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Monday, 31 August 2009

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Wishing my dear friend Melissa the happiest of birthdays!

To know Melissa is to know genuine compassion for all mankind. Many a drippy-eyed barn cat has been rescued by this kind soul. When I use the term "barn cat" I mean it in a figurative speech. It's a bit of an inside joke which Melissa will 'get'. Bascially she's a kinder and more understanding person than anyone I know!! :)

To know Melissa is to understand how one can truly overcome the hardest of obstacles with grace and positivity. She's an inspiration to all who meet her. She has a beautiful, bright smile and an infectious laugh. She's an amazing mother and friend.

Raising a strawberry daquiri in celebration of you, my friend! May the year ahead bring you abounding joy, happiness & "twitterpation". xoxo

Church of the Rock

I went to church tonight.

(I can hear the gasps from here).

No, not in the traditional sense, of course. However, if you count a night of awe-inspiring, soul-reaching entertainment in the mix of all that's Holy, well, yeah I did.

Matt Andersen returned to the Indian River Festival for another year, and his performance ended the season with a proverbial bang. Every time I see this man play I'm more and more enamoured. He charmed us with some favourites, encouraging the crowd to sing along and harmonize, and he wowed us with a few new songs from his upcoming album. After touring a lot of the western part of the country, he's now finally back on the East Coast and we look forward to catching a few more shows on his rounds. You could call us groupies. We're ok with that.

In all seriousness, You'll not regret it. In fact, you'll chastize yourself for not listening to me earlier!

Technically *whistle, whistle*, cameras weren't allowed during the performance. Chris scored some front row seats so I couldn't resist the urge to snap a few shots with my little point 'n shoot:
And the token 'after concert' pics. Matt is always so good to stay back after the performance to chat and sign an autograph. Humble, personable, and genuine... a true delight.
Thank you once more for an excellent night out, Matt!! You truly do ROCK! :)

Friday, 28 August 2009

All together now.........


That's really all I feel like writing. I anticipate a lot of R&R this weekend... which potentially could be a good thing considering it may be a rainy, miserable weekend. We're on the lookout for possible storm effects from Tropical Storm Danny this weekend in the Maritimes. There was talk earlier in the week that by the time it reached our area it could potentially have been a weak Category 1 hurricane, but I think they've reduced that some. Good thing, too...we're going to see Matty at the Indian River Festival Sunday night...and come heck or high water (or high winds) I am NOT missing that!

I have an exaggerated headache -- I could blame stress. Perhaps a/c. Perhaps flourescent lights/ Perhaps computer screens. Perhaps the ginormous festering pimple on my forehead between my two eyes, too. Ow!

As you were.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

A story about a pig...

Do you know a good story-teller? I have a family of them - my mom's side specifically (that may be a biased statement too, on account of the fact that I spend the most time with her side. Anyway). Uncle Gary is in town for a visit so I've spent a few evenings this week at Mom's. Mom's family is from a teeny-weeny little Nova Scotia town and they have their own accent, so that adds to the atmosphere of the stories. If the teller starts talking too quickly I sometimes don't quite catch what they're saying. I'm sure I won't give a retelling enough justice that the story deserves, but I am struggling for good blog fodder so thought I'd share the following:

There was some discussion about a family friend who liked the drink. We'll call him Dave - for two reasons: one, to protect the innocent, and two, I can't for the life of me actually remember his name, but I'm pretty sure it's not "Dave". One night, after some good pickling no doubt, Dave decided he wanted to try to wrangle a neighbor's pig. Why he felt the need to do so I'm not sure, but nevertheless...

So Dave gets down on his haunches with hands out, full intensity and an eye on the prize, pig. He sees his moment and goes for it....


He missed.

He landed smack-dab in the middle of the pig poop.

He hit his head as he landed.

His false teeth fell out of his mouth...

...into the pig poop.

He picked up the teeth, brushed them off on his shirt sleeve, and stuck them back in his mouth.

I'm unsure if he ever did catch the pig.

Everyone together now...."eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!"

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A new man has caught my attention...

I am probably one of about 10 people in the Universe that isn't 'on' Twitter. I do, however, ensure I catch all the unread status update messages on Facebook, and giggle at the witty ones, and struggle composing my own witty updates to post for my own status. Perhaps someday I will give in to the rage that is Twitter.

Chris tweets, and has shared the following user's Twitter feed and I felt it a disservice if I didn't follow suit and share with all my own peeps:

I love this man.

