are the only 3 people in humanity who enjoy her singing. And her closing remark,"they don't even know theirselves?" Not only can she not sing, but she has trouble with the simplest of tasks, like speaking, apparently.
  • Joanna - I predict top 5, and she's cute, too.
  • Mr. Zebra and Patrick's pelvis. Wow.
  • Aaron WHOOO! Williamson, America's Next "Top Model". Guess maybe he really was intending to try out to be a model and not an idol? How I wish I had a quarter of his energy.
  • Lenesha (I've likely slaughtered her name spelling) - some good potential there. I really liked her own song she auditioned with - a very "Brandy" flair.
That's my time....I've got a warm cup of sleepy-time tea in my belly and I'm very much looking forward to snuggling down deep under that duvet.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Now that's one hairy beast...


"With eyebrows so long he brushed them each morning..."

My question is - why didn't the article include a before and after photo? Then we really want to see a picture of a man with eyebrows long enough to brush? At least the proceeds went to charity.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Hope on the Horizon

Today America swears in Barack Obama as their new President. It is history in the making. It is the start, hopefully, of positive change in the United States. It is a change which will, in turn, hopefully, lead to positive change throughout the world. A friend of mine sent me something that I felt worth sharing with all who might read this:

January 20th, 2009

Some day I may have the opportunity to tell my grandchildren (imagine {my sons} FATHERS) where I was when Obama became President of the USA. This is one day that will be in the history books. Today, I have such high hopes for this world and the people who live day to day within can make this a better place. Maybe peace can be obtained, maybe all children will go to bed with full bellies, maybe all moms and dads will see their children go to school. Maybe all people will join and become one. And maybe it all started today. But we must all come together, be kinder to one another, help those who don't have, lend a helping hand. Start by smiling at a stranger, hold the door for the person coming behind you, kiss your husband and children each day they leave their safe home, say thank-you to the girl working at Tim's and wave to your neighbor. So I'm going to start by saying what beautiful women you all are and I'm so blessed to have you as friends.

Thanks LA! You're beautiful too - and thank you for your kind words. I hope you don't mind me passing them along :).


The spot on my left pinky finger between my knuckle and hand is swollen and hurts like a jeezer. I guess maybe arthritis? It's a bit of an inconvenience when I have to type constantly for a living. Pardon my whining, I just felt the need to b!tch about something.

I'm happy to report that there were no mishaps today before work with the cats and breakable items. I swept up more glass last night after Chris had moved the tv stand back to adjust his surround sound. On the weekend, I think I'd better get that moved all the way back and do another sweep through, though.

So the surround system is pretty awesome! We watched Signs last night and there were a few moments I thought I might pee myself. Zoe was so comical to watch, too...she kept hearing chirping birds from all the speakers, and was looking around the room back and forth with extreme curiosity. She really does covet birds.

Third week into the healthier eating far so good...anyone out there with nutritional advice (am I doing it all wrong), feel free to speak up. Now, I if I could just force myself to move around a bit I might get somewhere. I can say, though, that frequent trips to the bathroom are a bit of inadvertent exercise...the bathroom is downstairs, and I must be up and down at least every hour. Yeah, yeah. I like making up excuses.

Wow, this update was pathetic.

Monday, 19 January 2009

How my day started today...

I work nights this week (which is enough to make a person cranky). I was very proud of myself for getting up early to make myself a good lunch, and I also had time to sweep and scrub the kitchen floor. I didn't do the living room - figured I'll tackle a room at a time this week.

I went to make myself an egg salad sandwich for lunch. I had the egg all diced up and ready to go, and went to the fridge to get a small dollop of mayo....there was no mayo. Someone finished it up and neglected to tell me that he had, so I didn't pick up a new jar when I was at Sobeys on the weekend. So I have dry hard-boiled egg in a tub with me, and will eat that with toast I guess.

I continued getting ready for work after putting together a lunch...and did it in record time - 10 minutes early, in fact. Upon perusing the house for both cats (something I always do before leaving for the day), I discovered a certain red & white domestic atop the TV stand. Staring at me. Almost proudly. I screamed at him to get down. He stared. I got the water bottle to spray him, he sat, still proud. I sprayed him. He winced, but didn't move. So, as I went to move him, by the scruff of the neck, I inadvertently knocked the hurricane lamp over in the process. It shattered into a bazillion little pieces.

