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Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday Food Day Funny

Where I work, whenever there's a celebration to be had we have a Food Day. If someone moves to another role, we eat; if someone retires, we eat; if someone has a baby, we eat. If someone's wife has a baby, we eat; if someone meets a goal, we eat. You get the picture. Well, boys and girls, I've donned my eating pants today because today we have a Food Day to celebrate Mark's new position. Congrats Mark!

I subscribe to "Mutts" strip of the day, and today's just happened to be too appropriate not to share.

Happy Friday! All calories consumed on Friday's don't count, right?


Dunno if it's because of the rainy weather that we've been facing all week but I've been humming this tune for days. S'ok though - quite like it :).

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Six for Shania

So it's getting serious now folks - down to 6, and we have a Canadian "icon" mentoring. I hope Mr. Mullen is watching this evening ;).

Lee, "You're Still the One"
- He made it his own; he rocked it, and I still have goosebumps. He's going to give Crystal a run for her money. I will buy his record. And, I have a rather large-ish crush on this man. Large.
Mike, "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" - That was just all a big 'MEH' to me.
Casey, "Don't" - Oooh...something a little different from Mr. Casey tonight -- and I LOVED it. It had a real Lifehouse sound. BRAVO pretty one, bravo!
Crystal, "No One Needs to Know" - Up til tonight I figured she was a shoe-in for this whole thing...and maybe it was the whole 'countrified' take on it, but I think she should have left us all in the dark with that one. I hated it. I kept looking around for the washboard and spoons... It's too late in the competition to pull shit like that.
Aaron, "You've Got a Way" - Was it just me, or was he running out of breath sometimes? It wasn't my least favourite of all I've heard him do, actually. It was in the style that is his pre-pubescent self.
Siobhan, "Any Man of Mine" - Honey, that was the WRONG song. It was a screechy mess, imho.

Bottom: Mike, Aaron & Siobhan
Homeward bound: Big Mike

Saturday, 24 April 2010


One of my besties is starring in a play at the Victoria Playhouse, put on by the Victoria Playhouse Drama Club. Lori and I had a date last Saturday night and saw Pandemic together.

While a winter storm rages outside, a family enjoys another snow day in the confines of their warm house. An innocent game of Scrabble opens up the family's hidden secrets and unspoken inner challenges. Outside, a deadly disease is threatening mankind and their safe, homey haven. As you watch, you easily empathize with the cast, as you wonder what you would do if faced with similar challenges.

Bravo to the cast! You all did a great job. And a special cheer to Lana - who is the lead actress -- *woot woot* Lana!!

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, why not give this show a chance? The final showings are this evening, and tomorrow night at 8:00pm in lovely Victoria by the Sea!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dear Volkswagen

I found myself in a quandry just a few short years ago. My 4 year lease was just about due on my beloved 2003 Titanium Toyota Corolla S, which I lovingly named, "Lola". Lola's tires were bald, and winter was just about to tear through the Maritimes. I had a decision to make. I could replace the bald tires on Lola and ride out the remainder of the lease and then choose to purchase the car that I loved, or, I could swap Lola for a new car and not have the expense of 4 brand new tires so close to Christmas. Because I lack the good skill of money management, I of course had no extra money on hold to cover the cost of new tires.

I shopped around all the major central dealerships. I decided a lower payment was my best option, and I had a $300 budget in mind (considerably less than the montly lease payment for Lola). I received a few different quotes, and was stuck between 3 choices, all within this $300 budget: 1) buy Lola over a 5 year term, and immediately replace the tires; 2) lease a brand-new base model Corolla; or, 3) lease an 07 City Golf from VW.

The lure of the VW was strictly asthetic. The glow of the pretty blue interior lights and the neat-o, cool, awesome switchblade key. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'm a snob. And a girl. And, in writing this, a complete fool bordering on utter idiot. I also leaned toward VW for subtle nostalgic reasons. My dad drove a red Bug when I was young. I figured if he drove a VW maybe I should too. Give the other guy a chance, you know? The customer service from VW was amazing. They were practically bending over backwards and kissing my feet unanimously just to win my business {key: "to win my business"}.

