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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Happy Birthday Erin!

Erin is one of those go-to kinda gals. Whenever you need her, she's there. She's kind, understanding, intelligent and warm. She has a smile that lights up a room, and a big 'ol heart. We've been friends for many, many years, and I don't know what I'd do without her in my life. Through good times and bad times, there was always a shared laugh or hug, whatever the case might be. Thank you Erin, for always being there. Today I raise a glass in your honor to toast all of your goodness. May your upcoming year bring you every happiness, love and good health. Love you bunches, xoxo.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Project: Vacation

After a very tiresome week I can happily report that I'm now embarking upon a week's vacation! I have a very busy week planned for myself - and in preparation, I have done next to nothing so far today. Tonight, our local Christmas parade hits the streets of town, and Chris & I just might check it out if the weather stays clear. Thereafter, we're heading onward to the Mosher's for munchies and a movie. They have been in Halifax for a few days and Chris has been feeding their cats. They get back today - it's kind of a nice feeling to know they'd rather spend a few hours with us tonight instead of relaxing by themselves after being on the road for hours.

Tomorrow, I *have* to get a move on...I have purchased some supplies to make a few things to go with a few presents. Nothing spectacular, but homemade, just the same. And though nothing spectacular, they will no doubt take me a lot longer to put together than I'm anticipating. I also have to lay out what I have so far for gifts and perhaps get myself out to the Mall (*groan*) to finish a few gifts - especially those that have to be mailed away. My goal this coming week is to do it next weekend, we should only have to worry about putting up the tree (I know darn well I'll not be as ready as I think I will be, but here's hoping...).

It's going to be a quiet Christmas this year. Mom & Todd are going to be spending the holiday with Fred & Belinda in Ontario. It will be very strange not being at home at least for some part of the season...Mom doesn't even plan on putting up the tree this year. Fred and Belinda have gone through a tough year though, so I know they'll be very appreciative to have some more family close by. It will also be nice for Cathy and the kids to be able to visit with Mom for the holidays, too....a first for Anja and Jackson, and the first in many, many years for Cathy. We'll celebrate in the New Year exchanging gifts when they return, and, I didn't let her off the hook too quickly - making her agree that I still required a filled Christmas stocking (I'm such a baby, but Christmas, to me, would never be Christmas without a stocking filled with goodies!).

Well, it's getting late - especially considering the time of day that it is and considering just how little I've so far accomplished today. The kitchen is a mess, and many chores await. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

If you say you DON'T sing along, all by yourself, in the car when you hear this song on the radio, you're completely lying. The Muppets put their own hilarious spin to it...and I can't get enough. Watch it all...:) You'll be glad you did. And, when you have a bad day. feel free to visit the blog again so you can watch it again.

As an aside, Chris says I look like the bear when I'm in a bad mood.

And thank you to Jeannette for posting this on Facebook, so I could then share it with the world ;).

A jolly 'ol elf was she...

It's a month til Christmas.


I have picked up a few odds and ends - starting with the weekend, and a few (very few) things last night as Mummy & I went out to complete her shopping list. I have my card-making supplies on order...but they're not due in til likely the end of next week or first of the following. That doesn't leave me much room to cut, stamp, sparkle and address them all, does it? Methinks I should have just picked up a few boxes of pre-made cards. I just can't bring myself to do that, though. I've been so 'crafty' over the past few years and have made cards the last 3 I can't bring myself to spend money on a card (face it, folks...I have a room hog-filled with papers, embellishments, tools, and the like...that is just sitting there. The LEAST I can do is spend a little time in there once a year). So if you get your card juuust before the big day, know that my intentions were good, ok. They won't be stellar, either - but they'll be hand crafted. Real, genuine sweat and good thoughts put into each and every one. Yeah.

I think I really have to sit my buttocks down and lay out all the little things I've been picking up here and there to see really what I have for people...and what I have left to buy. I am determined to be complete - as in bought, wrapped and ready by the end of next week. I am on vacation next week -- there shall be no excuses! (this is your queue to hold me accountable. Heh).

Tell me - are YOU ready?

Happy Hump.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Happy Birthday Todd!

We used to fight like cats and dogs. We also used to play together like the best of friends. I remember when you cried when I had to break the news to you that it wasn't 'allowable' to marry your sister. I remember when you aspired to be a garbage collector, and played for hours with your dinky cars and Tonka trucks. I remember the firemen's hat with the real working flashing light and sounds...and your Kermit the frog pajamas.