Headline news

Front page news for our local paper, folks:

Irony at its best? Um...what were they thinking? Slow news day? Hmmmm.

The boat did survive a 'hurricane' though.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Of beer tabs and Bill

Wow that weekend flew by! It was great though! Friday after work I met up with a few work peeps for bevvies at East Side Marios. It was much needed for all I can assure you. Thanks peeps!

Saturday brought about a lazy start with a good amount of sleeping in, pancake breakfast and a visit to Sobeys and Walmart to get a few 'just in cases' for the pending hurricane. Thereafter, Chris and I joined some friends for supper at Hunters, followed by their trivia. We cleaned up - only getting 1 answer wrong, and won a $40 bar tab to share. Yay team! With a team name like, "Stop the bus and let my friend jack off" we couldn't help but be winners anyway! It was my turn to be designated driver, so Christopher took advantage, consuming a large quantity of ale. Here's a shot of him at his peak 'happiness':
A candid of Craig and Melissa:
Thanks for a fantastic night, folks!! We can't wait to reconvene for another night of fun, laughs and beer tabs!

Sunday the Island was bracing for Hurricane Bill. Chris and I were scheduled to volunteer for the 6th Annual Corey Stevenson Memorial Golf Tournament at 7:45 am Sunday morning. As it turns out, the storm was all talk, no action, however, the tourney did end up getting cancelled anyway. It's probably for the best - better to be safe than sorry. I gotta say I wasn't relishing the idea of sitting out on a golf green in torrential rainfall and high winds. Due to our day opening up Chris and I decided to head out to 'storm chase'. The waves weren't nearly as spectacular as other places, but it was very windy. Here are a few pictures from Cavendish beach -- the one stop we made where it wasn't pouring rain:

Not necessarily a good hat day, after all:

Friday, 21 August 2009

Big, Bad Bill

So we're upon hurricane season now...and a fairly substantial storm is brewing out in the Atlantic....and is suspected to affect all of Atlantic Canada in the coming few days.

Back in 2003, Juan packed quite a punch - and left much destruction in his path. He was a category 2 hurricane (and hit the Island as a category 1). Bill is currently a category 4 -- though is expected to lose strength as it continues along its path. Worse-case scenario is Bill makes Juan look like a baby storm....and that could be very, very scary.

We're not being warned with panic - the true course and path not yet known, and the possibility is there that he could change several ways before he hits landfall ( if he does hit landfall) - but, we are being cautioned to prepare for bad weather. Stay safe this weekend, everyone...

*Image courtesy of a Google search - and is NASA's view of the really makes Bill look ferocious, doesn't it?

Thursday, 20 August 2009


I cannot wait for it to be Friday (well, the 'end' of Friday that is).

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A little post about a lot of drama...reality tv drama....

For those readers not watching Big Brother, please return another day.

For those who do watch it with me....Didja see it? Didja see it? Didja see it? I laughed OUT LOUD at the assinine behavior display by not only Chima, but Lydia as well. I'm delighted that the producers opted to oust Chima for her bad attitude and immature, selfish ways. From what I've read, she's also been permanently removed from the game - not even getting the opportunity to be part of the jury. Finally! The wicked witch is 'dead'!!

The house is indeed separated, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the little marble of Jeff, Jordan, Michelle & Russell. Lydia is a ticking time bomb of insecurity and instability and while I hate her so, I do enjoy the drama that follows her. I'm hopeful that it's Natalie's arse we see waltzing out of the door on Thursday. Lydia's next though. Unless they keep her around a bit longer to toy with her and avoid her the opportunity to see Jesse a little longer. She might even get herself officially removed, too, if she keeps up the potty-mouthed drama. That, my friends, wouldn't be a loss, either.

I *heart* Jeff completely - and even more so when he threw the HoH competition so that Jordan could get a letter from home, and even more still when I saw the look on his face when she was reading her letter. I love the little budding romance between them. Jeff completely adores her. Jordan is as dumb as dirt, albeit cutely so and I hope one of the two of them end up in the final two.

As you were - this reality tv rant is now over and you may return to your regularly scheduled lives.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

This week in the news...

I can't make this sh!t up...

