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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Stupid things about me II

See Part 1 here.

-I like to "unwrap" my cinnamon rolls, KitKat bars, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates by eating them one sweet layer at a time.
-when I was in junior high I used to re-write my scribblers because I had an anal-retentive need to have them all as neat as possible. I would even underline headings in red pen, with a ruler. Thank goodness I've unclenched since then.
-I can't wear socks to bed.
-I hate it when my socks get wet.
-I hate it when my socks twist on my foot.
-I cannot sleep unless I'm covered up. I have to at least have a sheet covering me in bed at night in the summer, regardless of how warm it is.
-I hate, hate, hate, hate wearing high heels.
-If I don't start the day without at least one cup of coffee my day is a complete write-off.
-If my day starts off bad, it ends bad. Some people say I lead it that way with a self-fulfilled phrophecy type thing. I just think it's karma.
-I sometimes look at others wearing the new 'trendy' looks, and wish I could pull off the same look.
-I can't do a 'raspberry' with my tongue.
-I like my oatmeal a little paste-y. It grosses people out.
-I migrate to the same bathroom stall at work on potty breaks.
-I dislike apple sauce, curry, turnip, & sweet potatoes.
-I'm fruit-finicky - I will only eat crunchy, firm grapes. If they're any bit soft, they're turfed. I won't eat a banana or apple with bruises, either.
-I love storms, thunder or otherwise (as long as I'm not driving). Chris & I have gone so far as chasing thunderstorms, and there's nothing better than being nestled under a blanket with a good book or a good movie when it's snowing and blustery outside.
-I can't stand hearing someone moving & pressing their fingers along a fresh fold in a piece of paper. It's akin to someone putting their nails down a chalkboard to me.
-I adore receiving snail mail letters and cards, though it happens so very rarely.
-I can be completely satisfied taking one day a weekend and doing absolutely nothing other than lazing in my pjs with a blanket, laptop, good movie or a good book. Heck, I could easily do that for both days of my weekend.
-I grew up being overly it takes a long time to earn my trust.
-I can't swim.
-I can't parallel park.
-3 jobs from my past that I really enjoyed were lost not by my choice...all 3 businesses closed. I used to think I was a bad luck charm.
-I check my email a ridiculous amount of times in the run of a day.
-sometimes I have a harder time coming up with a title to my posts than the post itself.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Top 5

Sorry late posting, peeps...was too late when I returned home from Mummy's to post last night. I took notes though, so fear not ;).

A night of classics...the standards from the Rat Pack to grade....Upon hearing the 'theme' of the night Mom was a little skeptical: "I don't know what they'll do with that....". And here we go:
  • Kris Allen, "The Way You Look Tonight" ~ Soft & sweet with an edgy flair to modernize an old classic if you ask me. Well done. He likely won't win it, but I'd like to see him in the Top 3. Mom wasn't as enthused: "He doesn't sound like the Rat Pack, Amber". Methinks Mummy prefers the songs as they were sung 'back in the day'. She still attests to Kris' good looks however, "But he is cute, isn't he? It was ok; it wasn't wonderful".
  • Allison Iraheta, "Someone to Watch Over Me" ~ Finally she slows it down to showcase her voice, and Jaysas that girl has pipes! Well done - A huge contender. Mom: "Alright. It didn't knock me over. I don't like any of them much if you want the God's truth".
  • Matt Girard, "My Funny Valentine" ~ I didn't love it; I didn't hate it. Mediocre at best...and I think ol Matty has reached the end of the line. Mummy was a bit more harsh: "Another torturous performance. I didn't like him. I was in agony".
  • Danny Gokey, "Come Rain or Come Shine" ~ A good, solid performance. He killed it, really. Mom was equally impressed: "He sang it like they're supposed to. I don't think that he was really too bad!" (she doesn't give away the farm).
  • Adam Lambert, "Feeling Good" ~ First of all, that entrance was unnecessary, and the shiny white (leather??!) was all shades of wrong. The song itself? If you ask me, just another showcase of crushed nuts. I don't like him. I've been over him for WEEKS. Broadway my friend, Broadway...not my radio or Ipod. Mom: "I hate this piece of music!". On the performance, she was a bit more forgiving: "I guess he's ok if you like him".

