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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

In a nutshell

Happy Tuesday! I owe you an update...

Friday night after work I headed to Angela's for our first night of our new Stampin' Up stamp club. We made a lovely stationary box. Personally I was a bit challenged, which is no surprise to anyone, but in the end it was very nice. Will I replicate it over and over? Likely not ;). The nice thing about it is Lana was in the class too, so instead of giving it to her as a gift, I can keep it for myself, and we both still get to enjoy it. The new catalogue is extremely yummy indeed, so I am happy to allow myself this monthly indulgence. One of these days I will get around to posting some pictures of some of my 'crafty' stuff.

I worked Saturday, and afterwords, happily vegged on the couch for a bit. Chris & I watched a W5 special, "That's My Time", on Irwin Barker - a Canadian comedian living with terminal cancer. He was given a year to live a year ago last June, and so far is still beating it. His story is very inspiring. What an amazing man. It's always nice to get a little bit of perspective to keep you grounded. This story definitely did that for me. Afterwords, Chris took me out to supper; we went out for Chinese (thanks to two people at work talking about it all afternoon I had a rather significant craving - and it was sooo delicious!). We then stopped at Sobeys, picked up a few things to have on hand for Sunday breakfast, and then to Wal-Mart. We picked up a cheap $5 DVD - The Breed. Chris and I are big horror movie buffs, and although the concept was more than cheesy, it really wasn't that bad a movie. It held my attention; I jumped in several spots; and, the extra footage on how they trained the dogs was really interesting.

Sunday was expected to be a pretty nasty day, with Hurricane Kyle predicting to hit the Maritimes (eerily on the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Juan). It turned out that it was lessened to just a tropical storm, and PEI got through it unscathed. Despite the weather not being as nasty as predicted we still had a 'do nothing Sunday', and it was glorious! I literally didn't get out of my pyjamas! We had blueberry pancakes and coffee for breakfast, watched taped Survivor (ending up having to download it from the internet after an hour in since the channel I'd taped it on fubar'd). We also watched another movie, Run Fatboy Run...quite funny. I recommend it. We geeked out after that, had supper, and watched the season premieres of the Amazing Race & Family Guy. Oh how I love Sundays.

Back to the work week again...nothing blog-worthy to report for yesterday. I'm joining the girlies at the Gahan tonight to celebrate Tanya's birthday. Very much looking forward to that. Check back for pics :). Have a great week, peeps.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Death of a Legend

Paul Newman lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He was 83 years old. A bright light has dimmed in Hollywood.

Don't fan that at me!

Tee hee hee. Maybe it comes from growing up with two brothers, but fart humor makes me giggle. Call me unclassy. Call me immature. Call me crass...tell me I have no couth...whatever... Betcha can't read the following without at least a smile; I bet you might even suppress a chuckle!

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A West Virginia man accused of passing gas and fanning it toward a police officer no longer faces a battery charge. The Kanawha County prosecutor's office requested that the charge be dropped against 34-year-old Jose Cruz.
According to a criminal complaint, Cruz passed gas and made a fanning motion toward patrolman T.E. Parsons after being taken to the police station for a breathalyzer test. Cruz denies fanning the gas and says his request to use a restroom when first arriving at the station was denied.
An assistant says Magistrate Jack Pauley signed a motion to dismiss the charge Thursday.
Cruz, who was arrested Tuesday, still faces driving under the influence and other charges.


Dear Shawn...

You are now in a different time zone. When it is 1:15am where you are, we're actually 3 hours ahead at 4:15am.

It would have helped if I didn't have to work this morning.

But I did.

When the phone rings in the middle of the night I bolt up from bed, heart racing, thinking someone's dead. I'm glad you're not dead. Now, learn your time zone, dear one.

