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Friday, 29 June 2007


All I can say is thank God it's Friday; thank God it's pay day, and thank God it's a 3 day weekend ahead.

Now, I just have to get through the work day to actually get to my Friday.

I would benefit from a monkey day again today. Why are they appearing so regularly, anyway? Is there a full moon coming? I've got a headache - and I'm cranky today. I should have stayed in bed. Yeah, I wish I were a monkey today.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Let the pictures speak for the words!!

YAY!! Noob-blogger me has FINALLY figured out how to post pics on this thing. And, *blush* I'm shamed to admit how easy it actually was. So, from now on, you'll hopefully see some images attached to the drivel!! I might actually incorporate a few photos into the already posted read back if you're bored. Teehee. I'm so easily amused ;)

Holy Tunderin Jebus!

Wow what a storm we had overnight last night. Did any of my reading public sleep through the night last night? It went on for nearly 2 hrs! I tried to keep one eye shut and not 'let myself' wake up fully....but it didn't really work. Chris, of course, jumped from bed and went to the living room to open the curtains wide and stare at the light show til it ended. Surprisingly, the cats weren't bothered. *phew*. Bosco, apparently sat on the back of the couch in front of the living room window the whole time, and barely raised an eyebrow. Zoe always the more timid one, stayed on the bed with me for the most part - that is, until the loudest crack scared the bejesus out of me, so when I jumped, so did she. Anyway...suffice it to say that tonight will be an early night to bed...and I'm sipping on coffee numero 3 to try to stay alert.

Went out for a bit with Mummy last night. She had a few items to pick up for Christmas (I know, I's disgusting how prepared she is every year...but this is how she does it). From there, she treated me to supper at BP where we both dined on the delish feta/shrimp penne dish. Mmmm. I came home to ready myself to find out who got booted from Canadian Idol...only to drift off to dreamland after seeing the bottom four standing there, knees knocking. Oh well. I think the Canadian voting public is on par - and all of the 4 standing were those I'd put there too. I'd also be good to see a few more down there too...namely They all love her...she's just not my style, I guess.

Note to self: never EVER ever again go to Harvey's for lunch. :S

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

keeping you posted

It's been a few days since posting...felt I owed my public some more, if'n they're to continue going to by blog on a regular basis.

Last week was pretty uneventful, on account of working evenings all week. Friday night upon returning from work Chris greeted me at the door with prospects of going out for a milkshake. I'm always up for a chocolate milkshake! We drove around town a bit and got our milkshake (thank you BK for bringing back these little gems!). Chris got a meal with his milkshake as he didn't eat supper. Upon my placing my hand inside the bag to find a freedom fry, I was met with 'the look' (guess he was hungry). Feeling he could not share his bounty, he then went thru the drive-thru at McDs for my own helping of fries (I like McD's fries better than BK's anyway). Thanks Wally! We returned home to enjoy the eats whilst watching the King of Queens. Exciting, I know.

Saturday, we took my car in to Canadian Tire for inspection/oil change and while the car was being TLC'd we took in the Farmers Market for lunch. While at the Market, we met a gent who works at the Res building at the university and he entertained us with his stories of 'first experiences' with traditional Canadian/American cuisine. Thanks Alex!! Glad you got over your first 'donut' experience!! :) Saturday afternoon we had a coffee (I actually had my first latte..YUM!) at Cafe Diem on their outdoor patio and listened to the soundcheck for the "Francofolie". For supper,we BBQ'd at home, and then went to Nightcap Sat evening for well, a 'nightcap', and enjoyed the entertainment of our friend Thomas Mears on guitar. Great job Tom!!!!!!! We enjoyed it immensely - and the homemade beer guitar, just *has* to be witnessed!

Sunday was a supreme lazy day...and I feel 10% guilty but 90% guilt-free. I did manage to clean the bathroom from top to bottom and get most of the laundry done...the rest of the can wait.

And there you go....and now amidst another week...where did 2007 go?? To be more annoying than factual - did anyone realize that we have now less than (1 day less than) 5 months til Christmas??