There went those 10 extra minutes.

I rhymed off a few expletives in Bosco's general direction and proceeded to try to clean the mess up. I swept and vacuumed the floor, and I hope I got it all up. However, visions of one, or both, of my cats gagging on a sliver of glass will be with me all day.

The sweater I'm wearing today is also itchy.

I'm beyond cranky.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Baby it's cold outside...

So we have an "Artic" airmass over the Maritimes...with extreme windchill warnings persisting all weekend of -35 C. The next person that exclaims, "Cold enough fer ya?" might get a punch in the nose. I plan to spend the majority of this weekend curled up with a blanket. Chris has the surround system set up, and it's awesome! We plan to head out for a bit today to grab a few groceries and stop in at the Guild to see the music expo there, and then we may drop by Jumbo to pick up a movie to watch. I have a feeling it won't be a drama because Chris really wants to hear a little thump.

Stay warm,'s soooo goshdarn cold. For anyone looking for a cozy solution, check this out:

I totally want one. It would make for much more comfortable blogging :).

Friday, 16 January 2009

Wherein I break up with Jack Frost

Dear Mr. Frost,

I try not to be a huge complainer. Really, I do. In fact, this little cold snap hasn't really bothered me too greatly. I enjoy snuggling on the couch with a good blanket and a cat. I enjoy a nice warm cup of tea (well, until the mishap the other day). I loooooovvvvvvvve snuggling under my warm duvet at night. I even don't mind pulling the extra warm sweaters out of the back of the closet.

There comes a point in any relationship where you have to examine things. This morning - when my car almost refused to turn itself over... when the windshield was frozen up with just the finest layering of ice that I couldn't actually scrape it with a scraper....when even my seatbelt groaned and grinded and complained at me.... I think, at this point, Mr. Frost, I can no longer have a relationship with you. You've become too frigid, selfish and uncaring. I need someone in my life that is going to look out for me, and for my surroundings. The creaking and groaning of the house last night? Well, that just scared me. The extra static in my hair and dryness on my face...not comforting at all, Mr. Frost. Perhaps you meant well, but I'm sorry, I just can't do this any longer.


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Music in PEI

The PEI Music awards take place this weekend. There's a lot going on in town to celebrate the occasion, and the Island's musical talent. The Guild has a photography expo, with the subject, of course, being musicians. There's no charge to get in. It's a mix of music work from photographers and graphic designers. Chris has a few prints there on display. I'm a little biased, but I think they're pretty darn good. If you get a chance, you should go check it out!

We're very lucky to have the scope of talent that we do. I was fortunate enough to have a chance to see Meaghan Blanchard as well as Tim Chaisson perform, and I hope to see them both again soon. Not only are they phenomenal performers, they are also very personable, and willingly stop to say hello and sign an autograph.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

America, you make me giggle

So my mouth is tightening in the spot where there is little to no skin left. I suppose that might mean it's starting to heal. It still smarts like a sonofabitch, and I'm pretty sure crackers were the wrong choice for an afternoon snack... I've been diligently applying Blistex Medicated every 20 minutes. I think I may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder though - seeing Chris sip on his steaming Neo Citran made my stomach turn.

Another stimulating 2 hour American Idol night. Highlights, you say? Ok:
  • leather-clad Brian; I especially enjoyed the little chest hairs peeking over the tank top. Josh Groban?? Seriously, dude. And give that jacket back to your little brother, will you?
  • to the poor girl having a serious mental breakdown...get some t-h-e-r-a-p-y.
  • So Dreds has a brother, eh? I'da never imagined a relation by listening to his supreme eloquence and adeptness at public speaking. And he started singing 20 days ago. I agree with Simon in that he was 'good-ish' but I just don't know that I can put up with another Castro-season (and yes, I'm being extremely sarcastic with the eloquence thing).
  • Banana-boy. Tell me, just what in tarnation WAS that?
  • the fluffy cheerleader for "Team Andrew" doing the splits rather frightened me, to be honest. 'Tho I was pretty impressed with the speed in which she planted herself back on her feet.
  • Michael Nicewonder. 'Nuff said. If you missed it, it's more than likely on YouTube.
Adios - I'm off to snuggle down into the deepest, warmest depths of my duvet. It's frickin COLD tonight!