Friday, 26 September 2008

R.I.P. Apple Pie

An unfortunate accident on a local street between a car and a pedestrian has resulted in serious injuries to the pedestrian. Now, just to be clear - I am not in any way/shape/form trying to devalue the seriousness of this story, and I do hope that the injured party has a full recovery. However, what I would like to do is point out the ridiculousness of the end sentence of this story. Please humor me and give it a quick read*:

A car careened backwards out of control in downtown Charlottetown Thursday, striking and seriously injuring a pedestrian. The incident happened about 5 p.m. at the corner of Queen and Fitzroy Streets. An older male driver of a navy blue Mercury Grand Marquis LS started to back out of a parking space on the west side of Queen Street near the front of the new Ceridian office complex. Various witnesses and bystanders said that it appeared the car wobbled at increasing speed in an arc so that it began to travel backwards on Fitzroy Street, coming to rest at right angles to the road on a strip of grass beside the Aliant building. In the process the car struck and destroyed a concrete planter at the corner, then struck the pedestrian near the crosswalk. Her injuries were serious but not believed to be life- threatening, said investigating Charlottetown Police officer Dean Field. An apple pie still in its plastic bag remained smashed on the ground on the Fitzroy Street crosswalk following the accident, apparently dropped either by the woman who was struck or someone rushing over to help.

Seriously...can someone pay ME to edit for the local paper? I'm not a journalism major, but are there not guidelines for stories with regards to what is newsworthy vs. what is non-newsworthy?? What bearing at all did the apple pie play in this unfortunate incident?? It's not completely surprising, on the other hand, considering this story made headlines too on this fair Isle... Stellar, I say...just stellar.


*This was copied verbatum from Friday's Guardian post. However, the associated link has now been updated with further details on the story. The description of the pie has been removed, however, it now includes a picture of the infamous pie.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Shopping, supping, & a little boob tube

So I'm just about ready to wrap up my Thursday. I had today off from work since I work Saturday, so had the chance to spend the day with Mom. She's getting a little stressed that Christmas is only 3 months away and she's not finished up her shopping, so that was our priority. I still wasn't feeling 100%, but got through the day just the same. We headed to Precious Memories, Hallmark, and Winners, then had 'brunch' at Smittys before heading back to her place for the rest of the afternoon. All in all it was a successful outing - she finished up several gifts, and a peruse through the Wishbook and subsequent order, she finished up a few more. I'm jealous. I've not yet even thought about Christmas....and it is only 3 months away -- three months from today in fact...Bah! Can we cancel it this year?

From Mummy's, I then headed to the Wilkinson's for a family supper. Shawn is leaving the sandbar to go to Fort McMoney. He leaves tomorrow, so his mom wanted to have us all over for supper together before he departs. We'll miss him, but it seems to be a trend. There just isn't the money or opportunity out here...and the pull of the Western pay cheque has forced many to head abroad. Chris' other brother, Jeff, has been there for years now, is doing ridiculously well for himself, and loves it. Good luck'll be travels...and send lots of money home, would ya :).

We booted home from the homestead just in time to tune in to the new Thursday shows...and for anyone who hasn't seen ER yet, stop reading. For those who have, join me in my complete angst...I'm still not completely over the fact that this season is the final one...but WHY kill off Pratt in the first show? I was distraught...and when Morris pulled out the ring he'd been holding for him, I was a complete and utter wreck. The initial Grey's dream sequence almost had the flood gates open again, ... but thankfully it was just a dream. I just can't stay up til 2am to catch Survivor, so luckily (after quite a bit of frustration), Chris was able to rig up the VCR to tape it. Say what you all will about me and my unhealthy addiction to my is cheap entertainment.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Humping in the Heat

Greetings - it's Hump Day (well not really for me on account of working Saturday - but I'll mention it for everyone else's benefit). I made it to work today...albeit I'm wondering if I may have benefitted from another day in the comforting cocoon of my couch & blanket. I feel SO.tired...and it makes NO sense with the amount of sleep that I did get since Monday afternoon. I still have the headache, but at least the nausea has held off. I must be fighting some kind of bug or something...