Bottom: Matt - history repeats itself; Allison - based purely on Simon's commentary; Adam - just because I want him there.

Going home: Matt

Sunday, 26 April 2009

My Happy Place turns 2!!

Believe it or not, I actually have stuck with this endeavor for 2 YEARS now! Today marks the 2nd Blogiversary for "My Happy Place". Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my goings-on, and to commiserate and celebrate with me on a routine basis!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Heeeeeeeeeeey it's a beautiful day!

A fun tune to celebrate the beauty that is today. It's 19 degrees Celcius out there now, and super sunny. The actual title of this song is "Beautiful Sunday". Originally the forecast had predicted a carbon copy for tomorrow as well, but that's all gone to crap - with the predicted high now of only 12 degrees and rain. Booooo!!! I hope you're all out there taking advantage of the day today...soak 'er up!


Ya know...probably the biggest irritant in the entire world is a shrill whiney voice.

I want to impale my eye with a pen when I hear it.

A close second is being stuck inside working on the first warm day with expected highs reaching 20 degrees Celcius or better.

I think I'd work more warm days though if it meant the shrill whine wasn't in my midst.

As you were.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Oh the vanity of it all!

I guess it's not a good thing when the lady waiting on me at a local hair shop asks me if I use a good, deep conditioner when I was simply purchasing new shampoo?

Ok, it wasn't as ghastly as I make that out. It's not as though she took one look at me and said, "Honey, you need help!" (She may have thought it though). I was going in to replenish my low shampoo and found a few combo sets on special. One set had 1 litre shampoo and 1 liter conditioner while the other option had 1 litre shampoo but only a small sized conditioner. I asked for color-treated and she looked rather forlorn when she told me she only had the set with the smaller conditioner in a color-treated mix. I told her not to worry - that I always have leftover conditioner - always use more shampoo. Then she looked at me, very concerned, asking how I styled my hair. When she found out it was with a flat iron she looked even more forlorn and asked if I routinely use anything to repair it.

With my 'new' style I've been using a flat iron daily, and in a nutshell, I'm pretty much frying my hair. I didn't need someone working in a salon to tell me that. I'm starting to look a little haggard, truth be told, and I had been meaning to pick up a tube of Alberto V05 for a while now. Anyway, $50-some later (oy vey!) I left the salon with a litre of shampoo, conditioner on the side, and a tube of heavy-duty hair repair formula with firm instructions to use it once a week. My next appointment for a cut and color isn't til May let's hope this magic potion lives up to what it's supposed to do, and keeps me looking presentable until then. I'm not holding my breath on the presentable - on account of the fact that my gosh darn roots are beyond obvious, not to mention the gray hairs accompanying them. I've tried this Tween Time stick thing that boasts being an easy way to cover the grays inbetween colors. I'm very 'fortunate' to be turning gray right on my part line so my hairdresser actually recommended this product to me to work as an interim solution (Read: to ensure I don't stray to a new hairdresser who's easier to get an appointment with. Read: to ensure I don't start to box-job it instead of spending $100 on my hair every other month). I suppose, in a pinch, it's an ok product, and I've not used anything else on the market to compare it with, but I truly don't love it. I don't think I've mastered the art of covering up said grays to make it effective, and, I truly despise the gunky feel it leaves behind.

Needless to say I'm anxiously awaiting for May 13th to get here, and I can't guarantee I won't try out a box job until then. Here's hoping for a more silky, less straw-like texture at least.

Gray hair is a blessing - ask any bald man. ~ Author unknown

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Taxes Schmaxes

To all who didn't already know this: Tax time SUCKS!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Still at 7

I'm nestled in with a big fuzzy blanket, homemade slippers (Cathy - you NEED to make me a pair of these!), and a peppermint tea at Mom's as we await tonight's AI. It's pouring rain outside... We just got back from supper out, and think we're going to make this Tuesday night girl night a ritual of sorts, and if that is the case, for as long as American Idol is on, you can also enjoy her comments on what we've witnessed.