I still teeter-tottered. For a number of weeks, while the weather stayed unseasonably warm yet the threat of frost around the corner, my mind still wasn't completely settled. My relationship almost suffered. The boy never agreed on getting rid of the Corolla. The boy actually offered to buy the new tires I needed if I would shut my mouth and just keep it. I didn't see that as a help. Me casa, sous casa -- my money, your money, or some such thing. It didn't make sense....and that glowing blue light haunted me...

Just when I'd thought I had my mind made up that I was going to keep Lola, I had a rash turn of events and I will partially blame Mother Nature. An unexpected weather event - cold temps, snow and ICY roads and bald tires....and a scary, scary drive to VW to 'discuss' their offer and I was practically begging them to take the keys and give me a car with better tires the same day.

So, long story short, I then got Gidgit, my 07 VW City Golf. A nickname that didn't even stick. I
don't feel enamoured by the car in the least. I don't want to give it a nickname. Why, pray tell, did I change my tune, you ask? Over time, a number of things added up to where we are today:

-The day I picked it up, the sales guy had left the lights on and killed the battery. So of course the car wouldn't start when I picked it up. I didn't have a working stereo for 3 days because the restart on the battery reset the damn security code on the thing and it took a dozen emails and calls to the dealership to figure out how to turn it back on.
-There were rattles and clangs I noticed in the first weeks of driving (comparable to the same rattles it took nearly 4 years to hear in the Corolla).
-The windows frost up practically every single cold day and the heat is non-existant (well maybe if you give it a half hour!).
-I couldn't install a car starter because of the mechanics of the car. If they did install one, they'd have to put the valet key in a box under the if anyone knew anything about how these mechanics work, they could steal the car in a matter of moments - thus, also voiding my warranty.
-The promised accessories, upon purchase, were MONTHS coming -- and three requests later, to receive.
-A visit to the dealership for routine maintenance (oil change, fluid tops, etc) resulted in the following exchange:

{I'm seated in the waiting area that is above and to the right of the service bay. Neither side can see the other....but they can be heard.}

Service Guy 1: What's next? {This was after probably 1/2 hr or better waiting}
Service Guy 2: 07 City Golf
Service Guy 1: What's it in for?
Service Guy 2: Oil, fluids, etc.
Service Guy 1: Oh well if it's an 07 City she'll be in for a lot more than that! *Laughter*
Service Guy 2: SHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! SHE'S WAITING UP THERE!

{Needless to day I went to another garage for subsequent oil changes thereafter!}

-Customer service has taken a nose-dive since signing on the dotted line.

As it turns out, I'm a little too early into my lease to consider a trade-in right now. So I sit patiently and wait out my time. If'n anybody's interested in a lease take-over of an 07 City Golf with just over 20,000 kms, lemme know, k?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Inspiring Seven

Some inspirational ditties with a little mentoring from the beautiful Alicia Keys:

  • Casey, "Don't Stop" - I didn't want him to stop ;). My heavens he looked tan this evening!! I do have to admit that while the song itself wasn't overly "inspiring", I still enjoyed his performance. It was true to himself, true to what Casey is all about. (I dare say he may be getting a little cocky though having seen the replay).
  • Lee, "The Boxer" - *goosebumps on my goosebumps*; that was fan-freaking-tastic!!!
  • Tim, "Better Days" - for the love of the sweet baby Jesus, America, do you hear what I hear? Pitchy much? Send this ass home. Please!
  • Aaron, "I Believe" - ugggghh, really? I think I liked Tim better. And that's not saying much. Not saying much of anything at all, really.
  • Siobhan, "When you Believe" - what's with the butterflies? Meh. Typical Siobhan performance. Go find Broadway. You're not going to win.
  • Mike, "Hero" -I see this man sing and all I can think of is the Green Mile. Um. Interesting song choice. Meh. It was ok. Nothing spectacular.
  • Crystal, "People Get Ready" - she's awesome. But you knew that.