There'll be no kisses from me....

Holy Diabolical Mother of JAYSAS...

Words cannot express the utter pain I am in at this very second...

I just got back from boiling some water for tea...I have it in my new travel mug with the super duper lip on it for easy drinking. I was very much looking forward to my tea. It's a bit chilly in the office so I thought it'd warm me up nicely, along with offering me the healthy benefit that is green tea.

I was mid-conversation with a customer...went to take a sip of said tea...I wasn't getting anything so I tipped the mug back a tad (just a teensy, weensy bit) ...all of a sudden, the boiling hot lava-like liquid shot through the teeny tiny drink hole like a tsunami and covered my upper lip and tongue. I felt my lip stick to the lip of the cup...reminiscent of sticking one's tongue on a doorknob on a cold winter day. I believe the skin on the lip is a tad more sensitive than one's tongue, however...

{Insert extreme expletives and feet stomping here...all in my head, of course, as I had to continue said conversation with said customer, as though nothing had happened...}

My lip started to feel funny (well duh,'s burning like a mo fo!)...I felt like my lip gloss was all gunked up or I put my customer on hold, and rubbed the spot...and my skin came with it. An instant blister from the boiling hot, effing tea.


I now have a burning hole in my upper lip, a full mug of tea that I can't drink. I won't be able to taste for a week, and I'm talking with a lisp from the gargantuan hole in my effing face.

No refund for you!

Well now! I guess you could say I'm mighty glad that I never signed up for this place!

Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

That's Entertainment

Chris and I went out shopping tonight - for more healthy eats at Sobeys, and then on to the Futureshop where we finally had enough gift cards gathered together to enable a purchase of a rather sexy home theatre system! It's a Yamaha receiver with Energy speaker set. After all the horded gift cards were accounted for, it turned into an $108.00 home theatre system! Sweet! The parts are just out of boxes now, and I can barely contain my excitement for the first movie we watch with it. It'll undoubtably blow my wee little Kenwood bookshelf stereo out of the proverbial water. The logistics are all very above my head technologically speaking, but Chris gyrated a few times while reading the manual. I'm unsure how a new stereo system will aid in my getting my lazy buttocks off the couch, but I digress...

We arrived home after 9pm, so by the time I finished putting the groceries away and cleaning the kitchen, American Idol was almost half over. Highlights from what I did see, however, include:
  • WTF kinda glasses is Paula wearing...I think I wore a pair like that in Industrial Arts class before operating a skillsaw or some such thing.
  • the dancing 'fro guy. It's really too bad he couldn't sing. I liked to see his 'fro wiggle.
  • the deeeeeeeeeeeeeep-voiced guy. I especially enjoyed his 'hee hee hee' laugh.
  • the bikini-clad bitch; who else out there wanted to slap the conceited smirk off her face?
  • "Sexual Chocolate" - a joke indeed, but it was stellar when the new judge (who is a little sassy isn't she?) said, "But you have a new car!", upon his (deserved) rejection.
  • he-who-teaches-himself-in-moldy-closet guy; he actually wasn't bad!
Should be a good season :)

Monday, 12 January 2009

And how was YOUR weekend?

So I've had a week in with this new plan of mine to eat healthier. I've not deprived myself - when given an opportunity to have my favorite dish this weekend, I didn't opt out of it...but I have really been sticking to healthier lunches. I've been opting to bring my lunch as opposed to heading straight out to a burger joint (it's amazing what the mind will 'believe'...telling myself, 'oh it's a healthier alternative to order chicken fajitas at McDonalds'. Sure, maybe if I just had the fajitas and not the large fries that come in the combo!). So, kudos to me for a baby step. To become more accountable of what I fill my pie hole with, I've also started a new blog, aptly titled "Accountability Sucks", which, if you feel the need, you may access via my complete profile section on the left. It's pretty dry...and solely created as a means of me journaling my food intake, so I apologize if it lacks the witty content that you've come to love and expect :).

