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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 in Review

Here we are, NYE...time to reflect on the year behind us, and look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead for the year in front of us. I can't say that I have any major regrets this year - aside from maybe not tackling my laziness, leading to my worse than ever health & physical state...but that's what resolutions are for, isn't it?

Some highlights of '08:

-Chris turned over a milestone birthday, finally joining the 30-club.
-PEI had a historic ice storm that resulted in major power outages in Western PE and a bajillion downed trees.
-A sad farewell to many people, including Heath Ledger & Paul Newman, and closer to home, Gwen, Jeff, Sid, Harold, and Nannie.
-It was a big year for Chris with regards to transportation - first a Honda Spree, and then a Honda Element. Quite a jump :)
-Gas was up as high as it's ever been, and finally, it's lower than it's been in years (and I have every appendage crossed that the trend will stay as it is now).
-I celebrated my first whole year of consistent blogging. Betcha never thought I'd surpass a month? I even surprised myself.
-We befriended Steve & Wanda, our 'hood neighbors, and had many a summer night curled up by the summer fire, beer in hand.
-I attended my very first Matt Andersen concert, and it was love at first sight. We've followed him all over the Island, even catching a concert in CB.
-I'm the proud owner of my very own laptop, and I'm not sure how I lived and breathed without it before.
-We had two road trips - travelling to New Brunswick and the Hopewell Rocks, and Cape Breton to drive the Cabot Trail once more.
-I *finally* changed my hair.
-Christopher & I made it to 5 years, and counting...

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year :)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

This guy makes a good point...

This was written by a construction worker in Fort MacMurray - he sure makes a lot of sense.

"I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to earn that pay cheque, I work on a rig site for a Fort Mac construction project. As a condition of employment, I am required to pass a random urine test, with which I have no problem.

What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to passa urine test to get a welfare cheque since I have to pass one to earn it for them?

Please understand that I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do on the other hand have a problem with helping someone sit on their ass drinking beer and smoking dope.

Can you imagine how much money the provinces would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance cheque?

Please pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't. Hope you will pass it along though, because something has to change in this country, and soon!"

Well, sir, I do agree, so I'm posting this on my blog to pass it along. I hope my readers do too.

All things cute and cuddly

If you ever have a bad day, click on the following link:

Nothing like a silly video of a cuddly animal to make you feel better. I strongly suggest you watch the "Santa Cat in Boots". It's adorable.

Monday, 29 December 2008

He's approved!

Chris picked up the keys to his 2004 Honda Element today. The reconsolidation on the consolidation loan went through without a hitch. The update on the loan doesn't change our immediate ins and outs at the bank...but it pretty much cements the fact that we'll be stayin' in the 'hood for a few more years. I'm happy for Chris because he's SO happy about his new toy. The exterior is still ugly, but the inside is pretty neat. It'll grow on me :).

Keeping you up to speed...

I trust everyone had a lovely Christmas? How sad that it passes so quickly... :(

Christmas Eve I got out of work early, and lucky for Chris that I did, since he put on the puppy dog face (not to mention offering mild bribery via a bottle of Bailey's in return), asking me to wrap just a few more presents for him. Christmas Eve evening was spent visiting with family and friends. We stopped in to see Steve and Wanda for a bit; we headed to Mark & Rhonda's annual Christmas Eve party (Rhonda your hospitality is second to none!); and finally, we ended up at Chris' Mom & Dad's house, joined by Todd and Mom. I was literally falling asleep on the couch by about 11pm so we made it an early night.

Christmas Day we woke up at a respectable hour (unlike any other morning I couldn't get back to sleep after the initial wake up), and opened up our stockings from each other. Chris got me a nice pair of leather gloves, a scarf, a new travel mug for my coffee, a laptop cooling device, and two front-row tickets to see John Pinette in March at the Confed Centre! I was so very excited! His parents got me a flat iron and the most awesome pair of mittens that I've ever seen! We quickly got ready for visiting, heading to Mom's first. Todd replaced our bum kettle, and Mummy completed the awesomeness with a new pair of jammies, some melting pots, Lindor chocolates, and Seasons 1 and 4 of Greys, which now completes my set. Thank you to everyone - you're all so awesome, and I feel so blessed :).