Bottom 3: Tim, Aaron and Siobhan
Going home: Again, if votefortheworst remains leading the votes we shall see Siobhan go. If not, it's (hopefully) sayonara Timbo time.


Something that has brought me possibly too much amusement today. Just another example of why I figure I'm really just a 12-year-old boy trapped inside an aging 30-something-grey-haired-gal:

Checkin' in

  • Ergonomic mouse at work - check
  • Keyboard tray at work -check
  • Tingling, numbness and pain in right hand/arm - check
So I saw my family doctor today - he listened to my plight and gave a very sympathetic ear. And, he is writing Dr. Hutchings a letter regarding my symptoms for his expert opinion/referral/possible additional testing....and...hopefully...RELIEF! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, folks.

So far it's been a rather successful Tuesday. I went to my doctor's appointment, and there booked a physical for May 10 (oh joy, ....BUT it's been ages since the last). I went shoe shopping, and landed a deal for two pairs of heels (black & brown). They were on sale!! $60 saved for the pair. Yahoo! And they both seem significantly more comfortable than those awful half-booties that I've been wearing. They're horribly uncomfortable, and the toe is worn on one of them so I always have a cold, wet toe. I look forward to turfing them in the black bin later.

Oh, and I'm also in cahoots with my guy at Toyota*. I have no idea if he can help me since I have 2 more years left on my lease....but here's hoping today's luck is a sign.

Happy Tuesday! I know you miss me, my lovelies, and I do hope to get back to routine blogging soon.

*I had nothing but the best of luck with my 03 Corolla - and miss her GREATLY. I know the company has been getting a bit of a bad rap as of late, and I'm more than happy to show my support. If they can't help me out, you can be sure that I'll be knocking on their door when my current lease is OVER.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Technology at it's finest

With the launch (soon to be Canadian launch) of Apple's latest technological genius in the form of the iPad, I felt it fitting to share this little gem.

I dare say we'd have a similar showing if this new piece of equipment landed it's way into the 'hood.

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Elvis - but not really

So last week's big save means tomorrow, 2 unfortunates bid adieu. Without hearing any singing, my early predictions are Tim & Andrew. I almost went to bed and didn't watch after realizing I'd have to voluntarily watch something with Adam Lambert. Then, seeing Adam flirt with Ryan, I'm closer to the bedroom door. HOW am I going to get through the next 90 minutes with Lambert? At least it's Elvis night*, and, just for you, I shall type through the pain and let you all know my thoughts. You're welcome ;).

Crystal - not my favourite Bowersox performance. She sang it well and it was a good, solid showing - just, not my bag is all.
-Andrew - what the hell was that?
-Tim - if he soon doesn't leave the stage I'm going to boycott this whole show altogether. I can't even believe the encouragement from the judges.
-Lee - YUM.
-Aaron - I still hate this little twerp and I felt it painful to sit through, but I suppose the old ladies and the young girls will eat that up like chocolate. Blech.
-Siobhan -I totally wanted Casey to do this one. Oh joy, the return of the scream. Of course, with the Lambert mentor how could we go two weeks in a row without it? It was all very Broadway, and therefore, MEH to me (YAY Simon for your excellent commentary on this one!).

{I'm getting a sore throat I think; that is making me cranky. My arm, wrist, elbow, etc. hurts. I am pretty much thinking nothing is going to satisfy me tonight.}

Mike - ya know, I'm getting a little tired of his 'runs'. He sounds the same in every song -proof positive that he won't make it til the end. He's likely safe for this week though.
Katie - Again, not my bag, but she did alright.
Casey - Ok did anyone else giggle when Adam coached him on climaxing, or am I really just a 12 year old boy inside? He rocked it. Solid.