So a guy goes into a bank with the intent on robbing it. To save time, he drafted up a little note to explain his plan to the teller. What he neglected to do, however, was look at the reverse side of the paper he used to draft up said it contained information that indentified him in a heartbeat:

Another dinkus plays a similar scenario at his own bank ... this guy enters his local bank and plays all cool and collected, first asking about his bank balance. To divulge such information, of course the teller asks him his pertinent personal details, ie, his name, account number, etc., which the guy willingly supplied. Thereafter he handed the teller a note with a threat about him packing heat and requesting money or he'd blow her head off or some such thing (yes, after it was already established who this gentleman was):

It surely takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, now doesn't it? That, or there's some intellectually challenged man's DNA being spread between Utah and Alaska! Good grief!

Dancing to the beat in my head...

I know, I know. It's been days since I've posted. I've been in a funk lately - can't really muster up enough energy to form two cohesive sentences that work together, to be honest. I could blame it on the humidity. However, we do have an air conditioner now so that shouldn't be a major complaint (haven't yet received our first power bill with that added energy sucker, however, so that will be a complaint for a later post, no doubt). I can, however, blame my lackluster posting on an aching wrist. Perhaps the humidity is to blame for always bothers me, but it's always worse this time of year. Hmmm... Add to the aching wrist an overwhelming bout of the crankies that come with the funk and you have me this past few weeks. Who needs to read posts with the likes of that? Bah! A fabulous weekend, however, is behind me, so I'll compose a note about that...

Friday night after work and after a full-out monkey week, Chris & I joined Erin, Shane, Tanya, Jared, Julie, Rosanne & Craig (and Deisel too!) on Erin & Shane's new deck. We chatted, reminisced, laughed, and a few of us consumed some cold beverages. I did my best to keep up with the boys (regardless of the taunting I received from Chris for my "lime" beer of choice). It was a much-needed beerapy session, and I thank my dear friends for having me. Now, if we could just set up regular weekly beerapy sessions, I might get somewhere ;).

Saturday we slept in (glorious a/c being moved to the bedroom), played Super Mario and then got ready to head out to Summerside. Chris had a request to shoot some photos of a tent that had been set up down there for the Fire Festival. We received an invite to come back to see the show that night. Never ones to decline free entertainment, we obliged. We ate supper at the Heritage Pub, stopped for a few Advil for me (let's just say the beerapy was a success the night prior), and headed back into town for the Fire Festival.
The tent was trimmed up in red/yellow streamers and decorations to represent fire. There were several barges lit on the water and a pathway of lit torches outside the tent, setting a very cool ambiance. The Tim Chaisson Trio started the entertainment for the night, followed by a Quebec band, Ouanani. The Chaisson's played a standard mix of local/Acadian fiddle/guitar/keyboard favorites. Tim even step-danced for a fleeting moment. Ouanani completely hyped up the crowd with their fast-paced, high energy performance. They were really good - Chris and I even ended the night by dancing to their renditition of "One Love" before leaving the tent to head home.

Sunday we slept in to an embarrassing hour -- having a late pancake brunch, and then following that with a drive down Rustico way, and stopping at Rustico beach where I waded and Chris frolicked in the water. This may go without saying, but... it's not a good idea to swim in the ocean in multi-pocketed shorts! The sand he brought back......oy vey! We grabbed a quick burger at the take-out shack by the beach and then headed home where I chilled on the couch with the lappie, did a few loads of laundry and watched Big Brother.

And here we are, smack dab in the middle of another work week, and a late shift on the calendar for me. Who do I have to contact to have a redo on my weekend? I want it back, dammit!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Is it Friday yet??

I don't know about the rest of ya'll, but I for one will be extremely, enthusiastically, THRILLED when this week is past me. I am also thankful that it's still not possible for other human beings to read minds...because if some people could have actually realized what I was saying to them behind the smile on my face, they'd be a bit taken back.

*ZING*! Ok - so my life isn't at a standstill or anything - just a 'full moon' week on a non-full moon week...know what I'm sayin'? There are plans in the works for bevvies and munchies on Erin's new deck on Friday night - and let's just say that I'm amping up for the event!

How's everyone? Did you have your DQ Blizzard treat yet? All proceeds of any Blizzard purchase go to the IWK go get your eat on and help a sick kid at the same time. Hmmm...perhaps a cookie dough ice cream treat is in my future? Ice cream treats make everything all better, don't they?

Happy Thursday!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Real or Rumor?

I do certainly hope the following article holds credence and is not just a ploy to try to regain viewers for the new season:

I know personally I am one of those fans who dropped when Grissom left. I did try - I watched a number of episodes, but it just wasn't the same --and a few were downright stupid. So, if there is a hope of a return of dear Grissom, I just might reprise my attention to the show on Thursday nights...let's keep our toes and fingers crossed, shall we?