After the gifts were opened, Chris visited for a bit with us but then left to go to his own house for turkey supper, and I stayed back with Mum & Todd. Todd & I watched episode after episode of Three's Company while sipping on beer and snacking on chips and dip (whatdidItellya?). The turkey supper turned out fantastic...even the stuffing was superb :). After supper, Chris picked me up and we headed back to his parents for coffee and dessert. Chris demonstrated his thoughtful gift to Airzooka. What a hoot! I pray that the gift doesn't get replicated for Chris though...the poor cats would never be the same. After we left the W-homestead we drove around Charlottetown and Cornwall to look at the Christmas lights before finally heading back to our humble roost.

The next two days were pure relaxing days for us...lazing around in our jammies, watching movies and surfing the web. Boxing Day I didn't even get out of my jammies!! On Saturday I joined Lori and Darlene at Denise's for a night of munchies and catching up (feel better Lana!! We missed you!). 'Twas lovely, girlies :). Darlene, I'm BEYOND impressed with your I'll-make-them-believe-there-is-a-Santa-skills! Hoof prints on your hands & knees in the snow and apple juice 'reindeer pee' Very impressive! :) I am sure your boys will continue to believe for years to come. Thanks, as always, for the giggles.

Yesterday was a repeat of the 'do nothing' thing. I did 3 loads of laundry, showered, and remained in my jammies once more. It was glorious. I have no excuse for the late update, aside from the fact that my supreme laziness sometimes takes hold of me when I'm having a 'do nothing' day. It should also be known that in my 'do nothing' slumber that has been my recent past, I've discovered just how delicious a little shot of Baileys is in a cup of coffee. Mild addiction, perhaps. Don't judge. I know I said I had some resolutions in my midst. It's not the New Year yet. I'm still working on my 'before' pic.

Now you're up to speed. Phew. That took a lot of energy. I might post a few pics tomorrow of my most favorite of prezzies. Ta!

The Magic is over...

I know I owe you all a huge update as to how my Christmas was. It'll have to wait til I have a few seconds to breathe and think about what to write. Work today is insane. Perhaps after work if I feel like being in front of a pc again I might. For now, back at 'er...and only wishing I could shimmy myself back under the covers....

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Christmas List

Apparently my last post wasn't long enough for some of my readers so I'm sitting here trying to think up something witty to say. Despite prompts from Craig to write something about g-spots or g-strings or some such thing, I thought it best to keep this blog a bit more g-rated (sorry Craig, I know this disappoints you greatly ;)). Herein, I will make a list of things that remind me of Christmas:

  • chips & dip -Ruffles with garlic flavored cream cheese dip specifically. Growing up, Mom & Dad never kept chips & dip in the house, but every year for Christmas and New Years it was always present. There were times I wouldn't be hungry but would eat it anyway because it was there (no sh!t, eh? Perhaps case in point for why I need to make some resolutions?) ....aaaanyway....
  • beer & clamato juice - Dad would always pour a glass of this every Christmas morning while we unwrapped presents. The thought of it makes me gag, but he liked it.

  • Brut cologne - speaking of Dad, each year I would always buy him a bottle of this to go with his present. Traditionally he was an Aqua Velva man, but on special occasions, he rolled out the good stuff...Brut, by Mennan. Hilarious, I know.

  • Dad's stuffing - any other stuffing I've ever tasted PALES in comparison to Dad's stuffing. He made it with potatoes, bread, diced up ham, mushrooms and onion...garlic and likely other moist, sooo delicious. Every Christmas morning, after the gifts were unveiled, we'd feast on stuffing omelets, bacon and toast, and you'd be full til suppertime. My mouth is salivating now just thinking of it. Todd seems to have the mixture down to a science now so I again look forward to a healthy serving tomorrow :).