That was 30+ years ago, little brother...but it feels as though it was only yesterday.

Happy Birthday to our family's Mom's 'rock' my baby brother. Sorry for all the teasing, the fights & the bad words. When it all boiled down, there was always love there. Love you...

I hope the year ahead brings you much happiness, wellness, and love...xo.

Monday, 23 November 2009

"All Kinds of Dirty; one kind of clean?"

So Chris cleaned out the coffee maker this weekend with C-L-R. It's recommended that a user wear gloves when using the product. It descales lime, rust...and hard water deposits. It works like a dream. When we first moved into the 'hood we had some nasty hard water deposits in the toilet bowl (we're talking perma-poo looking stains, people). Christopher (God love him) took to it with the C-L-R, gloves and a scrubbing brush and it was sparkling after a bit of elbow grease.

The commercial advertizes that it's a great solution for stained, grimy coffee pots. So, Mr., maker of this wonderfully fantastic product, you advise me to wear rubber gloves to protect my hands and skin when using it to clean anything else... yet, with a bit of dilution, it's ok to run it through my coffee maker?....and rinse only 2 times with clean water to rid the coffee maker of any toxic leftover C-L-R remnants? Really?? Mmmkay...? I'll play your game Mr. (well, hehe, Chris did as he's the the one in this relationship that handles the toxic cleaners). Our Brew Station was looking a little worse for wear, and we thought a good cleaning would put 'er back to 'new'...

We did as you instructed, Mr. In fact, there were many more runs of clean water through than your instructed 2. You know, just to be safe...

I thought the first sip could have been the residual morning breath affecting my taste buds. Then I thought perhaps the different coffee beans I'd used were the culprit.

It tasted odd. It tasted wrong.

It smelled like cleaner.

It cleaner...toxic C-L-R cleaner!! If it would burn your hands, what would it do to your throat and lungs??!

I dumped the remnants, promptly instructed Christopher to stay away from the coffee pot, and made my way to Tim Hortons for an XL cup to sustain me (might I also add that it's just not a good idea for me to start the work day without at least a cup of coffee first?). For the remainder of the day I was certain I could feel the toxins coursing through my veins. At one point I even wondered if I should enduce vomiting. My mind can sometimes play horrible tricks on me. After Chris assuring me I'd be fine (after all he'd consumed a full cup of the affected java with no complaints other than it tasted 'soapy'), I figured I was going to live to see another day.

Moral of the story: Mr., while we thank you for a good, deep cleaning product, we do recommend that you stick to promoting it with regards to toilets, rusty foundations, and the like.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Wedding Anniversary for One

Today would have marked 51 years married for my Mom & Dad. I know he's shining down on her today from Heaven. I think the words of the song, "In My Life" by John Lennon sum up the day in a fitting manner:

There are places I'll remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends, I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life, I've loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life, I'll love you more

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life, I'll love you more

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad....xoxo.

Oh Weekend, how I love thee

A great, though spendy, weekend is almost behind me. Friday night after work Chris & I decided to go out for supper since neither one of us had any other plans, and neither of us felt like making anything. We went to Pat & Willys for the first time it what seems like ages. I enjoyed mine; Chris, not so, I felt compelled to take the tab since he didn't like his supper. From there, we popped into the kitchen store where I picked up a few little items to officially begin my Christmas shopping (yay! me). We ran into Kim & Kevin there and had a little impromptu chat until the mall security kicked us out. From there, we had full intentions on going to the Colonel Grey Craft Fair, but it was pouring rain, and the traffic for the fair was beyond ridiculous. So, we opted to stop for a movie (The Taking of Pelham 123) and came home to snuggle. The movie was probably okay, but, sadly I missed most of it. Seems as soon as I'm in the horizontal position I'm a goner. Friday night was no exception.

Saturday we got up fairly early and had a hearty whole wheat blueberry pancake breakfast, and then went on our way. First I had to take a stop into Indigo to cheer on my dear friend Lori, who was having a book signing there. I grabbed one of her latest, and a couple little stocking stuffers, and then it was onward and upward to give the Fair another go. This time, we made it there. It was fairly predictable - same as every other year, but I had a few goals in mind for gift-giving, and I was successful in my quest (that's all I can divulge in the event that one of my giftees are reading my blog ;)). We purused the halls of the school to find people we knew in previous graduating classes, and I feld pretty damn old! A quick stop at Sobeys and Tim's for a coffee, and we were back home.