It's officially "fall" now, thought the highs expected for tomorrow, Friday and Saturday look glorious...hopefully Sunday will be a nice one too. I would like to get out for a drive to see some of the changing leaves. This point in the season's weather change is a bit bothersome though, too...I find it too warm to dress up in my 'fall attire'...the mornings I freeze getting to work, and by the time I'm leaving, I'm hot. I'm now wearing shoes again, not sandals, which saddens me greatly (although I've been cheating a bit and wearing my slip-on mules without socks so far). The office heat is now on and I think it's entirely too soon for that. When I walked by the thermostat it had "76" on it...that's too warm. So far I've managed to hold off on touching it because we're preached at to never ever touch it...but I can't promise I'll hold off forever. The heat in here is NOT helping my already compromised state, either. Someone just walked by and said it was 'freezing' down this way. WTF??*.

What's your take on office temperature? Do you satisfy the ones who are cold, or do you satisfy the ones who are hot? If you're cold, you can don a sweater. If you're hot, you're asked to dress in layers. Fair far down in my layers must I go, however? I'm quite certain me sitting here in my underthings would be breaking laws on unsurmountable levels...not to mention terrifying my co-workers and potentially scarring them for life. Can't the cold-blooded ones have an extra cable-knit sweater, pashmina, or blankie handy? Jebus Chrisco.

Guess I might be a tad cranky today. I want my couch...and my blanket (because I can assure you the temperature at home is nowhere NEAR 76 degrees :P).

*for the record, I did ask around my general vicinity re: the temperature to ensure it just wasn't post-bug-related-fever issues and actually a HOT office, and have been met with complete agreement from all parties questioned.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Happy Birthday Trudy!

Trudy is my cousin; my mom's brother's daughter. She grew up in the teeny tiny town known as Whitehead, NS, where my mom grew up. I would hang out with her and her big sister Marcia when we would head to NS on family trips to visit my grandparents. It seems like forever ago when we would play 'house' in the shed. I remember repeatedly pointing to the salt&pepper shakers in the playhouse, asking Trudy, "What are these?", just to hear her reply, "It's peppy eh yaaalt". She had long blonde hair my aunt kept in pig tails, and she wore my grandmother's homemade dresses a la "Little House on the Prairie". As cute as cute could be, really.

Well, she's all growed up now...and turns 28 today! She's grown into a beautiful young woman - confident, put-together, and totally sassy. She's witty, sarcastic, and smart. She writes very well and I keep telling her she should blog...c'mon lady...share your talents with the rest of the interweb! You can even post those surveys on a blog....

Happy Birthday Trudy - I shall raise a proverbial glass o' Crown & ginger in tribute to your very special day. Cheers, m'lady.

Sick Day

So I left work yesterday at 2:30. I can only describe how I felt as 'blech'. I had a headache that Ibuprofen wouldn't touch. Every part of me ached...and I felt extremely nauseous. I went home, changed into my pjs, situated myself on the couch, and have been there ever since, calling in sick again this morning. I've slept so much...yet still feel tired. I've laid on my back so long my back is now a new ache. I really wish I'd gone grocery shopping on the weekend tired of eating toast. It's cold enough in here that I'm now wrapped in one of our 'winter' blankets, instead of the thinner fleece one. Both cats have snuggled up at my feet. As cute as it looks, they're forcing me off the couch. Perhaps they're telling me something...get the heck up & brush the stink off? Nah..."What Not to Wear" is on...I'm even more of a slave to my tv when I'm not feeling like 'me'.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Happy Birthday Fred & Belinda!

Happy Birthday Fred! ...And a happy belated to you, too, Belinda! With Belinda's birthday so close to Fred's, I usually just lump them together, but today is Fred's actual birthday. Unlike years previous, I at least did get cards out in the mail this year. And one for each! Yay for the great sister :)

Fred is my big brother - I remember so many nights where we sat up and chatted til the wee hours of the morning. He got me through math class for years, and I was distraught when he left PEI to head back to Ontario to go to University. He was, and still is, my go-to when I need advice of any kind. The years have passed, and he's now back in Ontario again with his own family. He visits regularly, which is great, but I still miss having my big brother around.

Belinda is Fred's second wife, and never before have I seen Fred so happy or more free to just 'be himself' until she came along. She is the peas to his carrots. The jelly to his peanut butter. Each compliments the other.

Here's to an upcoming year of unending happiness to you both. xoxo.

Good-bye Sid

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."--- Kahlil Gibran

A bright light went out this weekend.