  • Mr. Bean's Christmas - no holiday season is complete without watching the hilarity that is Mr. Bean at Christmastime. Without question, the turkey scene is my favorite.

  • artifical trees - I know they 'aren't the same'. I know it's all about how a "Christmas tree smells"...but to this day the only thing that I can recall about Christmas with a real tree was being ill. Every year I'd be laid out on the couch with a bucket by my side because I'd be a puking mess. The year we got the artificial tree I suddenly was upright and puke-free. We assume that I may have been allergic to the real thing...and I'm not really ready to test the theory.

  • the homemade elf- Todd made this craft in kindergarten or grade 1 I believe. It's a little green elf with the eyes and lips colored in crayon. It's cut out and the limbs are secured with brads so they move. Dad hung it on the wall every year, and every year he'd insist that Cathy had made it. Every year we'd correct him, but alas, he kept believin'. It's obvious that it was Todd's handiwork. Anything Cathy would have constructed that long ago would've long since deteriorated from age ;). Todd still puts it on the wall as part of the Christmas decor to this day.
What are some of the tell-tale signs of Christmas for you?

'Twas the day before Christmas...

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the year ahead hold many surprises, and much happiness. Give your loved ones a little extra squeeze on this special holiday season, and may the magic of Christmas last the whole year through.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

One step closer...

So Chris and I went in to the bank today to apply for a new consolidation on the original consolidation loan. The papers are signed, and now we are just waiting for approval. It will likely be next week before we know anything. Chris is like a kid in a candy store after being told not to touch anything.

I'd just like to say I'm sighing huge sighs of relief today that I'm done of my Christmas shopping...on account of yesterday's storm a lot (apparently) of people didn't get out to today every Islander was at the Malls or between one or the other and sitting in traffic between University Ave and Queen St. Holy diabolical Jebus - the traffic was insane!!! (Update - it made the news...).

Chris bought us supper, and after eating I cleaned up the house and did a few loads of laundry. I've never seen Chris more tired, so in light of the Christmas season I wrapped some of his presents tonight. Basically anything not coming to me, that is. I'm such an awesome GF.

Hope you're all ready! 2 more sleeps!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Snow day

So we got a bit of snow overnight. Actually, we're amidst quite a substantial 'weather event', with at least 10 cm of snow falling overnight, and another 10-15 cms expected today, combined with hurricane force winds. If I lived farther away from work, there's a possibility I might have had a snow day....but pray as I did, I had to leave the warm comforts of home to go out into the elements today. Sorta wishin' I had winter tires...aaanyway...

A busy weekend has passed us by. Friday night Chris & attempted to head to Rustico to look at the Christmas lights, but had to bail half-way there on account of poor road conditions. The roads were beyond slippery and you couldn't see a foot in front of you. We drove around Charlottetown & Stratford instead. If anyone in my readership is local, and had been in the habit of going to the house out toward the airport that had his lights programmed to music, and is wondering why the house isn't lit this year, fear not, he's in a new house now. He was the winner of the dream house, so has his lights set up at the new house in Stratford. Very cool. Check it out.

Saturday night we attended the Ostridge's Annual Saturday Before Christmas party. A great time was had by all! Thank you, thank you for your kindness and hospitality, Ostridges!! As it was a late night at the party we slept in to an embarrassing hour on Sunday, finally rising and getting out of the house by about 2pm. Our original plan was to head to Maggie's for breakfast, but they had stopped serving breakfast a few hours prior to our arrival, so we had to have lunch. We didn't deserve breakfast getting there so late in the day anyway! After fueling up with some lunch, we headed to Canadian Tire and Sobeys. The crowds weren't as horrific as I'd imagined, but I was happy to get home anyway. We didn't stay home long though. After making a pot of coffee we left with travel mugs in tow, and headed back toward Rustico. This time we were successful. There are some homes that go all out for the occasion... Very, very neat. I don't envy the guy with the largest display appears he's changed over to LED so he'll have a heck of a job brushing the snow off all of the display.