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Martha Stewart I am NOT

One of our co-workers left us for another job. As a 'send off' we decided on a group pot luck on Wednesday and were all asked to bring in something. Because I was working the late shift for the week (with the exception of Tuesday - day shift but then a scrapbooking/stamp class that night), I opted to go the easy route, and signed myself up for a dessert...thinking of doing up a batch of cookies. Knowing I had very little choice in the cupboards/fridge, I decided on a simple batch of peanut butter cookies. Chris had recently purchased a 2kg jar of PB and I knew there were a few eggs & sugar on hand. I've made PB cookies before, and they always turned out yummy, so I wasn't worried.

Wednesday morning, I finally tore myself out of the comfort of my bed at about 8:45 am to start the process. I opted for a double-batch as well...gathered the ingredients together, and was on my way. I decided on using my Pampered Chef cookie sheet since it is really big, and my two other regular sheets (Bakers Secret??) are getting pretty dingy. I know the secret to PB cookies is to not overcook them, so was very diligent in timing them - even setting the timer on the microwave for 10 mins, exactly.

The first sheet was the Pampered Chef one...after 10 mins they were still just dough. I guess the stoneware does take longer to get hot so it made sense that it would be a little longer (in retrospect I really really wish I had saved that sheet for the last in, but it was the first one I had rolled out). I guess they were in about 15 mins or so. They didn't look 'right' though... along I went... The next sheet were toooooo brown on the bottom, and it was well before the 10 min mark...leaving the top doughy looking. For the third tray (might I mention the smaller one with the least amount of cookies) I opted to put the tray on the higher oven rack and I pretty much watched them the whole time (reminiscent of the pizza commercial where the watchers' faces burn) -it didn't seem to help..they were a little less brown than the 2nd batch, but still looked wierd. So I tasted from the 2nd batch and a bit of one from the first. They were tough...chewy and tough and well....NOT good. Unimpressed, I left the 3rd batch on the tray, vowing to throw them all out, and went to shower, in digust. I should also mention as well that somewhere in the midst of 'baking' I also managed to burn my finger really well too. At least there is proof of my feeble attempt, if nothing else.

I did end up throwing all of the cookies away...but I did learn something - how important it is to lift them from the tray before they cool down. I had a horrible time removing the 3rd batch to ready them for the compost bin. Then of course I had to clean the kitchen to get rid of the carnage. Running late to get to work, and knowing I needed to stop by at a bakery on the way I opted to go to one close by work...only to find the road closed to get to it...finally having to settle with a stop at the Superstore to grab a few packaged goodies (who doesn't like a two-bite brownie, anyway?). What a gong show!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Belated Fathers Day Tribute

Hi Blogger world,

I missed posting on Fathers Day. I didn't want the occasion to pass by without acknowledging it, however. This is a tribute to our fathers, whether they are here with us in this life, or waiting for us in the next life.

My Dad passed away 5 years ago April 4; he was 65. Too young to die. It was cancer. Within a month of finding out what it was, we lost him. At least he didn't suffer long, and at least we all had the chance to say our good-byes ... but would it have hurt any more to have had him taken from us suddenly? I doubt it. He was my hero. Not one single day passes that I don't think of him. Not one single moment goes by that I'm not missing him. What I wouldn't give to have just a few more moments with him ... to tell him I loved him one last time ... to steal one more bear hug ... give him one more kiss on the forehead. I love you, Dad, and I miss you very, very much. Happy Fathers Day.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Monkey Business Part Deux

You may recall an earlier post I made to which I expressed the interest of being a monkey.

I really, really wish I was a monkey today.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Birthday shenanigans

So I think I can say that I've finished up my birthday celebrations - with my shawarma supper with Lana last night. Every year for both of our birthdays she & I head to Cedars for the chicken shawarma and the Lebanese rice....OMG so so good. Last night the shish taouk was on sale, so she broke tradition; it looked very good, but my shawarma was heavenly. Now it could just be the inner oinker in me, but I truly feel they are skimping a tad on the rice of late...but it was still delicious. Before supper was consumed, I opened my present: a fantastic Making Memories mini-scrapbook kit, a little "cat" ornament, wooden letters spelling 'create' for my craft room, and an adorable homemade card and envelope. The envelope was so creative. Thanks "Grammy" *wink*! I love my present!! Love you bunches! After supper, we walked to Cows for dessert (I know I know...*oink oink*), and then sat outside of the Confed centre, talking and people-watching. From there, we headed to the movie store and rented "The Queen" and came back to my place to watch it. It was very interesting. I was so saddened by Diana's death in certainly added a different perspective. All in all a lovely outing. Thanks again Lana, you are a wonderful date.