This past weekend went by pretty quickly. I had to work Saturday, so that didn't help the speed in which my free time quickly zapped. Saturday night after work Chris and I joined Marco and Krissy for supper at BP. After supper I jammied up and pretty much slept the evening away while Chris went out to play in the snow (it should go on record that earlier in the day I got an email from dear Christopher advising, "I'm fairly certain I have a cold"...and then 20 minutes later a more excited message, "Marco wants to go sleddin'!!!". Should a person who is getting a cold play on a snowmobile? I'm thinking a person getting a cold would be better off getting jammied up with some hot tea or Neo Citran and a warm blanket....but that's just me).

Sunday we finally de-Christmas'd the house... such a relief to have that done. Usually when the tree comes down I have this 'empty' the house just doesn't look quite right, but this year, that empty feeling wasn't there. Now I just have to find homes for the new basket set Mom gave me for Christmas .... After cleaning up I made supper, and then we took a drive around town for about an hour. The sole purpose of the drive was to blast as much floor heat as my car floor was so moist that it was causing inside frost and freezing...NOT cool to have to scrape the inside of the windows... We took the car mats out on Saturday night and then the heat went on last night. I hope it works... so far so good... Midst car-drying we stopped at DQ for a sundae treat, and then headed back home to watch the Dragon's Den special on TV before calling it a night.

That's my weekend in a nutshell...Happy Monday, folks :)

Sunday, 11 January 2009


So, having a full cup of hot coffee in hand and an involuntary shiver through one's body make for a bit of a messy outcome. Really - those things come out of nowhere, and they're really, really quite involuntary.

I'm glad I'm still in my pjs.

I'm glad that my pj top and blanket took the brunt of it.


Saturday, 10 January 2009

Q & A

How fun! I've just been emailed an 'interview' by a fellow blogger -Sizzle, from Sizzle Says. Sizz, I've read your entire blog; you've brought me to tears, you've had me laughing out loud, and you've had me getting in touch with my own deeper self after having read some of your posts. I interweb love you to bits!! Sizzle's original post can be seen here:

Without further ado ~


1) Do you have a "happy place" and can you describe it for us? I'm a self-confessed 'home body', so I would dare say my "happy place" is my comfy couch, with a cozy blanket and my two kitties nestled in with me. I have either my laptop or a good book in my hands, and a steaming cup of coffee or tea by my side.

2) What's one food you simply cannot resist? Gosh so many...I recently started a New Years "goal" to try to eat healthier, and it's such a struggle! I'm a sucker for a lot of things, so I can't possibly narrow it down to just one food, so I will list a few of my all-time favourites: my Mom's homemade spaghetti; shrimp/feta/penne from Boston Pizza; chicken shawarma & Lebanese rice from Cedars (and only there, because anywhere else I've tried it cannot possibly compare); I looooooooooooorvvvve me some cheese - all kinds really, but have a true love relationship with havarti and those little mini Babybel things; and, no list is ever complete without chocolate, with Lindor truffles by Lindt being le creme de la creme for me :).

3) If you had to choose between these three options, which would you pick and why?

A) A weekend alone in a cabin with a roaring fire, a stack of books and your thoughts.

B) A weekend in Las Vegas full of debauchery and gambling with a friend.

C) A weekend at home with friends visiting.

Mmmm, option A without a doubt. It sounds fantastic, especially this time of year, after the busy-ness of the holiday is over and the economic strain that is Christmas --not to mention the economic state that everyone is facing....It's a scary world out there. I saw Suze Orman on Oprah the other day and she was advising everyone that they should have 8 months of savings soiled away for an emergency (ie, job loss situation). 8 months; as a girl living cheque by cheque and depending on overdraft before each cheque comes in, that terrifies the bejebus out of me.