Update: I ended up leaving work early - at 2pm - because the winds were relentless, making visibility nearly impossible. I left my car at work, and Chris came to pick me up. Looks as though it will indeed be a white Christmas :). I hope everyone was safe on this blustery, stormy day.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Riding along in my automobile...

There may be some new wheels in the 'hood if Christopher gets his Christmas wish... I just received a text from him after test driving a 2004 Honda Element - "Amber the Element is so awesome!!!". Personally, I think the vehicle is ugly as sin...and very reminiscent of the old Sesame Street garbage truck. However, as a photographer, it will provide him a bazillion little conveniences, apparently. Besides, it's not all about looks. Hondas are known for their dependability, and he's not going to be dealing with the local dealer in Charlottetown, so it's all good (do I dare even go into my Sunbird rant??). I haven't heard Chris this excited in a long, long time, so I hope it works out for him. The Suburu has seen better days...and it pains me to think of him putting more money into it to keep it road-worthy. I guess a call to the bank on Monday and subsequent begging and pleading to follow are in the works. I'll be sure to let you know how he/we get along. As long as they allow him to reconsolidate our existing consolidation loan it should be nothing but a paper change and another 4 or 5 years of the same payment he's been paying all along.

Reading public - start crossing your fingers for our dear little Christopher.

Side-by-side, you can't really deny the resemblance...can you?

He's looking at a copper one, so at least it won't be green...

And if anyone starts calling me Bert if this deal goes down, I will be unimpressed (unless you catch me on a 'pre-pluck' day). ;)

Friday, 19 December 2008


This picture aptly describes how I feel today. Every punch of the keys on the keyboard is an overall effort. I wish with all my might that I, too, could lay my head down on my own computer and have a little cat nap. I slept horribly last night. It was cold in the bedroom, and Chris came to bed later than me, so by the time I actually had fallen asleep he came to bed, which woke me. Zoe then decided she needed some attention so she started purring up by my ear (she sounds like a power tool). Then I finally got back to sleep...I think it was going on 3am and Chris woke me up again to tell me I was snoring. I can't even say TGIF because I work again tomorrow morning. Needless to say I think it'll be an early night tonight.

In Christmas has remained cold since our Wednesday snowfall, so the snow is still blanketing everything. Last night, I managed to get all of my wrapping completed, but I can't help but think there is stuff I've forgotten to do. Maybe I'm feeling sympathetic stress for Chris, who has yet to even START his shopping. I would make fun of him with a loving 'HA HA!', but my own stocking stuffer gifts are also un-purchased! I'm not doubting whatsoever that he will land with an armload of gifts at some point on Sunday (or even Tuesday or Wednesday!) and coyly ask if I would mind wrapping... How anyone waits til this late in the game to get started is beyond me. I remember one year waiting til just a few days before Christmas...I walked aimlessly through the aisles of the mall, in tears, alone, wondering what to buy everyone. It was on that night I vowed I'd never be in that situation again, and I haven't.

Here's hoping you're all closing in on your own holiday preparations. Try to take a moment to hold your family and friends close to you and remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

I think I'm almost there...

I had a wonderful time at Julie's last night for our annual Christmas Gift Exchange party. The idea behind the gift exchange is as each person opens their gift, the next one in line has a choice to steal something already opened ...but for three years running, each person has kept their original gift. We're good little shoppers. There were laughs, yummy snacks, thoughtful presents, and did I mention yummy snacks? Thank you lovelies. I'm so glad we're keeping up this yearly tradition. It snowed - a lot - fitting for a Christmas party, and the landscape looks so much more festive! I also have to officially thank Chris for shoveling the walk-way and deck for my return home last night. Thanks hunny ;).

