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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Roses, strippers and drunken debachery: not my weekend, the Bacherlorette, of course

A return to blogging....and the subject of which?  Why, the Bachelorette, of course ;).  I didn't bother blogging about last season's Bachelor, because let's face it, Juan Pablo is a complete and utter douche. And, I just couldn't bring myself to commemorate a damn thing about that season, even if it was to make fun of him on a weekly basis.  Eeee's ok, right? ;)

So Andi Dorfman, the smart girl who caught on to JP's douche-baggery is our next Bachelorette.  I liked her on JP's season, and look forward to what this season has in store.  Having seen the first 2 episodes, her over-use of "ya'll" might be my biggest pick so far.  And maybe her gown choice.  Not that they're not beautiful (the first night's pale pink/silver bedazzled one was stunning) - but, she obviously feels uncomfortable in them the way she carries herself.  Honey, if you don't want your boobs to fall out, choose one with a slightly higher neckline, perhaps? *shrug*.  Oh, and perhaps her veer to the over-dramatic a few episodes in, too. So the guy had a little too much to drink. Kick him out if it offends you.  Ask the producers to reduce the unending flow of available liquor.  But, freak out, in tears, wondering, "What's going on??", and accuse them all of not having the right intentions for being there?  Really?  I thought you were a smart, professional woman of class? Hmm. Maybe you'll have to keep trying to convince me.

So it's still early, but so far, I took a liking to the firefighter (why is he gone already, Andi? Why?), the farmer, and I think that little Nick V. fella is just too cute for words. The ex-pro basketball player gives me the skeevies and I don't trust him; there's an inner snake just dying to get out.  Cody, the beefy personal trainer reminds me of Jeff Dunham's Bubba J.  And seriously, what the eff is a pantapreneur??  Chris Bukowski's attempt to gain access to the house, and Andi's heart, was laughable. I'm glad he was ball-busted from the start.  WTF, fella? Go get a life, already. You're a loser.

And, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the person this season is dedicated to.  Eric Hill, who sadly passed away shortly after filming of the season ceased, was an early favourite for women everywhere, no doubt. His untimely passing makes this season so heart-breaking.  I think the show handled what happened in a tasteful fashion - but I cannot fathom what it must be like to those closest to him, watching the show.  Rest in peace, Eric, your candle was snuffed all too early....

So. Hi. Thanks for reading.  Tell me - are you watching, too? Who's your favourite? Or your favourite to hate?