Saturday night, we joined Krissy & Marco for supper at Boston Pizza and then we took in a movie. We had already picked up our tickets prior to supper, but had we not have done so, we may have changed our minds about the evening's entertainment after landing back there to wait in the ridiculous line up to get in (thought we weren't taking in the newest in the Twilight series, the rest of the Island was). The line up was our first clue. The next clue was our chosen movie being in Cinema 7. Cinema 7 is the forgotten theatre. The one that is alllll the way at the back where they put the crappy movies. The smalllllest theatre, with the shitty seats. The ones that make your arse go to sleep within 10 minutes. The next clue was the fact that we were forced to sit in the front row in order to get 4 seats together. As if the seats weren't uncomfortable enough, now I knew we'd have to sit with our heads craned just to see the damn screen. And the final clue....our chosen movie. We saw 2012 - which was nothing like the trailer led us to believe it would be. It was 2 1/2 hours of the cheesiest cornball plot and storyline I've seen in a long time. It had such good potential, failed miserably.

That brings us up to current. I've been up for hours, and have about 5 loads of laundry done and most of my taped tv caught up on. I just may stay in my jammies all day long :) I hope you're all having a relaxing weekend as well.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

If I don't,, you'll complain. Once you read it, you still might...

After Day 2 with the new role I'm feeling much more comfortable - and so far, quite enjoying it! Now perhaps I can try to concentrate on the fast-approaching Christmas season..........(who'm I kidding??). Seriously though, people -- look at the date. I have GOT to get out this weekend and pick up a few things so I don't feel as anxious... Help a girl out....tell me you're all in the same boat, would ya?

I had to scrape my windows today. That sucks. On account of it being super cold out this morning I of course dressed warmly, and now that the afternoon has approached it's warmed and I'm...well...slightly uncomfortable. Oh, I'm also wearing a pair of pants that had been laying silent over time in my closet. They feel fine as I stand up. Sitting? Well, let's just say I've grown accustomed to the new "comfort fit" pants at Reitmans (if you've not yet experienced, you HAVE to! Um...dress pants that feel like gym pants.....Hellllooooooooooo! Where have you BEEN all my life??!). At least they're on my arse instead of in the closet ;). Do I have to start Christmas shopping? Can't I just go to Reitmans and buy more Comfort Fit pants??

Wow this post was filled with enlightenment, now wasn't it?

Monday, 16 November 2009

A Birthday in Heaven

Happy Birthday Dad. I think about you every day, but today, you're on my mind a little more. You would have been 73 years young today...with your little strut, and a twinkle in your eye as you flirt with all the ladies.

I have an old 8 Seconds soundtrack with a song called "Once in a While" by Billy Dean. I always think of you when I hear it:

Once in a while
Someone comes along

That one in a million heart
So pure and so strong

They can face up to the tears

And somehow still find a smile

We only get it

Every once in a while

Once in a while
Someone has the eyes
That one in a million look
That never tells lies.
They can take get you on your feet
To walk that extra mile
We only see it
Every once in a while

That's why we call them heroes

That's why we know their names

And once you've heard their stories
You're never quite the same

That's why we call them heroes

The best thing they ever do
Is point to the best in us all

And say, "If I can, you can too."

Once in a while
I still hear his voice
That one in a million sound
Like two laughin' boys
He would hate it if we cried
That never was his style
Oh, we still miss him

Every once in a while

Oh, they can face up to the tears
And somehow still find a smile

But we only get it
Every once in a while

Oh, how I miss him
Every once in a while

You'll always be my hero, Dad. I'll love you forever, xoxox.

Spinnin' like a top...

Ok I have Day 1 of the new role at work behind head is spinning. After 6 years of doing the same thing day in and day out, it's hard to be fresh off the teet to do something brand spankin' new, ya know? Training drained me severely -- to the point that I was mush by the time I got home Friday night, which sorely dampened my plans for the weekend, I'm afraid. I could have taken Mom to Nova Scotia to celebrate my aunt & uncle's 40th Anniversary Party. I could have attended Lana's dancing birthday party, but I ended up being the Queen of Party Poopers and bailed on it all. Happy Anniversary Wayne & Celine!! Wishing you many years of continued happiness! Sorry I missed dancing with you Lana - I hope you had a great night!!