Sid Stead passed away after having a heart attack. He was in Halifax for a scheduled surgery - was said to be doing well, and was expected to be back home on Saturday...but had a heart attack Friday, and didn't recover.

I worked with Sid at Southport Pharmacy for years...he was a delight to all who knew him...always a smile, a hug and a joke every time he'd see you. He worked part-time at the Pharmacy not because he had to - because he wanted to. He loved his job; he loved his life. Everyone who knew him, loved him. He was an amazing human being, and hearts all over are breaking now for the loss we're left with. The only comfort in our loss is knowing that he is now reunited with the love of his love, Betty, who he lost at the beginning of this year.

My heart goes out to Sid's family - may they find peace.

Thank you Sid, for all the memories - you will never be forgotten.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Don't diss the Hoff! Just WATCH it!

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I've watched it 4 times. In a row. It's like a just can't stop watching.

I've cried from laughing all 4 times.

And, I'm not ashamed to admit that one time in my past I was very, very much attracted to this tall drink of water.

As you were.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

What's that sound?

This is my shoe of choice today. When Mom & I were out shopping a few months back, we popped into Winners, and she insisted I buy the shoes. I am not a shoe-girl...I loathe the break-in process. Perhaps I have overly sensitive feet (or more likely I have so much weight pressing into my shoes) - but it never fails that whenever I wear 'new shoes', I end the day with sore, sore feet and/or blisters. These shoes were so comfortable as soon as I stepped into them. The only thing I didn't do when I was 'test driving' them was walk around in the when I wore them the next day and heard the sound of air escaping out of the right shoe (yep, just outta one), I was a little disappointed. It sounds a little 'uncool', whilst walking around - especially into/out of a quiet room. ("What's that fffft sound??"..."'s my shoe"). So after that day, they sat in the shoe trunk...Too much time passing for a return on them, I decided to put them on again today. The ffffft sound is still there. Not only are eyes all on me as I walk into the room, a co-worker exclaimed, "Holy golden shoes Batman! ...Uh...Cleopatra called....she wants her shoes back"...or some such thing.

Joking aside, I'm just delighted to be able to still wear sandals in mid-September :) ... plus now I have a potential idea for this year's Halloween costume.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Exercise in a pill??

Well would you look at there hope for me yet???

Exercise in a pill?? Uh...sign me up.


What?! 4 days without posting? For shame. Sorry peeps. Lemme see if I can recount what you've missed...

Friday night Chris & I headed to the Summerside Roots & Folk Festival. Of course the main reason for going was to see Matt Andersen play :) ... and he didn't disappoint. It was just Matt & his guitars, and it was phenomenal, as usual. We also had the pleasure of seeing Catherine MacLellan play, who opened for Matt. She's a very talented song-writer. Prior to the concert, I had done a bit of research on her and had read someone describe her music as 'hauntingly beautiful', and that was adept at describing her performance. She sang a song about her late father that had me a blubbering fool before the first bar was over...but I guess music really is all about emoting isn't it? All in all, a fantastic event, and I can only hope that Summerside makes this Folk fest a recurring yearly event (and I do hope that Matt is part of it, yearly, of course).

Saturday I headed out with Dina, Bobbi & April to April's family cottage. We shared many good laughs, too much good food, and I had some good wine. We sat outside on the deck until it got too cold...enjoying the peace, solitude and tranquility of the outdoors (with the minor exception of a few "September" bugs that had Bobbi & I both a little petrified). After that we snuggled under our blankets while watching the first season of Sex & the City.

Sunday was a complete write-off on account of the wine and the little sleep I got on Saturday night. I even ducked out of a family supper at Chris' mom's (I really wasn't feeling up to it), so vegged/napped on the couch all evening long, watched BB and then officially went to bed for the night.

This week, I'm back to working nights ---so, you guessed it - a lackluster week of posting. I'll do my best to come up with something witty or thought-provoking. Have a good week.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Never Forgotten

And all of her dreams had come true...