4) What band/musician are you currently digging on the most? I'm a huge fan of Matt Andersen; he's a local artist from the Maritimes. Hailing from New Brunswick, he has a jazzy, bluesy, folksy flair that is unmatched by anyone. His guitar skills are amazing...

5) As a child, what was your favorite toy? Without a doubt, Ms. Barbie. I collected the latest Barbie every year, but I also collected furniture for Barbie. I had a whole house of furniture that I would set up in my bedroom and my friend Melissa and I would play for hours and act out soap opera-style drama amongst our dolls.

*****If you want in on this action, just follow these instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me".

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. Be sure to link back to the original post.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

It just wasn't meant to be...

God I hope this whole 'eating healthy'/road to a 'healthier me' works so I can try to shed some of this plummage. Since bloating out to my current girth, I've been told that I now snore "all of the time", not just "occasionally". Last night was no exception. We'd gone to bed at 12:00. At 1:30 I am awoken out of a peaceful sleep - "AMBER! You're SNORING. ROLL OVER!"

I rolled over. I tossed and turned. I didn't snore again because I DIDN'T SLEEP AGAIN. I possibly was on the edge, but then got really bad heartburn so had to get up to take an anti-acid pill and figured I might as well pee since I was up anyway. If I wasn't fully awake before this point, I was then. Dear Christopher had no further trouble sleeping, however. He gurgled and snored himself. I made sure he 'felt' the nudging. Finally, about 45 minutes before my alarm was to sound, I was just on the edge of sleep when my nasal passage was attacked by the smelliest, stinkiest flatulence under the covers by the slumbering Christopher. Even Zoe left the room.

It's going to be a freaking long day.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Overheard at work...

C: "...Eddie, you're such a dingleberry"
Me: "Do you even know what a 'dingleberry' is?
C: "Some kind of berry, isn't it?"
Me: "I'd suggest you look it up on Urban Dictionary before you say it again"

For anyone in my readership who's not entirely sure what a 'dingleberry' is, I urge you to click the following link:

...just putting in time...

I had big plans for myself today. I traded with a co-worker to have his late shift today. I should have gotten up when Chris left for work. I should have stayed up after I went to pee and decided I could watch the end of BT in bed... Needless to say I slept longer than I should have - the laundry pile is sitting, untouched; the bathroom is a grimey mess; I rushed and tore to get a 'healthy' lunch together and get out the door on time. At least it is nearing the end of the week. At least the shows are new tonight. I'm off tomorrow, too, on account of working Saturday, so I will indeed try to get the house in tip top shape then.

Last night we joined Chris' family at his parents' home to celebrate Rose's birthday. Originally, there was a surprise party planned at Papa Joe's, but Rose got wind of it (can't pull much over on her!), and it wasn't at all what she wanted. She was able to blame the weather for changing plans, and it ended up being two couples close to her, along with Chris & I and his brother Shawn. Gary had made up a slide show of pictures of Rose through the years, and a few priceless videos. They ordered Chinese food, and it wasn't long before that scoff was only a distant memory. A good time was had by all, and most importantly, the birthday girl was happy with how the night turned out.

The drive home was a little hairy...when we left for home it was about 10:30pm...probably 5-7 cms of snow had fallen, and freezing rain started after that. When I'd arrived, the driveway had been full, so I had to park on the side of the road. The plow was just making it's rounds when we were going home...he actually waited for me to leave, which was really nice of him. However, on account of that, I made a rather hasty retreat from the road... Chris had quickly swept off all the snow from the windows, and I just hit the gas and went. By the time I had reached the TCH, my entire windshield was coated in freezing rain and I couldn't see a thing. The worst part, I couldn't see the side of the highway to pull over. I had a good idea that I was on my side of the lane (thanking GOD that there are two lanes and there wasn't any traffic though), so I just kept driving, but I was terrified. Finally a small, tiny patch of windshield opened up so I could hunch down to peek through it and got home, unscathed...

Moral of the story: stay up after you've had your morning pee, and don't drive in freezing rain until your car warms up.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Things that make you

I'm unsure if this is really, really creepy...or just really, really sad:

"Reborn" babies:

"I take them out to the park, if I'm walking the dog, and maybe put it in its stroller, or put it in its sling, or hold it in a blanket, and people do think it's real...You're, like, all happy and proud, 'cause they're, you know, googling over your baby."