A BIG congratulations go out to Erin! Last night she shared some wonderful news with us all...a new job is on her horizon! A well-deserved and exciting change, and I couldn't be happier for her. I know this new phase of your life will be all you ever dreamed of and more. Congrats girl!! I raise a glass to you :)

Today I had the day off on account of working Saturday. I started it early with a hair appointment. The greys are gone, and I'm already anticipating the 'gingerkid' comments to return when Christopher gets home. Bobbi-Jeane thinks we're one cut away from the official 'look' she has been preparing me for. When looking at the original pictures I brought in for her in July, it would appear that we're very close to something. I had a little nap this afternoon so I had to fix it up a bit before taking the picture. Excuse the poor quality photo. The back is cropped up in the middle, and the two sides are longer. She hasn't taken a thing off the sides since July. Track back to the original 'cut' here.

After my hair cut I stopped at a few stores and picked up some final stocking stuffers for Chris' sock...and I think I can happily say that I'm now 'done'...aside from the wrapping. Instead of napping I really wish now that I'd done that wrapping... I was pretty tired though, so I cannot live with regrets :)

On that note, I'd best get busy...I will leave you with a stocking stuffer idea that is getting rave reviews. For those in my reading public, if you have found yourself in a pickle - unsure of what to do to top off the stocking of that special guy in your life, fear not...I've got the answer here for you. It's cheap too, for those on a budget:

Nothing says "Merry Christmas honey" more than the hint of a little flame-broiled meat. Mmmm...

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

When the mood strikes...

Ok - I've just consumed my very first Quality Street chocolate of the season. We're also forecasted for 15 cm of snow today/tonight, and if the snow 'keeps', I have an unofficial date on Friday night to go for a drive to look at the lights. I'm officially in the Christmas spirit.

As you were - I'm going to get another chocolate ;)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Ok - all jokes aside - I'm fat. I know I'm fat. I know I eat horribly. I know that the amount of 'exercise' I've done in the last year is embarrassing. I know that I'm not happy with myself the way I am. I know that I've disappointed myself for getting to this point. I know every time I glance in the mirror and do the side-profile-whilst-sucking-in-stomach, my disappointment grows. I know that I avoid having my picture taken with every ounce of my being. I know that when I do see a photo of myself, I try to see it as 'the camera just adding the extra 90-100lbs', but I know that's just me trying to excuse it away and trying to avoid reality. I know that I'm not healthy. I know that I limit even my leisure activities because of my size. And, I know that I need to do something about it.

I'm torn between attempting to make some changes on my own or seeking the help of a professional weight loss program. Obviously I haven't been very good at doing this on my own, because I've envisioned this great big 'plan of attack' a number of times, and haven't acted on it any of those times...(read between the lines...LAZY). So, the reasonable answer, then, would be to seek professional help. They are the experts - it's what they do. They will ensure that I succeed....right? One of the reasons I'd prefer to do it 'on my own', though, is wanting it to be a "life change". I want to change my ways and change my life - permanently, instead of trying a 'program' that eventually ends, and with it ending, having the pounds just come back on when I fall off the program wagon. However, perhaps a program of sorts would be a good stepping stone for me, as I do have such a long road ahead to lead me to this 'life change'. The biggest hurdle of joining a program honestly, is the cost.

I hate being limited to what I do because of money. I know I'm 'worth it'...but irregardless of my worth, there still needs to be the extra funds in the bank to support it. I will admit that I do need to learn to budget better as well - so if I attempted a budget and stuck to it, I should be able to juggle something. The thing that REALLY boils me in all this though, is the fact that programs to educate a person on how to eat better/improve their health/life cost so much money. It's unfair; it's unjust. It's wrong. It's preying on the feeling of inadequacy that comes with being overweight. It's rapacity on behalf of the creators of these programs, and it just disgusts me.

I smell some major, difficult, painful resolutions in my future.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Monday - Let's b!tch, shall we?