I have made a choice to not have children. When it comes to living as an 'adult' that means I will pick up after myself & do my share of the daily/weekly/monthly chores & responsibilities. WHY is it, then, that I'm forced to pick up after another person, too? Why can't he see that he needs to share this responsibility? It's our home. "It doesn't matter to him" if things aren't put away - "It isn't important to him that things aren't put in their place". He can go in and spend HOURS cleaning up his office, and making it look its best, but that seems to be where his priorities stop. When pushed about sharing the responsibilities/chores around the house...the response I get is, "I cut the grass and I shovel the snow".

Oh, ok, my mistake. That IS a fair trade! Please, my dear sweet man, please just drop your stuff as you walk through the door. No problem. I will come behind you and neatly put things where they belong. I feel like such a better person for wiping the pee dribbles from the seat, and I think it's endearing when you leave your neatly folded laundry in piles and wear things as you need them. The empty cereal bowl with milk remnants at the bottom of the bowl, hardening as we speak? No problem, sweetie, I will rinse that for you and put it away in the dishwasher for you. Oh, and your dirty drawers? Sure honey, just leave them in a pile on the floor...I will get them, too. I'd hate to have you strain your back picking them up and putting them in the laundry basket. I've leaned toward the use of the basket now rather than the hamper, because it's just so much easier for me. Oh, and babycakes, I love it when you put your muddy shoes in the entrance way. It gives our love nest such a homey feel!

This may be harsh, but on the upside, this is really the only major complaint I have....otherwise, he is pretty super special...but what a thrill I'd get if, per chance, I actually walked into the house some day and the trail was gone...

Last CI post

So tonight we find out who is the ultimate winner of the joke-Canadian-Idol-2008. I had a fabulous time out with Lana & Lori at BP (not to mention how great it was to see Maria, Penzie, Angela, & Brandi beforehand!) - therefore I was late tuning in. Let's just say I wasn't upset that I missed some of it. I'm left sitting here, browsing my Facebook page, email and some other blogs I follow...biding time til the end is finally here. I threw up in my mouth a little as the top 10 BUTCHERED my Chris Daughtry's "Home"...

...and so I wait....tick tock tick tock....

...FINALLY a positive spin on the show, and a sad night in Port Hood indeed....Theo (as predicted I might add) is the 6th Canadian Idol. Congrats Theo!

P.S...what's up with me pulling up pics of David Cook while doing a Google image search for Theo's face to add to this post?

Monday, 8 September 2008

An end is finally near...

Tonight marks the final two; the showdown between someone who can sing, and someone who canNOT. The boys each sang 3 times.

The first was singer's choice as mentored by John Legend.
Egghead was up first, singing "Paris" by Gordie Sampson. The entire time I kept remarking in my head, over and over and over and over the Lord Thundering JEBUS is he where he is? Theo then sang "Good Mother" by Jann Arden;, interesting song choice -I've said it before, and I'll say it again - why does he always choose "girl" songs, anyway? He sang it very well.

The "Winner's Single" was next. Up first Egghead destroyed, "Where we Begin". He can't sing. He sounds ridiculous. It's painful. When he hits the high notes my ears bleed. Theo sang his, entitled "Sing" - what a difference, like night and day! Good job, Theo - it was very believable - very well done. I could imagine that playing on the radio tomorrow.

And finally the night ended with the judges' choice - as mentored by Hedley. Egghead was given "If" by Bread, and the only thing he proved with that one was how he CANNOT sing high notes. When the camera panned through the audience and showed Drew, I almost shed a tear. WTF was up with Sass saying his pitchiness was part of his charm? Give me a G.D. break...even Farley - if your flaws get you to the bottom two they are your virtues? What kind of a crock of shit is that? Really?! It.was.AWFUL. Theo redeemed the night with "I Wanna Know What Love is" by Foreigner. Jake saying, "I don't think either one of you was better" had me shaking my head in complete head hurts from shaking it so much tonight. This wasn't my most favorite of all songs Theo sang, but he is WORLDS ahead of that other dork.

The winner of this year's Canadian Idol is Theo Tams -hands down...without a doubt. Get it right Canada.

This is what I did on the weekend

Friday night, Chris took me to supper at the ODP so we could be there as other Great Hobbies staff stopped by to say good-bye to Warren. He's heading to the big city of TO, and they had a little send-off for him there. Good luck, fella - I'm sure you'll do fantastic there! Good bye, and travel safely.