Many thanks also to Brandi & Ang for supper out at P&W on the 6th -while none of us planned on the occasion offering birth control and B.O., the change in tables eventually helped us to enjoy a lovely evening. I love my MM paint kit and magnet!! You girlies rock! If I hadn't been so worried about Bosco that night I probably would have been better company *hugs*.

As well, I had a great time on Monday this week, over to the Gahan for nachos & beer with Erin, Tanya, Julie, and Amanda. Thank you thank you thank you to Erin for the lovely Friendship book (and dinner!!), and to Tanya for the awesome cat frame. Can't wait to fill it!

Finally, although it wasn't birthday-themed, more, it's-about-time-to-get-our-sorry-a$$es-together-because-it's-been-too-long -- I also enjoyed a lovely night out with Kim & Amber on Thursday night of this week (P&W's again....starting to notice a trend...maybe that's why my clothes are feeling all the more tighter??). It's always fun to gossip and loiter at our meeting spot. We just have to book ourselves out more regularly!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Back to the Real World

The mini-trip to NB/NS was awesome! We left the Island at about 2:30 on Thursday after Bosco was given a clean bill of health. Our first stop was Moncton. Thursday night we stayed in Dieppe at the Super 8 (great hotel, btw, complete with a jacuzzi in the room!). We dined on Lonestar for supper --as usual, I was sufficiently full and enjoyed every crumb. Chris even liked his meal (never very fussy about my Lonestar), and there were enough chips/salsa consumed to feed a small country, so very very full bellies to say the least. After supper we went to the mall to pick up a few forgotten items (I forgot to pack my jammies!). After that we relaxed our full bellies in the jacuzzi before retiring for the night.

Friday morning we got up early and went for breakfast at Cora's, which conveniently was right beside the hotel. From there, we headed to the Moncton Zoo! I was so excited to see the big kitties! It was a pretty warm day, so for the most part, the animals sought the shelter of the shade so the kitties & the black bear were pretty far away.

Highlights of the zoo:

-the most entertaining animals? The monkeys of course! We witnessed an actual lovers quarrel amongst two, complete with a make up hug.

-and have you ever heard the sound a lemur makes!?? OMG...death-curdling shrieking...crazy, crazy sound.

-Chris and I were a little underwhelmed by the caged CROW. Yes, apparently the crow makes it into the zoo category. Go figure.

From the zoo, we headed for lupper (too late for lunch, too early for supper) at Pizza Hut. When we're off-Island we do our very best to eat at places we don't have on the Island. Pizza Hut closed up at home and that greatly disappointed us, so we thoroughly enjoyed our Canadian pizza and bread sticks. Mmmmm! Again after full bellies, we continued on our way, heading this time to Truro, to visit/stay with the grand-Wilkinsons. We had a spot of tea on the back deck, bird watching (the hummingbird that frequents the feeder) and watching the train go by! We retired early that night...very tired from our long day at the zoo.

Saturday we were treated to a fantastic homemade breakfast care of Nannie W - better than anything Cora had on her menu! --> complete with homemade bread for toast, and homemade strawberry/orange jam, eggs, and crispy bacon! After fueling up we were then on our way to Halifax. We walked around the Public Gardens (gorgeous!), walked around the waterfront area, looked through a local art gallery and then drove around the city before moving on to Bayers-Lake to find the humungous Carsand-Mosher. An avid scrapbooker, I was in my glory and in complete awe at the selection. I think I was there for about an hour (? Chris was settled on the couch anyway, waiting!). A quick stop to Quiznos for a sub for supper, and then we headed to Peggy's Cove.