Oh Monday - how you snuck up on me and drop-kicked me in the backside. I got to bed later than I wanted to last night, and this morning, woke up later than I wanted to. For reasons unknown to me I woke myself up - albeit about a half hour after I had intended. In looking at the alarm clock I realized I'd set it to wake me up appropriately, but I forgot to actually turn the alarm function on. Whoopsie. And of course today is my first day back after vacation, so the day c-r-a-w-l-e-d.... I'm going to assume the blinding headache was aftershock from the weekend's Christmas party and not an allergy to work itself. And don't even get me started on how my drive home was with more mother-loving CONSTRUCTION on the North River causeway. Wasn't the entire summer enough, Mr. MacKinley!? On vacation I did my best to avoid it's a reality and it sucks. And it's going on for at least another month and a half, and that sucks even more.

To any Survivor fans, who all wants to join me in publicly bashing Corinne Kaplan? To revel in being a bitch? Seriously. Her comments last night to everyone, including her little speech as she advised who she was voting for, were all-out rude...but the comment she made to Sugar? That was just sadistic, mean, vile, inappropriate, and uncalled for. She must live a sad, lonely existence to be so cruel. I shouldn't allow myself to get so wrapped up in a tv show, but there you have it. She hit a nerve. She reminded me of all the snotty-nosed, preppy, stuck up snobs in school who made my first few school years here practically unliveable.... One day all of them, Corinne included, will get their comeuppance.

For fear of this becoming a ginormous post no one wants to read I'll now reduce it to point form:
-the snow has all melted; it's very much un-Christmasy
-my face is a few zits shy of an acne galaxy. What the Jesus? Really. It's never been so bad - ever...I've actually broken down and ordered "Proactive"...and can only pray that it gives me some relief. Not only is it an ugly mess but it really hurts.
-from what it looks like, I might be on the hunt once more for another doctor...and that REALLY sucks.
-my cat(s) keep knocking my mini-tree off the tv stand. It's to the point that I'm sure that at least half of the ornaments that were on the tree are now a broken mess behind the stand.
-my laundry pile hasn't learned to clean itself yet, and that makes me very, very sad. Plus my cleaning fairy hasn't returned. How I miss my cleaning fairy.
-my remaining presents are still unwrapped and I had a personal goal of having all my presents wrapped, and all prepping complete prior to the return to work.

BAH! I think I'll go hunt down some chocolate.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

That's a wrap!

Well the rain finally stopped; I found a cheap waterproof jacket, and Julie & I had a fantastic time on our "date". We supped at the Gahan before the show, splitting delicious nachos and a chicken & cheese wrap. Yum! Canada Rocks Christmas was fabulous. Wade Lynch was hilarious and the musical entertainment was first-class. In my opinion, the true stars of the show were Matt Minglewood, Joey Kitson, and Stephanie Cadman (holy crap can this girl step!). If you have an opportunity to see the show - go. You won't be disappointed.

Last night, Chris & I attended his annual staff Christmas party. We were treated to supper at Piazza Joe's, and then all went back to Jim & Marie's for dessert and another installment of "sneaky Santa". There were "spirits", many laughs, and even a small bit of Christmas karaoke. Good times. A special thank you to Mark and Rhonda for making sure we got home ok. It was a very, um...entertaining...ride home ("Holy hell it's got built-in blinds!"). Christopher fared out a lot better than I expected ;).

So far today we've watched two movies - Wall-E, very cute, and Shutter, just fair. It's been a very lazy Sunday. I really should do some laundry and wrap some gifts...Tonight, I meet up with my scrappy gals for a bite to eat at ESM's and a little $10 gift swap. I'm starting to feel a bit more festive. We even had a little bit of snow last night, so it all seems like it's coming together. I think the forecast is indicating more rain this week though - I hope it changes.

I hope you all are enjoying a great weekend :).

Friday, 12 December 2008

Rain, rain GO AWAY it's the 12th of DECEMBER!