And onward to Disco night...
  • Lil Rounds "I'm Every Woman" ~ Typical screechy mess. I'm glad she went first to get it over with, frankly. Mom's take: "Eughh...Agony. Go home."
  • Kris Allen "She Works Hard for the Money" ~ interesting song choice...Very original! I enjoyed it. Mom: "This is agonizing too...Do you like that??!" Me: "Yes". Mom: "Good for you!....He is cute though."
  • Danny Gokey "September" ~ Done in the key of Gokey....I'm discovering that he sings sounds the exact same - does this make it "original" though? Meh. Mom: "I don't think I like the disco music, Amber. Do they have any good stuff?"
  • Allison Iraheta "Hot Stuff" ~ Kinda the same as Danny...she's sounding the same each week. There's no question that she can sing, though. I would really like her to hear her slow it down and show a vulnerable side. Mom: "She's good. It's just terrible music, that's all." ... "I bet Lil doesn't like these comments! *giggle* {in reference to the judges' kudos to Allison}
  • Adam Lambert "If I Can't Have You" ~ I thought I wanted to see a softer side of Adam...I appreciate the effort, and for the most part, didn't mind it. AI is not the place for him...he totally belongs on Broadway if you ask me. Mom: "Pretty good, I guess".
  • Matt Girard "Stayin' Alive" ~ Let's hope the song is a metaphor for his time in the competition. He modernized an old classic and aside from the final note, I enjoyed it. Mom: "As good as it could be, I guess." .... To Paula: "You should go down the gutter, with your ball." (I am my mummy's daughter).
  • Anoop Desai "Dim all the Lights" ~ Pretty in pink? Erm...NO. I hated it. Hated it. Mom concurred: "Just terrible, effing terrible. Agonizing".
Bottom three: Lil, Anoop & Matt
Going home: LIL and Anoop if we're lucky

Final thoughts from Mummy: "That was a terrible hour, Amber".

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tiny Trivia

So an avid reader sends me a message - "Update your blog, would ya?". Firstly, might I just say how much it deeply warms me that I do have a few 'regulars' that visit this site daily and look forward to, even wanting, new posts. It truly warms the cockles of my heart (really though). For all you trivia enthusiasts, I have a trivia question (and answer) to share. Without further ado...

Q: What is the 'dot' on the lower case "i" called?
A: A "tittle"

OF COURSE! So, when reviewing your work for content and accuracy, folks (it is tax season, after all), be sure to to cross them T's and tittle them I's*!

*grammatical error done for effect of course

Friday, 17 April 2009

Courtesy, Common or No?

A "thank you" is such a simple gesture ... so how come so many people don't bother saying it? Perhaps it's because I've worked in a customer service related field all my life, but it really grinds my gears when people don't even have the common courtesy to say 'thank you' after you've done something for them. A simple wave or nod would even suffice if I've gone out of my way to slow down and let you out in traffic when I could easily have just kept moving. If I've stopped in my tracks to hold the door open for you behind me why not acknowledge that I've done this for you? I understand that you may have had a bad day...there may be issues weighing on your mind that I can't even fathom... It just seems that common courtesy is lost in this day and age, and that's very, very sad.

However, today my faith in humanity was restored just a tad.

During our work day we're always entitled to a morning and afternoon 15 minute break. Due to the nature of the business we have to strictly stick to this 15 minute interval. I usually run downstairs, have a quick pee, and then grab my break snack (and if you've been following my other blog I've been cutting out the 'crap' since January, so by the time my break rolls around I *need* my food). Today was like any other day. I peed and went to get my snack out of the fridge. Upon opening the fridge I was met with a wave of sticky pop splashing down all over the floor underneath me, over my jeans, and all over the inside of the fridge. Some jacka$$ had left a nearly full, opened can of Pepsi on the door. Of course the motion of me opening it was enough to have the can tip and spew all over the place.

You know where this is I have to clean up this mess thanks to the jacka$$ who left it there, and I'm going to eat up my entire break time doing so (not to mention run the risk of not getting my break snack food in time which ultimately would result in an already cranky Amber being a more cranky Amber).