Peggy's Cove is absolutely beautiful; if you've not yet been...go! We spent quite a bit of time there, taking a number of photos. The winds were very calm and the tide was low so we weren't able to witness the fierceness of the waves. We toured the little gift shop beside the lighthouse before it closed, and read the boards outside that depict info about the lighthouse. Apparently there was a lighthouse keeper with the last name Manuel in the 30s I believe. Relation? Who knows! After the sun went down we then went to the Flight 111 memorial site and reflected on the unfortunate passengers & their families who suffered the Swissair tragedy.

Sunday was departure day; the grand-W's took us out for lunch before our take off, and we ate at the Palliser in Truro. It's a quaint little spot - wooden walls/ceilings, and a wall of windows that overlook the tidal bore area. We weren't there to witness the tidal bore unfortunately. Maybe another time.

All in all a fantastic few days...and *sigh*, now it's back to the real world. I owe, I owe, so it's off to work I go.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

All systems go!

Just got back from the vet, and Bosco got a clean bill of health! Dr. Kelly said he looked happy & healthy, and in perfect condition for his age. We were also able to kill two birds with one stone while there, getting him vaccinated after a good check up, seeing as the upcoming vaccination was due so soon...hence saving an appointment and money. So, we're good to go!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Sick kitty :(

So it's Wednesday night. I should be packing, and getting things prepared for our little road trip that's scheduled for tomorrow...but the trip is pending now. Pending an appointment with the vet for Bosco. Today I cleaned up 3 separate pukes. All along I blamed poor little Zoe... You see, before we got Zoe, we never so much as had a cough out of Bosco. Zoe was a little sickly thing...teeny weeny and she had worms so was puking a lot after we first got her. Since we got that under control, there's the occasional 'present' of the puke variety and we always blame her. That's the trouble with having two never know which one is the culprit of which don't know if both of them are eating the proper amounts or drinking the proper amounts because of the communal water dish/food dish (even though there technically is two of each). But today I witnessed Mr. B and his gag reflex. It was just stomach acid...but I still worry...especially with us going away. I called the vet, and explained what happened, and they too, since we plan to go away, suggested we bring him in tomorrow. He seems ok...not lethargic...I mean he's a big sleeper...and I heard him and Zoe playing around a bit this morning...and he drank a little and ate a little... *crossing fingers*. I suppose a cat could potentially get a little virus like a human?? To add to my worry, however, as I pulled the curtain back in the living room to open the window there was a massive old puke....with food particles...not sure who did it and how long it was sitting there. There's just too much talk of pets getting sick/dying from that food recall that it terrifies me. I always ask at the pet store if the variety I buy is ok, and they always assure me that it is....say a few extra prayers for my little kitties....they're my kids...and it would break my heart if something were to happen to them.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A quick update

Sorry I've been slack -- if you commented I'd know the reading public was missing me :P

Last week went by in a blur...Here's the quick and dirty:

-went to a scrapbooking class (again, just couldn't get enough over the weekend! It was a nice two-page layout courtesy of Ang...hard to pass up).
-Tuesday I had my consult with the neurologist (and might I just add I don't feel overly confident that my pain will be cured after speaking to him. Guess we'll know more on Aug 1 *sigh*), and I had a hair appointment.
-went out with Mummy to a night clinic to get some scripts re-filled (oh the joys of having no family doctor *whine whine*), followed by a delicious Boston Pizza supper.
-out with a co-worker for a drink and some snacks; you know who you are, and I love you dearly...and always there to listen whenever you need it.
-fun times in Ebenezer, complete with a yumm-o nacho dip and fireworks! Thanks guys, it was lovely!
-photo shoot in the tulips!
-BBQ at the Wilkinsons -- complete with Baileys and a rich chocolate pie....mmmm.

I'm now amidst a week vacation from work, and I've been taking full advantage of doing absolutely nothing...and sort of enjoying it... I have tried to get a bit of the house cleaned in between naps with the cats, of course. And I'm now marking another full year behind me as of lieu of the big birthday, Chris & I have planned a bit of a road trip to head to Moncton and perhaps Truro & Halifax. I very much look forward to that!

Friday, 1 June 2007

monkey business

Some days I wish I were a that I could fling poo at those who have gotten in the way of my happiness for the day.