So, on account of feeling poorly, I did little else this past weekend other than loaf, sleep, loaf, and sleep some more. I did, however, have an opportunity that I could not pass up - and that was to attend a house concert this weekend with Irish Mythen. I almost opted out of that as well on account of how poopy I was feeling (as in Chris waking me up from a nap with literally 13 mins to decide if I was coming or not)...and despite a few waves of nausea, I made it through. We had seen Irish perform for the first time during Matt's show in Saint John. She's been compared to Matt actually - a female version. I can see how she gets the claim. At 4'11", you wouldn't think a person of her stature would pack a punch like she does, but she's a complete powerhouse! She can wail like nobody's business; she's soulful, energetic, and her songs touch your heart. It was a complete joy to be there. And the setting of this 'house concert' thing was amazing. Basically it's the same as any other concert - with a cover, sit-down venue, etc...but you're amongst people who want to be there, and who will sit down and shut up through the entire performance. I hope to be able to attend many more concerts of this nature. Thanks for sharing your talent, Irish! :)

Sunday I was starting to feel a lot better, and in between more napping and catching up on my taped TV, I finally managed to clear the way to my closet and put the piles of clothes away. I still have about 3 or 4 loads of laundry I could have done, but they'll just have to wait. I hope you all enjoyed a good weekend - and I hope yours had a bit more excitement and flair than mine did :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Anja's Sweet 16

Your Gifts

Some people are gifted
With beauty and radiance
Some have the power
To make you feel joy from their smile

Others are blessed with pleasant personalities
Who are loving and trusting
Or just plain out striking
Some people are blessed
With the gift of reliability

But you my dear have a gift of one kind
And that is your inner and outer beauty
You're loving and trusting
Caring and daring
A perfect princess

Happy Sweet Sixteen

My beautiful niece Anja turns 16 years old today. I borrowed the above poem from the interweb to toast her beauty on this milestone birthday. I also stole this gorgeous pic from her FB profile (hope you don't mind, Anja!). Wishing you every happiness, sweetie. I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Never lose your inner beauty....xoxo.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Never Forget

"They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them."

On November 11th, show your respect to all the brave who have lost their lives for our country, and to those still serving....

I found this message posted on Facebook; it is a quote by a poet named Laurence Binyon, and I thought it was fitting to include in a post in preparation for tomorrow's Remembrance Day. I hope you all take the time tomorrow to join in the moment of silence at 11:00am. Please, for this moment stop to think of the fallen soldiers, and those who are still putting up a fight. We owe our freedom and our lives today as we know them, to these brave men and women. Lest we forget.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Bah! Monday!

Oh Monday. You're a sneaky little little jeezer. I wasn't ready for you today. At all. I want my weekend back. I didn't even get the laundry started before it was time to go to bed last night.


After dealing with Homer Saturday, Chris and I had breakfast at Timothys, and then headed down to the Charlottetown Hotel. There was a run being held (Wally Rodd 10k), and afterward, a pumpkin toss. The pumpkin toss was a fundraiser for the IWK. Interested parties paid a $1 to go up to the 4th floor and drop their old Halloween pumpkins down to the ground beneath. Chris wanted to take a few photos. No, neither one of us were run participants. The thought of that is laughable, at best. Thereafter, we did a bit of running around - WallyWorld and a stop at the Mall to pick up Lana's birthday gift at the Body Shop.

Saturday night, we headed over to Lana & Bruce's. Bruce arranged a bit of a surprise cake/ice cream gathering for Lana's birthday. It was mostly just family, and they left fairly early in the evening. Chris and I stayed back, and the four of us played several rounds of the game "WTF - Raunchy version". We didn't realize it was a drinking game when we purchased it. It was good for a few laughs nonetheless...and, I suppose, if we all concentrated on making it an actual drinking game, the questions would have packed more of a punch. Thanks for the fun evening, MacAusland's :).

Sunday, we brunched on homemade (well, Chris-made) whole wheat blueberry pancakes (from scratch!), and I finally got caught up on my Thursday night taped tv. I had full intentions on getting a few loads of laundry done and straightening up a bit around the house, but the pull of the television was too great ...having just happened upon a show starring my Bon Bon I had to give my entire concentration to that. After that, I met up with Lana at Cedars for birthday shawarma! It's our tradition to go to Cedars for shawarma on our respective birthdays; really, it's just an excuse to eat more shawarma! Mmmm....shawarma! As always, the food and the company were fantastic!

And now it's Monday - another work week...and I'm surrounded by coughing and sneezing and blowing noses. It's that time of year. What I wouldn't give for the shelter of my warm cozy bed...