*queue the heavenly light and organ music*

Jane (who works in a different department and not on as rigid of a time schedule) comes over and says, "Amber I'm not so much tied to a schedule as you so you go ahead and enjoy your break and I'll clean this up for you". How freaking courteous was that!? Thank you so much Jane, you've got such a kind heart! You're generosity will come back to you threefold!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Simon, you're my Idol

I was perusing the CNN website today and there was a header exclaiming, "which judge might leave American Idol?". I hadn't heard this prior, so it was a surprise to me that anyone was thinking of ousting their role. For a brief moment I thought perhaps it was Kara - perhaps she felt she didn't have it in her to continue as she's constantly fighting for the spotlight when commentating. Then, for a moment I prayed to the baby Jesus that it would be Paula - that finally the drug addiction had gotten the best of her and she had to go into a cloistered rehab program or something.

But no. It's not Kara. It's not Paula. It''s...Simon!

I'm deeply, deeply distraught at the idea of this. He has one year left of his contract, and then.....

Cowell, 49, has been with the show since its first season in 2002. Though he has a great attachment to the show, "at some point, a decision will have to be made," he said.

Full story:

There's a strong chance that my weekly AI posts will be lost with the loss of Simon... No Simon means more Paula, and more Paula makes Amber cry inside.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Will you, uh....just kidding!

So last night Chris says to me, "Do you wanna f*ck with people?"

Confused, I gave him my best bewildered, "Huh??"

Him: "Change your Facebook status to 'engaged'."

Me: "I will do no such thing!"

Him: "Why not?"

Me: Stammering..."Cause it''d be like I'd be jinxing it for myself to never ever truly happen, that's why!"

Him: *grins*

Why do men toy with us, so? Regardless I still had an overwhelming urge to kiss him.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Movie hits, eh. Ok. Sorry to say that Mummy's commentary will be missing this week since I'm on the late shift and just got home from work. Might I just add that I'm totally bummed that we don't hear Simon's commentary for every performer?

Allison Iraheta - "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" ~ I wondered who'd do this number when I heard they were singing movie songs. Yes, she can sing. No question...however, I'm getting slightly bored...I want to see her challenge herself...go outside of her realm, perhaps? Maybe soften it up a bit? Maybe I'm just really cranky right now and I'm going to be overly critical no matter what I hear tonight? Read on and find out!
Anoop Desai - "Everything I Do..." ~ he actually gave me goosebumps...though I'm not 100% convinced it was just the voice since it was pretty cold in the room. Seriously though...a nice job, a nice lyric...he's redeemed himself for another week.
Adam Lambert - "Born to Be Wild" ~ an "electronic" version...this should be...interesting. Let's just say witnessing this did NOTHING to aid in my cranky mood. Here he goes again with the nut grabs....right then left, respectively. I may be the only one to say this, but I.didn' Soften it up a little already, Adam.
Matt Girard - "To Love a Woman" ~ I adore this song...ah, more goosebumps. And this time I'm covered in a blanket, so I'm going to say that it was the voice. Uh oh...the goosebumps have left when he started hitting those high notes. I luck, Matty.
Matt Gokey - "Endless Love" ~ A harp???! A little sketchy in spots...but in all, a nice version of the song.
Kris Allen - "Fallin' Slowly" ~ I think he did a lovely job of that!
Lil Rounds - "The Rose" ~ I hated it. She's too full of herself, and I feel it just might (finally) lead to her demise.

Bottom 3: Lil, Adam, and sad to say, Matt. Going home: LIL

Monday, 13 April 2009

Back in the saddle...

Holy heck it's been days. Shame on me. Where've I been? Well a busy 3 days has passed, and time spent with family and friends. And food. Let me try to recap...

Friday turned out to be a glorious sunny day...however, by the time Chris and I got loaded up into the car to enjoy it, cameras in hand, it had clouded over...sooo, we stopped for a coffee and a bagel (the food intake begins), then drove around for the afternoon, seeking out 'for sale' signs on homes that looked to be in our budget. Friday night we joined Krissy & Marco for supper to celebrate Marco's birthday. We originally landed at the Gahan...who wouldn't take a reservation for Krissy when she'd called. Fed up after two attempts to get in there for nachos, we ended up giving our business to Mike's. More food...and beer ensued and our night was wrapped up with a rather competitive paper airplane competition on Queen St.

Saturday the better part of the morning & early afternoon hours were consumed by avid Dexter-watching, which left little time left to do much more that day other than a few errands and then onward to the Masons' for Jared's birthday party. We had a great time, and pretty near closed the place down! Happy Birthday Jared!