A life-like doll. Apparently, it's a growing phenomenon in the US and overseas...they even put on conventions. The article goes on to advise that these 'reborn' babies/dolls cost anywhere between $500.00 and $1400.00 each, and some purchase several.

I've never been in a position where I've desperately wanted a baby and couldn't have one; and, Lord knows I'm in no way shape or form trying to diminish the sorrow and pain that comes with a miscarriage...but really...psychologically can this be theraputic?

Happy Birthday Rose!

Today is Rose's birthday.

Rose is Christopher's mother. A lady never truly likes to reveal her age, so I shall not divulge how old she is today...suffice it to say that she doesn't look a day over 45 :). She's a very kind, compassionate lady, and will do just about anything for the people that are important to her. She's always there to offer her advice, and she has a great sense of humor.

Today I raise a glass to you, dear Rose, to toast you on your very special day. I hope the year ahead brings you happiness, contentment, relaxation & prosperity! xo

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

It's only Tuesday....

As predicted, I didn't remain a goodie last night. While continuing the 'better eating' right through supper, by the time I made it to Tanya's and the chips 'n dip, and apple dip arrived, I was a goner. I did, however, eat fruit last night, and more fruit than chips 'n dip. Nevermind the fact that the apples were dripping in cream cheese and caramel sauce. Like I said, baby steps, and now I'm going to shut up about that because I do not intend this blog to turn into a food blog.

I had a lovely time last night at Tanya's! Erin, Julie, Rosanne, myself and Tanya were in attendance. We are all pretty excited about the new Bachelor season. Jason was a favorite on the last season of the Bachelorette, and we were beyond upset when Deanna left him in the cold. To see the season's preview with her return can only bring one thing - drama! I know, I know - it's a horrible show, with a horrible premise, but I get sucked into the drama every time. Plus, it's a wonderful opportunity for me to meet up with some dear friends. We're going to try to take turns hosting Bachelor night at our homes, and all get together weekly to watch it. So fun!

So far today I was stuck in traffic (that g.d. construction for Cows by the Causeway), am feeling rather grotesque, am in the cranky queue at work, and I'm barely past my first break. Oh it's a blessed day indeed. Happy Tuesday.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Miniature Victories

I've not posted any 'resolutions'. I kind of did that on purpose. I'm just making a decision to try to make healthier eating choices. The weekend was a write-off when Chris and I devoured a large bag of ketchup chips between us on Saturday night. Therefore, today, January 5, 2009, I start. My first 'mini' goal (not 'resolution') is to eat better lunches. It has been the norm too frequently to pop out for a burger and fries on my lunch break...and that has to stop.

I ate a 'healthier' lunch today. I had a veggie wrap and 1% chocolate milk...and it was surprisingly good, and I'm stuffed. I'm thinking the only reason it was so 'good' was due to the fact that I smothered the greens & veggies with greek feta dressing. Baby steps - don't judge (how else would I be able to choke down those freakin' greens?). 1 to a 'healthier me'. Breakfast was oatmeal, and lunch was good...I picked up a little snack size hummus with flatbread snack crackers for break. I've not yet had a piece of chocolate. I'm celebrating my own little miniature victories today. That's not to say that I won't have a piece of chocolate today...I refuse to go cold turkey on that. I'm also meeting up with the girls at Tanya's tonight to watch the kickoff of the new Bachelor season...and Erin's threatening to bring snacks to rid her house of I can't promise that I'll be a goodie for the entire day... Like I steps.

A sad ending...