Overnight we had layers and layers of freezing rain. Today's high is forecast to be 13 celcius. At least that will melt the layers of ice accumulated by the freezing rain. However, with the higher temperatures also comes heavy rain and winds, with gusts possibly reaching 90kms. Oh, and there's also a chance of thundershowers.

It's the 12th of DECEMBER. This just isn't right. Also not right - snow in

As much as I would love to loaf around on the couch in my jammies for another day, I have things to do today. Many errands that need to be done today, plus it's payday so I was hoping to finish my Christmas shopping. And, I have a date tonight with Julie; we're attending Canada Rocks Christmas. It's her staff Christmas party thing, and as Brian isn't going to be home, I'm going along for the ride. I'm very much looking forward to it - notsomuch looking forward to the day ahead to get me to the party, however.

As it is not apparently a good umbrella day, believe it or not, I've spent the past 45 minutes searching local stores online for 'outerwear', even calling a few places to see if they still have raincoats stocked at this time of year. Of course they don't. One place did...just one, and they were even on sale. Too bad I'm FAT so I can't fit into their meager 'largest' size, however. I have an old yellow raincoat that makes me look like a closes, but just barely. Not really theater-worthy, either, if you ask me.

I'm cranky.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

In finding my inner Martha...

Ok so I do dapple a bit in the crafty arena. I love to scrapbook, with my specialty of course being scrap 'lifting'. I've made albums, framed pages, name signs, decorated letters, gift cards & tags, and even sewn my own little gingerbread men ornaments last year, when pushed to 'make' something for a gift swap. Being that it's that time of year, I can even sit in front of the Martha Stewart show and watch the full 60 minutes (I can't stand the woman, but I do enjoy her ideas). I really do enjoy Christmas shows of any kind, especially when they feature crafty stuff.

From today's show I was inspired to visit her website. On the site, there is a place where the fan base is encouraged to submit their own Christmas crafty ideas for a chance to win a prize (and I have to admit I'm kicking myself for not taking photos of the few projects I did make for Christmas - not that I'd win, and if I was considered, they'd no doubt find my blog and see my comments about 'ol Martha, which would take me out of the running altogether, but I digress...). I like to see other crafty people's works, so I opted to run through the gallery of pictures of said projects. Most were your typical things, ornaments, and such...a few wreaths, a lot of stockings...but I stared in awe at one project in particular, and I just can't not post about it. If this person was silly enough to think of such an idea, much less post it on the world wide web, she deserves some heckling, if you ask me.

Here, take a boo, would you?

Yep, you read it right, folks (if the picture didn't prove obvious enough)...."Lovely Kotex Slippers". Slippers, made out hygiene products! Stellar, no? This, if you ask me, is taking recycling to a whoooole new level. Suppose they would be good for small spills on the floor, though?

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The stockings were hung...

Bah I'm at hump day already. It's amazing how quickly a week away from work can pass...yet how slowly the same amount of time goes by when a person is at work. Ah well, all good things must end. I don't look forward to the emails facing me at work at all, though.

As for the Christmas prepping, I'm happy to report that the tree is finally up. There's nothing outside yet, but I'm leaving that to Chris. We walked through a tree lot last night (the sole purpose really for Chris to smell the trees). We might get a small tree to put on the deck. I also visited Mr. Postie yesterday to mail away all the parcels and bought stamps for the cards. $80 later. Yep, you read that right. I almost pooped my drawers. Next year I'm thinking gift cards. Good grief!

Yesterday I had a lovely day out with Mummy. She's completely done of her shopping now. I, on the other hand am limited by my overdraft balance...or lack thereof...and must wait til payday to pick up my last few presents. Chris and I are going really light this year - not exchanging actual presents; we're still exchanging stockings (I can't have Christmas without my stocking). It's just not worth all the expense to try to fill the space under the tree with things we don't really need. It's not what Christmas is all about - and I'm trying to get back to a place where we're really celebrating the real reason Christmas is coming. We've all grown up into a very commercial, materialistic world, and it's very sad. So, in your own hustle and bustle, please take the time to think about what Christmas is all about...and concentrate on that while holding someone you love, very very tight.