Sunday Chris & both went into a full-on cleaning frenzy rather than accept the pull of our Dexter addiction. By noon, the house was spic and span, and a load of laundry was in the dryer (that virtually NEVER happens in that span of time or hour of the day, so I truly feel it worth mentioning, and better yet, celebrating!). Tanya came 'round and I helped her with a gift for a bridal shower (and yes, truth be told the entire reason for the cleaning frenzy was the fact that Tanya was going to be coming over). Thereafter the choice was between watching more Dexter or going out to a few Open Houses...Dexter won out, mostly on account of the crappy weather. A delicious turkey supper with all the trimmings at the W homestead completed a lazy Sunday for us.

I'm working the late shift this week, so that should prove boring for the week of posts...but at least you've been forewarned.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Just to let you know, I still get monkey days.

And today is one.


Thank goodness the long weekend is forth-coming.

What's on your lip??!

My Dad started his career with the Canadian Navy. Growing up, a lot of the time he was away at sea for extended periods. Understandably, it was a warm welcome home when he had the opportunity to return home for a few days. Following one such tour of duty, he arrived home sporting the thickest, blackest, most disgusting-looking mustache I've ever seen. (This goes back YEARS...I'm thinking at least 30...and I still remember it, so it must have been scarring.) It looked fake. It looked precisely like the one pictured. We didn't exactly give him the expected welcome this time...I ran away crying when he attempted to give me his usual hug. Mom refused to kiss him until he shaved the foreign object clear away. Poor fella was pretty darn proud of that accessory, too, but he did oblige.

What started this post? A story from

RICHMOND, B.C. - Mounties in Richmond, B.C., are thrilled their moustaches have raised money for a children's charity but some will be equally glad to get rid of the hair above their lips when the contest is over.

Corp. Jennifer Pound says about 45 RCMP officers started growing moustaches during Moustache March in support of the Children's Hospital Foundation and have so far raised about $850.

Each participant has donated $10 to be part of the moustache-growing crew while staff members voting for the three distinguished categories are also being asked to pitch in $10.

Besides the Best Moustache award, there's the Most Disturbing Moustache award that would serve as a warning to never grow a moustache again and the Most Pathetic Moustache category applicable for the peach fuzz award.

Pound, who is no doubt qualified only as a voter for the contest, says that although participants are proud to support the cause, they'll be relieved to put the razor to work.

If such a contest was to have been put on by the Navy, I guarantee Dad would have won the "Most Disturbing" mustache award that would have certainly served as a warning to NEVER grow another one.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

8 on Idol

Who's the bald guy in the audience they keep panning over? Is it just me, or is he kinda creepy?

And now we're down to 8*, and the songs of their birth year...

*I watched tonight's show at Mummy's, so I will also include her thoughts for tonight's performance for your reading pleasure:

  • Danny Gokey -"Stand by Me" ~ With all the music choices of the 80's one would think he could've chosen a much better song for his voice. All along a fan of Danny's, I now sit and shake my head a little. He tried to exude an R&B flair, and I just didn't get it. Quote from Mummy: "The arrangement was piss-poor".
  • Kris Allen - "All She Wants to Do is Dance" ~ um...interesting arrangement...not his best, but I still think he's got what it takes to hold out for a bit longer. Mom wasn't as impressed: "That was totally, totally horrible".
  • Lil Rounds - I forget now what the song was, but it was a Tina Turner number, and Lil came waltzing out in her tight mini skirt and tall heels in her wanna-be-Tina performance. This isn't a mimic your idol competition is it? Well even if it was, she'd fail anyway. I think there's a fine line between conceit and confidence - and she's crossed it. Man she hate's criticism, doesn't she? Simon's quote sums up the performance for me when he said, "Ghastly copycat". Mom got her two-cents in as well: "Right Simon - time for her to go home".
  • Anoop Desai - "True Colors" ~ Is he shooting a Gap commercial after the show? Mom: "He actually sounds better than the rest". Personally, I give it a big yawn. Boooorrrrring.
  • Scott MacIntyre - "The Search is Over" ~ Ok...WHY in God's name would he choose to forgo the piano for this song and substitute the electric guitar instead?? He had a few moments where I didn't mind it, but that might have been because I actually do enjoy the song itself....and those high notes?? Jumpin' Jebus! Yeesh! Mom seems to be a fan though: "Well, I thought that was very nice".
  • Allison Iraheta - "I Can't Make You Love Me" ~ Bravo!! She's awesome. My only criticism is it would have been nice to see her show a bit more vulnerability in a song with that much emotion. Mom concurs on her awesomeness: "She was the best of the night!"
  • Matt Giraud - "Part-time Lover" ~ I'm glad he did well - I want to see him stay a bit longer. Mom had mixed emotions: "I didn't like it much". She then heard Randy's commentary, and then claimed, "I guess it was good then. I just didn't like the song".
  • Adam Lambert - "Mad World" ~ His lips glowing in the black light was rather creepy and very distracting. I do prefer his softer side to his theatrical side, I have to admit. Well done...still not sure if AI is the place for him though.... Mom, "Don't like him". She's a tough judge to impress! ;)
Bottom 3: Lil, Scott & Anoop. Going home: Scott.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A toast to Corey