My heart hurts for the Bambrick family. Yesterday, the body of Kyle Bambrick, 18 years old, was found after a lengthy search by police and search groups. He'd left a New Years Eve party early Thursday morning and hadn't been seen since. I never met him, yet his face haunts me...I can't stop thinking about him. Perhaps I'm relating my own small walk from the car to our front door that very same morning. Reports advise he'd left at 3am. We'd arrived home an hour before he was seen leaving. We were glad we'd arrived home when we did...we sat in bed, watching TV, listening to the winds howl...remarking to ourselves that it was a good thing we did leave when we did as the storm just kept getting stronger and more fierce. It was the worst winter storm to hit the Island in years... I can't even fathom walking in those conditions for as long as he did. I hope that his family can find peace in the fact that he's been found - and comfort from the love of their family and friends. It's truly a horrific, tragic, unfortunate loss.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Wherein I break up with Mr. Shovel

Yeah. So. It did suck. The wind changed directions mid-way through the storm, so when it was all said and done, the drift that was completely covering the road between our cars and our walkway, 2 houses to the left and right of our house, was over our waists. Steve & Wanda couldn't get their door open because of the drifting on their patio. Chris and I started out at 7am. We got through our walkway, to the cars, and then made a path to their door. We stopped in there to warm up a touch with a coffee, and then Steve joined us to try to shovel the cars out. I went in at about 9:00 to shower and get ready for work (my work NEVER closes), and left at quarter to 11:00 - the boys were still out shoveling. It was kind of heart-warming, really, seeing all the 'hood neighbors banding together, bein' neighborly with their shovels in tow. Now I just wonder where the bejebus the plow guy is going to put the snow?

The shoveling has irritated my wrist 'issue', and I no doubt will be ridiculously sore tomorrow on account of today's winter exercise being the only exercise this poor body has seen in a gazillion years. I know I needed it, but still. Don't judge.

Mr. Shovel, I no longer wish to have a relationship with you. You make me sore. You don't give much back in return, and well, I just think we'd get along better living separate lives (cue Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin duet).

I also regret not asking Santa for some winter boots. *sigh* Happy Friday :)

This... what we woke up to. what 50cm of snow and a 2 day blizzard looks like in the 'hood. going to suck getting a path through...

I borrowed Chris' pictures. Mine turned out quite poopy. My car is the 2nd one from the left in the top photo, and the 3rd in the bottom (yep, there's really a car under there). The plow went through today for the first time since Wednesday. He's passed by the house 3 times so far since we got up a half hour ago. The bank the plow left is up past our waists.

...Oy vey...

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome, 2009

So everyone's welcoming 2009 in their jammies and in the comfort of their homes - those who didn't get storm-stayed where they celebrated NYE, that is. PEI has basically shut down on account of a major winter storm. I've heard someone refer to it as a "blizzarcane", with wind gusts reaching over 100km/hr, and expected snowfalls in the range of 40-50cms. Chris' parents are storm-stayed at the Rodd Hotel, and his brother in Stratford - both calling to see if Chris wanted to try out his new AWD in the snow. Not likely ;)...the plows have been called off the roads as of 6am, and the last time he looked, which was hours ago, he said the drift by the Element was up to the window. Lana called, and her car is completely buried. I was chatting with our neighbor, Wanda, and she's really worried about her cat...who hasn't been back home since going out last night at 7pm (before the storm started). I can't stop thinking of poor little BabyGirl...I sure hope she's hiding under someone's deck or something...

Last night Chris and I popped into Melissa & Grant's NYE party in Glenfinnan (awesome house guys....loves it! And Tanya & Jared...those bacon wrapped scallops were amazing!). We couldn't stay long, because we also were committed to going to Ebenezer to ring in the new year with Marco and Krissy. We shared a few bevvie's and laughs, and watched the countdown to midnight, and then Marco fired up the Wii and we all played a few racing games. By 1:30am the storm was getting going so we left then to ensure we got home safely. Had we stayed much longer I'm not sure how far we would've gotten. Regretfully I didn't take any pictures last night. I know, I suck.

So far we've watched some Forrest Gump on tv, and Dan in Real Life, and are about to put on 27 Dresses. We've not gotten out of our jammies, and the house is just a-rockin'. The angel atop my miniature tree is swaying each time there's a big gust, and the couches are moving. Chris made us a delicious homemade pizza for supper. No cabin fever for me. I love it :). Now I can only hope that the clean up tomorrow takes so long that I might be able to get just one more day off...and a super long weekend.
I hope you're all safe and sound in a warm, comfy place right now!