Saturday, 7 November 2009

An empty cage...

Homer T. Bunny has gone to bunny heaven.

Chris woke me up this morning to tell me he figured he finally needed to put him down. He suspected perhaps he'd had a stroke through the side of his body didn't seem to move. He'd been getting sicker and sicker for the past few months - losing so much weight. He still seemed to have an appetite and drank well, but he was nothing but bones. Chris never wanted to play God and put him down, but today it was such a sad sight, it felt like the only humane thing to do.

He called the vet and made an appointment. I left them to go have a shower.

In the time it took for me to have my shower, he'd died in Chris' arms.

As long as Chris and I have been together, Homer's been around. He didn't do much....what do bunnies do, really? He was a Himalayan dwarf rabbit. A real cutie. He loved raisins, jelly beans and Nibs. Sometimes we'd let him out of the cage for him to get some exercise. It was hilarious when we lived in the apartment because he'd do this little run and skip thing - I called it his 'frolic'. It looked like he was clicking his heels together. He didn't do it much here on account of there being no carpet. He couldn't get much traction on the laminate. He did try though. Chris would put an old quilt down and he frolicked a bit on that. He used to take forever to get a drink from his water bottle...and the clicking sound he'd make doing it used to drive us nuts. He used to take his food dish and bang it up against the bars of the cage to get our attention..."uh...hey guys, my dish is empty...". Chris put super strong magnets on the dish to try to keep it in place. Somehow, he always seemed to manage to get it free though.

The floor looks really empty now where the cage once stood. As much as it drove me nuts, I'll miss that clickety sound he made when he got a drink.

I really am going to miss the little guy.

Rest in peace, buddy.

Friday, 6 November 2009

This little fella cried wee, wee, wee......

It's been a long time since I posted any 'news' worthy goings-on, but after having come across this article, I figured it was post-worthy:

I get a kick out of the final sentence: "'I guess we're lucky we added a section to our health and safety manual for when someone leaves a pig in your washroom,' Morelli said." They already had a section in their health and safety manual...really? Talk about your protection against the swine flu...

Happy Birthday Lana!!

Today marks Lana's birthday, so this is a post in dedication to her.

Lana, I toast you - today and always. Thank you for being a friend - a confidante, a shoulder, an ear, and a hand. For your words of encouragement... for laying it out on the line without the sugar coating when I need it...for the silly times and shared giggles. For your sick sense of humor...for standing up for what you believe in...for your insight, and your strength. Through thick and thin, happy or sad, I'm here for you whenever you need me.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend. May the year ahead bring you every happiness and utter spoilage! xo

"We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over."
-- Samuel Johnson

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A mish mash of nothing, really.

When did it get to be Wednesday?? Jeepers... Huge changes going on around work - and because I make it a point not to blog about work, I'm not going into any huge detail. Suffice it to say that we're training for a whole new role within the organization. The change is exciting, challenging... and here I am back in a classroom learning something completely different. By the time I land home I'm mentally exhausted. I guess that's how you get from Sunday to Wednesday in a blink of an eye.

(That entire paragraph took an eternity to write as I'm 'multi-tasking' between blogging and watching Rachael Ray...where Michael Buble is one of the day's guests. I love me some Michael Buble....mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. He's so talented, funny, ...and heck, I'm happy just hearing him talk).

So aside from training, the week has passed pretty uneventfully. We're now in November...Christmas is just around the freaking corner. I haven't even started thinking of Christmas shopping, let alone shop. I haven't given thought to what my Christmas cards will look like...and I'm doing well keeping the sink clean and having clean underwear on hand lately. I'm not entirely sure where the time will come to do the card making and the shopping... I guess I say the same thing every year, though don't I? I have a lot of birthdays to celebrate in November too, so once they're out of the way that allows more of a mindset for the St. Nick season. I'm all shades of bah humbug at the moment, though.

(I haven't even managed to craft/send a "thank you" note to ColleenB yet for her hospitality after the Matt show in Saint John yet, for God's sake!)