It's been 5 years since you've left us. Not one day passes that I don't think of you. I know you're smiling down on all of us. I miss you terribly. This one's for you, buddy...xoxoxo:

Nibblin on sponge cake
Watchin the sun bake
All of those tourists covered with oil
Strummin my six-string
On my front porch swing
Smell those shrimp they're beginnin to boil

Wastin away again in margaritaville
Searching for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame
But I know its nobody's fault

I don't know the reason
I stayed here all season
Nothin to show but this brand new tattoo
But its a real beauty
A mexican cutie
How it got here I haven't a clue

Wastin away again in margaritaville
Searchin for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame
Now I think
Hell, it could be my fault

I blew out my flip-flop
Stepped on a pop-top
Cut my heel had to cruise on back home
But there's booze in the blender
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on

Wastin away again in margaritaville
Searching for my lost shaker of salt
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame
But I know its my own damn fault
Yes and some people claim that there's a woman to blame
And I know its my own damn fault

Uh...there's poop in the shower... was a wild night at Willy's!

Today started off like a normal Saturday. I slept in a tad, and then Chris & I made our way into town. Chris treated us to breakfast bagels & coffee at Timothy's (oh bacon, how I've missed you!), and from there we headed to the Prestige Village by Hambly's to view their neighborhood of modular homes, and then onward to a few Open Houses in Pleasant Grove. We saw one that I would live in (Chris wasn't overly enthused), and we saw one that made me very nostalgic for my Nanie's house, but we'd never, ever live there. The modular homes were frickin' gorgeous...and might I add, mini-homes have come a looooong way. We got friggin gypped!

I gotta say, today truly felt like spring. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but we were given a happy surprise when the sun came through the clouds, and shone for the most of the day. I had to take my hoodie off at Prestige because I was too hot! We officially turned off the furnace for the season (*fingers crossed* ...wasn't it last year that we had a fairly substantial Easter storm?).

After home browsing, we took a drive thru Brackley, Cavendish and Rustico, and then a quick change before I was out the door to meet the work girlies at the Gahan for supper. It was long over-due and so totally enjoyable! After supper we headed over to Willy's. Dina is house-sitting there. We'd barely sat. Melissa decided to take a walk-about (the house was a little amazing!), and came back upstairs, happening to mention the floor in the downstairs bathroom was really wet...

Remember it was a fine, warm, spring day.

Remember just a little less than a week ago we had a substantial snow fall. Officially 28 centimeters fell - on top of a fairly substantial amount of snow that had accumulated over a substantially snowy winter season.

Add those two factors together, and you get a fairly quick melt...and when a lot of snow melts quickly, there is the possibility that eventually, the melting snow runs out of places

We all went down to the bathroom to take a look.......the bath mats were sopping wet...thanks to at least an inch of water that had accumulated on the floor. The toilet water level was very high, and it appeared very muddy. The shower drain was bubbling as well, and there was at least 2 inches of water on the shower floor. When the upstairs toilet was flushed the water level just kept rising. What a mess!! And poor Dina...not even her house...and entrusted to be there to ensure it all stayed safe when the homeowners were away. We did our best to sop up the floor with available towels and two mops that we'd found. I decided to call Chris (ever the girl that knows not what to do in a household emergency situation, I go to the 'boy'). He arrived shortly thereafter with shop vac in hand, and proceeded to suction out the water and helped to plug in the sump pump (which, for some reason, hadn't been plugged in??). The muddy water, of course, was not just mud..., confirmed by the discovery of wadded up toilet paper clogging up the shower drain.