{Thank God that's all over - BEDTIME}

Bottom 3: Andrew, Tim & Siobhan
Going home: In light of the popularity of votefortheworst, and the RIDICULOUS positivity from the judges, I would have to say Tim is safe for ANOTHER effing, with that said, I believe Mr. Garcia best get his bags packed. I almost forgot my 2nd choice for ciao time...ok, so Andrew, and Siobhan. Both. Yeah.

*Typed BEFORE they all slaughtered poor Elvis' songs.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Canada's Hero

30 years ago, I remember my Dad sitting me down in front of the TV telling me to pay attention. He said this was going to be a moment in history and one day I'd want to tell my own kids about what I'd remembered. 30 years ago today, a man embarked upon a journey. A journey of hope. A journey for help. Unfortunately, he did not make it to the end of his journey on his own terms, but he'll forever be remembered for his strength, conviction, humility and grace. Terry Fox, you were an amazing human being and a consummate hero for all mankind. Thank you for your spirit. May we continue to strive toward a cure for such a horrendous disease - in your honour.

Friday, 9 April 2010


I do hope to get back to regular blogging soon. I've made some changes to my work station at work in hopes it gets the pain/numbness under control.

Until then -

I know you're all happy that it's Friday. I wish you all a relaxing, safe, enjoyable weekend! xo

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Beating out 9

So I'm still in agony with my stupid wrist/elbow/shoulder thing and I'm sure that typing on the laptop is NOT helping. I owe you my AI post though peeps - so I'm going to try to get through ;). I'm making it short & sweet.

The Beatles and our Top 9:
-Aaron - SUCKED and he's still using too much tinted Clearasil
-Katie - safe from the bottom 3 this time
-Andrew - meh. Not sure he should've picked a fast song.
-Mike - I didn't love it.
-Tim - *YAWN* ....this is a singing competition, isn't it? Having him come after Crystal is laughable.
-Casey -Oh Casey you are so pretty; and that was marvelous!
-Siobhan - So Simon's commentary last week must have scared her into being submissive? For the first time in forever, I actually liked her performance.
-Lee- after last week's performance and tonight's, it's plain to see he's finally coming out of his shell - and I simply ADORE him. He's one of my favs for sure.

Bottom: Aaron, Andrew and Tim.
Going home: TIM

Monday, 5 April 2010

For Corey

6 years ago a life was taken away from us way too soon. It's impossible to hear this song and not think of you, Corey. Today I raise a glass toward the sky and I think of you fondly. You will be forever loved and forever missed. Someday, we'll laugh over blown out flip flops and toast the good times. Thanks for the memories....xoxo.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Thinking of the Michael song...

This song reminds me of my Dad. I called it the "Michael song" and I would ask Dad to play it for me all the time. Then I'd ask him to dance with me. I'd hop up onto his feet and he'd sway me around the plush orange carpet. We'd sing - he'd take the adult, Clint Holmes part, and I'd be Michael.

It's been 8 years since you were taken from us, Dad. In some ways it feels like forever ago, yet in others, it feels like it was only yesterday. You're forever in my thoughts, and in my heart. I'll always love you and miss you. I know you're dancing in your playground in Heaven. Someday, I know that I'll get to dance on your toes again. Until then, keep practicing your two-step. I love you....xoxoxoxox.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

I'm here...

I'm still alive - sorry for the lack of posting. My wrist/nerve issues are making it difficult to use a computer for work, let alone for fun. I'm pretty much tingly, numb and sore from my pinky finger up to my shoulder. Awesome. So for the rest of the weekend I'm going to try to avoid mousing and typing as much as I can. Good thing the forecast is SPECTACULAR! I'll take pics and have a catch up post soon, you can be sure.

Have a safe, and happy Easter y'all.