It's pouring rain...all the snow we had over the weekend is completely washed away. I've got the bedroom window open, and it's Dec 10. That's just wrong. I do hope we have a white Christmas. It's the only time I really want to see snow...and as the festive season is so quickly approaching, I do have to admit I was a bit saddened by this rainy forecast (not to mention my aching joints). Happy hump day, folks!

Monday, 8 December 2008

It's all HUMBUG, I tell you, HUMBUG!

Ok - so inbetween relaxing a few moments here and there with friends, I spent the rest of my weekend prepping for Christmas. I cut, I pasted, I wrote and wrote and wrote. I completed a few crafty gifts. I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. And I boxed, boxed, boxed. My back aches; I have paper cuts all over me; I ran out of scotch tape; and, I'm quickly running out of good wrapping paper. The saddest part? All of my efforts are ready to be shipped to Ontario and Nova Scotia. It doesn't look one bit Christmas-y in here. The tree never got put up. The two sole cards hanging on the card string Chris felt needed to be hung look slightly ridiculous. And, it's icy and just not so nice outside, so I think the parcels are going to sit another day, mocking me, while I wait for better weather to visit the post office. So perhaps I can cozy up with Zoe on the couch and not feel totally guilty? All I can do is try :). You see, I'm on va-cay all this week. After slip sliding (and almost smucking my gargantuan arse on the walkway) as I made my way to the car to move it for the plow, methinks I'll just have a lazy day. I might get around to doing a few loads of laundry and perhaps a few more cards...maybe.

For now, please pardon me while I loaf around in a non-Christmas-looking house, in a non-Christmas spirit.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Elfin' around...

A little progress has been made...the majority of the cards are made and addressed. There will, of course, be a few that I've forgotten, so I fortunately have a pile of made cards from Angela's class to get me through a few more in a pinch. Progress has been made for the 'away' projects...and tomorrow I have to wrap and box all the away stuff to hopefully allow for a trip to the post office Monday. That is if we get through the storm that is forecast, unscathed...

I had a charming breakfast today at Outriders with Erin, Tanya, Julie, Amanda, Pam and little Nate. We were out celebrating Erin's birthday. 'Twas lovely seeing you all today, girlies :). I very much look forward to our Christmas gift exchange party! After breakfast, I came home to continue with the card production, and tonight, I'm joining Lori over at Lana's for supper. I've skipped lunch in preparation :).

Tomorrow, if time allows, we hope to at least get a start on the tree and decorations...let's face it Christmas is coming, whether we're prepared or not. To quote my wise cousin: "I think I'm almost done. Except for all the things I still have to do". Happy weekend, peeps.

Friday, 5 December 2008

I'm here...

Sorry I've been slacking in the post department. Mom and I spent a few days in Nova Scotia to be with family and say a final good-bye to Nannie. The days spent there were filled with good food, many laughs as we listened to various yarns about the 'good old days in Whitehead', and a few tears, recollecting the happier days spent with Nannie and Poppie.

Nannie was my last living grandparent - Mom's last living parent. There's an emptiness that comes with that. No matter how old a person is when they pass - or how expected his or her loss is, it doesn't take away the hurt that comes with the realization that we will never see him or her again. Our biggest consolation is Nannie is now with Poppie, and they can dance again.

Now that I'm back home and back to 'reality' I have to look around and realize just how much I have to do to prepare for Christmas...everything - from the creation of the Christmas cards to the writing of the cards, to the wrapping of the "away" gifts, to the making of a few "away" gifts to the shopping for the "closer" gifts. By this point in December, usually the majority of things are done, or I'm just tying them up...not starting them.

On that note, I guess I'd best get crackin...