So Dina called a plumber, and she called the City (the manholes down the street from the house were overflowing. Apparently, the City had already received 20-some other calls of a similar nature, and there was nothing they could suggest to do but wait it out and hope that it dried up? (WTF??). With a forecast of at least another 4 days of rain.....not looking too good for the City if you ask me!

Moral of the story: It's never a bad thing to be nosy in a beautiful home, and never presume water that has collected on a bathroom floor is simply rain water with a bit of mud in it.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sending bear hugs to heaven...

I can't believe it's been 7 years... Not one day goes by that I don't think of you. Not one day goes by that I don't miss you. Not one day goes by that I don't need you. Thank you for being my Guardian Angel, Dad. I'll love you forever...xoxoxox....

Friday, 3 April 2009

Eye'M Resting

So I'm housebound with pink eye. My left eye was really red on Tuesday so that night after work I got some Polysporin drops, but it just seemed to get worse. So, I called in sick on Wednesday and spent the day dropping drops, and in and out of a sleep-induced state (it felt better to keep the eyelid closed, and you all know how much I love a good nap). Thursday morning, it didn't seem to be much better, so I called in again and told my manager that I'd be going to a clinic. Luckily, I was able to get into my own doctor at a moment's notice instead, so I was able to elude a bazillion germs by not going to an infested waiting area and being stuck there for 4 hours. Dr. Matheson confirmed my suspicions that it was contagious conjunctivis (makes it sound so disgusting, doesn't it?), and suggested I take today off work as well and gave me a stronger antibiotic drug for treatment. So, I inadvertently got a long weekend, and despite a bit of discomfort and pain in my eye, I've enjoyed a few days of R&R on the couch, TV, and my laptop, so it's not all bad. From what I read, the pink eye is no longer 'contagious' once the symptoms disappear, and I think I'm a few drops away from that, so I might be able to go out into the fresh air on the weekend (*fingers crossed*).

In light of last night's finale*, I've been watching old episodes of ER today. I found a few on tvshack, and reliving some key moments in the history of the show (like "Twenty-One Guns" from Season 12....possibly one of the most exciting shows!). *Sigh* I shall sorely miss this show. One can only hope that showing Carter's new clinic might open up the possibility of a spin-off,...though from what I've read, the producers deny such a possibility. Is there a petition I can sign to get us closer to such a reality? Surely with enough fan-based prodding, perhaps someone in the higher-up position at NBC might reconsider?

I watch too much tv**.

*Oh, and by the way, gotta say I'm PISSED about missing the ER Retrospective hour that apparently only NBC was carrying... Chris found out about it by the countless Twitter posts about the end of life at County General, and by that point, it was way too late (aside from the minute and a half intervals I went to the NBC station during the commercial breaks, and copious tears, as one of those commercial breaks happened to be a recall of Mark's speech to Rachel before he dies). And PARDON ME for living in CANADA...the website says 'watch it here', so I try, only to be told it's not available in my 'location'. Grr... So, Chris is going to try to find it on a torrent...

**I really, really do.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Farewell my dear friends, farewell...

{Allow me to indulge my inner TV's been a rough night and a hard good-bye.}
For the last 15 years, this show has been part of my Thursday night routine. I watched Dr. Carter grow from a bumbling intern to a chief resident. I drooled at every word uttered by Dr. Ross, and later, Dr. Gates. I got caught up in the romance of Luka & Abby, and Neela & Ray. I loved to hate Dr. Romano, and Kerry Weaver. I ached with sorrow watching Dr. Greene fall ill, and later pass away. I laughed at the comedic antics of Jerry & Archie. I will truly miss it all.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dear America...

...thank you.

It's a little overdue, but nevertheless, finally done. The bird calls? They just proved your decision was correct.