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Laughing at someone else's expense...

I happened upon a story detailing a new kind of torture. Four jilted ladies joined arms, taking the law into their own hands for the sole purpose of teaching their cheating lover a lesson. They tricked him into de-robing, and relaxing on a bed in a motel room, blindfolded. The end results were much different than he'd anticipated, however...for they Krazy-glued his manhood to his stomach rather than giving him the little 'rub down' that he expected.

The victim apparently chewed through one of his bindings (sheer sheet) and was able to call for help. The four women face up to 6 years imprisonment.

To read the full story:

Let's face it, it could have been a lot worse - they could have pulled a Bobbit... Super glue will at least come off, eventually. In googling remedies to remove super glue from the skin, the poor eff'ers situation gets even funnier:

...rubbing the glue that's dried on your skin, will speed things up a bit. The glue can be slightly painful while it's drying, but once it's there leaving it there for a while is better for you than pulling off your own skin trying to get it off....If you can't wait, there are plenty of ways to speed things up. The most effective is acetone...Somewhere in the middle between waiting and acetone is simple soap and water. Wash the area with dish or hand soap four or five times over the course of an hour, and you'll feel it loosening. Another option is applying hand lotion over the spot, then wiping it away and washing...In both cases, I think it's more a matter of helping your skin shed its top layer than the product doing anything to the actual super glue, but it does help.

Yeah, I'm giggling over some poor douchebag who is in some slight discomfort. He'll survive. No I don't condone what the jilted lovers did to him, but I do understand what it feels like to be cheated on. Fidelity isn't something to be taken lightly. Let the poor douchebag's story be a lesson learned...don't cheat...and, for goodness sake, don't let super glue get anywhere near your, parts.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Daily Dilemma

When faced with the decision to choose between half a browning banana or a Drumstick ice cream treat for a break snack, allllllwaaaaaays choose the Drumstick :)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Poor little Sam

Oh this is just so sad! :'( Poor little thing...and after all she'd already endured, and suffered. At least she will no longer be in pain....

ADELAIDE, Australia - Sam the koala, who gained worldwide fame and sympathy when she was rescued during Australia's devastating wildfires this year, died Thursday during an operation meant to save her from a life-threatening disease.

The 4-year-old koala had developed cysts associated with urogenital chlamydiosis, which affects up to 50 percent of Australia's koala population.

During surgery, the disease was found to be so advanced that it was inoperable and Sam was put to sleep, said Peita Elkhorne, spokeswoman for the lawyers that represent the shelter where the koala had lived since the February fires.

"It was so severe that there was no possible way to be able to manage her pain," Elkhorne said in a statement.


As the fires burned in Victoria state, Sam was gingerly making her way on scorched paws past a fire patrol north of Melbourne when one of the firefighters spotted her. The firefighter was photographed holding a bottle of water to her lips, an image that resonated around the world.

She suffered second- and third-degree burns to her paws and had been recuperating at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter.

Record temperatures, high winds and forests dried by years of drought set off infernos that swept a vast area of Victoria state, killing more than 170 people and destroying thousands of homes.

Full story and source:

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

While the rest of you were leading your busy lives...

So when did it get to August, anyhow? Jeepers. I'm overdue for an official 'update' on my whereabouts and whyabouts. Let's see if I can touch base on a few points and keep ya'll in the know...

It's been a hot summer...high humidex and temperatures making a girl-who-possibly-could-very-likely-be-hitting-the-"change"-earlier-than-she'd-like-to-but-mother-insists-it-can-happen-in-your-30's understandably cranky. If you're familiar with a b!tchy Amber, it's even more significant when she's a hot, b!tchy Amber. Feelings of melty and wondering what we've done to deserve such conditions abounded...coupled with a new bounce in my step as I made my way to the a/c in the car, followed by the a/c in the office. Apparently Chris was also having such moments, and possibly was a little spoiled with a week and a bit of travel in an air conditioned hotel room, so he broke down and bought us our very own a/c. My discovery of said purchase coming off the heels of a monkey day all but enhanced the excitement of it, and Mr. Chris shone a little brighter in my heart & mind. Now, the high temperatures don't seem to affect me, as I leave my air conditioned house to go to my air conditioned vehicle, to then go to my air conditioned office. Sum, sum, summatime ;)