So far, I've managed to evade the drasted swine flu...and I gotta say, I'm sooooo effing sick of watching/hearing about the hysteria that is the H1N1 virus. I know it's serious, and I don't mean to belittle those families mourning the loss of a loved one afflicted with it. The 'regular' flu has also had casualties...but no one hears about those. I just feel that the media has blown it up to an unimagineable proportion, creating massive fear everywhere. People are quarantining themselves in their homes - preventing their children from going trick-or-treating on Halloween (and some of those that did were sanitizing the treats as they got in the door!) ... Wash your hands, stay home if you feel ill or have a fever. If you're immune system is compromised, or if you're a part of a high risk group then sure, it's probably a good idea to be vaccinated. I haven't had a flu shot in the past 3 years; I've also not been afflicted with the flu in those 3 years. The year I did get the flu shot, I came down with the flu. Will I roll up my sleeve to guard against swine? I haven't made up my mind. You can bet I won't be standing out in the cold for 3-4 hours to do so, that's for sure.

(I wasn't even going to bring up a mention of the swine flu due to my utter disgust with the media hysteria, but this blog may someday prove helpful in remembering certain moments in history, so I decided to go against my better judgement. And, I wash my hands with soap and water...I do NOT douse them in scads of anti-bacterical hand sanitizers either!)

Ok, the Dragon's Den is just starting, and my hands are so freaking cold it's hard to type. I'll jump down from my soapbox for another night. Happy Hump.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Rocky Horror Show

ACT put on their rendition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Lana had a part in it so I couldn't let her down so bought myself a ticket. I couldn't convince Chris to go, but Tracy was my willing date for the evening.

In all fairness to myself, I had never seen the movie before, and had no real idea what I was in for at all. Did I enjoy it? Honestly, not completely. Parts entertained me though. Had I had a little more background prior to going into the show, I'm sure I would have a whole new understanding/appreciation of what they were trying to do. Having been to the show, however, and seeing parts of the actual show via YouTube, however, I have to commend the cast and crew for a fantastic recreation!

Kudos to one of the lead roles, too ....little Adam Gauthier. I say "little" because that's how I remember him...the little boy I used to babysit... Well, he's all growed up now. Never thought I'd see him sporting heels, fishnets and a bustier, but I digress. He did a fantastic job recreating Frank -n-Furter. The whole cast did a great job. Bravo ACT, bravo. Congratulations on a successful event!

Halloween ....'hood style

Halloween in the 'hood was a success. I was thrilled to be a part of it this year (having had to work til 9:00pm last year and missing it all). Preparations began early afternoon (and in retrospect, we should have gotten up and had an even earlier start). We began with an array of old clothes and a full basket of old flyers and proceeded to stuff them to assemble our "friends" for the evening:

In between stuffing and carving, Chris had to stop at Buy-Rite to pick up a few supplies; he landed home with this mask. Fortunately I did see him coming up the walkway - had I not, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that he would have scared the bejubus out of me. I can never get him to pose nicely for a picture for me...but given an opportunity for a pose such as this, he's more than willing:

All fun aside, we got back to work. After stuffing, we had some carving to do, including carving enough out of one pumpkin to fit Christopher's ol' pumpkin head:

I even got my own hands dirty:

A perfect fit:
And the final product! We added a bit of "stuffing" to the inside of the coveralls to make Chris look less 'real' to aid in successful spooking:

And a look at the patio - Peter Pumpkinhead looks on - our carved pumpkins set up, and a few stray legs come out of nowhere:
I had to grab the token self-pic. I donned the popular 'fro wig:

This is one of our 'friends'. He'd been there for a while...cobwebs had formed:

I decided the 'fro wasn't scary enough, so opted for a different one. This is actually a mullet put on backwards to hide as much of my face as possible:

So of course I make Chris pose for another token self-pic:

A few night shots:

We set up to be posing as still as our stuffed counterparts, hoping to cause confusion as to which one of the bodies was real, and which was not. Who would believe anyone would put a real freaking pumpkin on their head? Chris was golden. I draped a blanket over my legs, and sat with my head turned downward to ensure the hair fell all in my face. Of course, we also had scary music playing in the background, which was controlled by a remote switch, so some times it was deathly quiet, and sometimes a scream, perhaps even a chainsaw could be heard. One by one the little hoodlet goblins came up - most expecting something, as in previous years, some outright refusing to go to "that house" as they walked by. We made sure to not scare the younger ones, but the older guys - well, they were fair game ;). One guy made his friend come up with him, but he wouldn't come close to me for his candy. He asked his friend (who'd already come up for his) to get his candy for him. His friend refused, and he said, "I'm gonna piss my pants...", to which Chris, nor I could maintain composure, and our laughing gave ourselves away.

After the children's curfew we cleaned up the carnage for another year and settled in with some popcorn and watched a few scary movies. I hope you all enjoyed a safe and happy Halloween!