Well Julie & Teddy's trip home from up North came and went waaaaay too fast. In fact, my first time seeing Teddy was last night when I went to the farm to say a final good-bye to my dear friend :(. They're so busy and have so many people demanding their attention and do so many family related things now that they have a family of their own, I was lucky enough to get as much time with Julie as I did, I guess. It still wasn't enough for my liking... and as I drove down her dark lane last night leaving I was brought back to that tear-filled night years ago when she announced that she and Teddy were going to be making the big move from here to the Yukon. Now that they need to purchase 4 tickets home as opposed to 2, instead of yearly trips back it will only be every second summer, too. If'n anyone out there collects and has oodles of AirMiles with nothing to spend them on, I know someone who would gladly take them off your hands. You'd make that person really really happy too just to even have the opportunity to visit her dear friend in the Yukon.

One of the nights out with Julie was to join her, Erin and Julie R to go to the movies to see "The Ugly Truth". I laughed til I cried, and then I laughed a little bit more. If you're not afraid of a little raunch, have an open mind and have experienced the trials and tribulations of finding a new love, I don't recommend it for newly dating couples, however. That might just be too much for a budding romance to handle :). In addition to that show, Chris and I went to the drive-in last Saturday night. "Funny People" and "Public Enemies" were playing. It was so hot in the car, and the bugs were toooo bad to even consider opening a window. I hate, hate, hated "Funny People". Chris thought it was ok, but had I been watching it in the comfort of my own home I totally would have left the room shortly after the start of it. Needless to say a hot, cranky b!tchy Amber ensued...and as Chris wasn't overly interested in seeing "Public Enemies" anyway, we ended up leaving after the first show. The night wasn't a complete bust, however, as we took a walk on the beach under the moonlight. It was a momentary walk, nevertheless, due to the hoards of mosquitoes and black flies in our midst. It's hard to be romantic when you're slapping bugs off your calves.

Tonight I'm taking Lana out to see the play the Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery. I landed a few tickets at work, so we're going to go out to supper and make a real date of it. The posters show a cute kitty cat so that was what interested me in putting my name forward for the draw. I'm sure it's got nothing to do with the story and is just a play on words for the title. Hopefully I can sit through it ;).

I'm finally starting to enjoy this season of Big Brother. My favourites have changed...and now I'm rooting for Jeff or Jordan only. Chima needs to LEAVE!

I have been eating like a pig lately.

I forgot my watch today.

That should take you up to current. Happy Hump!

For all you AI fans out there...

Yay! The rumors are true!

I very much look forward to the next installment of AI, sans the pill-popping-speech-slurring-claps-like-moron-words-make-no-sense-commentaries!

If we're lucky, she may appear as a 'special music guest', and we might have an opportunity to watch another bad lip sync performance to cut up...

As you were!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Donkey ridin'....

If you're an avid reader of "My Happy Place" you've heard my Dad being mentioned before. If you're just discovering this little neck of the internet woods then I'll indulge you for a moment...

Dad was in the Navy --which meant for the most part of my younger years I grew up without a dad...being that he was always travelling at sea, and at some times, for extended periods of time. Family was one of the most important things to Dad, however, so even while away, he did his best to stay in contact with us, through postcards and letters. He used to draw me a little map with a "you're here", "Daddy's here" and had a little ship drawn at his point. I still have the letters and postcards. The letters are almost falling apart now with age... One of the postcards had a picture of a donkey's face. If I'd ever see a donkey or a picture of one I'd fondly recall the postcard, and that part of my childhood memories, and fond remembrances of my Dad...

That is, til this past weekend.

I have a whooole new 'memory' for donkeys now, I'm afraid.

Sunday, Chris and I took a very impromptu journey to the Moncton Zoo. It was a very warm day, and we'd arrived after feeding time, so for the most part, we saw a lot of lazy, sleepy animals. I marvelled at the big kittys in all of their gracious glory. I ooh'd and ahh'd over the little monkeys and the cute lemurs (two of which were cuddling, possibly a mother/child combo). And, I just happened to see a whoooole lot more of donkey life than I really needed to.

(you totally know where this is going, don't you?)

It was like a train know you shouldn't stare...but... you just can't help yourself.

Let's just say that, erm...there might possibly be a few more donkeys grazing the lawn the next time we visit the zoo. It was quick and dirty and there was no cuddle time...the male donkey simply going back to grazing, um, after releasing himself. Typical male, no?