After the ODP we then headed to Dromore to the Pepperoni Palace; Kim and Kevin were having some people over for a few drinks. It also just happened to be Kimberley's birthday. Heather & Keith took in a Wii system, as well as a Rockband system, which easily kept us amused until it was very, very late.

First, Chris & Heather try out the Wii boxing game.

Then, the Rockband system took a large priority:

I posed here with the guitar but only tried actually playing it once, and failed, miserably. I took the liberties of being the band singer every other time I had a turn in the game. The game could really help a person's ego, me a 98% score for singing "Wanted Dead or Alive"! In retrospect, and after hearing a snippet of a video that Chris taped of me singing "Creep", I beg to differ, and will continue only singing in the confines of my car or shower :).
Kim, the resident rockSTAR & birthday girl at the helm of the guitar. I think she liked the drums better, though.
Kevin instructs Kim on how to improve the guitar experience - "It's all in the strum". Chris is like a kid in a candy store as he preps for the drums.
Heather sings us a tune....and Sherri & Keith look on, enthralled by the exquisite talent in the room. I didn't get a picture of it, but I truly feel that the highlight of the evening was Heather & my rendition of "Ballroom Blitz".

Sunday, the aftershocks of Hurricane Hanna swept through the maritimes (by the time it came near us it was a tropical storm). According to today's news, the Island received up to 90 millimeters of rain in some places - 25 millimeters per hour when the rain was at its peak torrential downpour. Sunday evening, Chris & I took a drive to see some of the flooding:

Here is a pciture of someone's front yard:
This is an area in Cornwall where the culvert was washed out. I couldn't get down lower to take a better picture - but notice the sidewalk? ....that's all that's left in that section...just the concrete of the sidewalk; you could hear earth falling into the water underneath it. Needless to say, a large section of the road was closed, and a detour was needed this morning.
This is someone else's side/back yard. Apparently, the water in this part of Cornwall was 15 feet deep ??? (according to a passerby).
The picture is dark - but if you look really close you can see the level of the water by looking at the immersed shed.
The intersection between Lwr Malpeque Rd & Old Moore Crt.
And this is an overview of the same intersection from the overpass above it. It gives you a better picture of just how much rain accumulated in that area. Crazy!
So it was a wet & soggy weekend for a lot of people, and there is photographic evidence to prove it! This would be another time where I'm not so depressed that we live in a mini-home, with no basement to worry about. Chris did find some water accumulating in the furnace intake...which is concerning. We'd best get that looked at before the cold weather. I hope you all managed to stay dry.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Ask a question, get an answer

Those who know me, know that I'm not what you would call an 'outdoorsy' person. Some would even call me a 'princess' - which, eventually, I do plan on challenging when we do go camping, some day (can't let that awesome tent deal go to waste, after all). One of the main reasons I remain cloistered in the comforts of 4 walls is the avoidance of bug bites. Over the past few years, I've managed to escape quite unscathed - ending the summer with only perhaps a few bites all season long. This year, however, is a whoooolllle other story.

This past weekend, after having spent just two nights in a row sitting outside after dark, I'm left with a multitude of pesky little bites. Earlier in the week, at prime itch, my ankles looked like I had hives. It was disgusting. I almost took a photo for all to see, but thought better of it. It was very unpretty. Put it this way - after applying "After Bite" on just one ankle (not yet getting to the other one), I posed the question, "Can you get high from this stuff?".

Why am I SO attractive to those little beasts? I found this article:

Humans produce an aromatic bouquet of hundreds of chemicals, some of which are irresistible to skeeters. But scientists have only, um, scratched the surface of what makes some people more bite-worthy than others. Drinking beer may attract them (yes, researchers studied this, though they didn't discover why beer breath is so alluring), and having high cholesterol, another study shows, makes you a more likely target (experts theorize it's because mosquitoes need cholesterol but can't make it on their own). Bad news for the overly hydrated reader earlier: "We also know that people who sweat less are not as attractive to mosquitoes," says Ulrich Bernier, Ph.D., a research chemist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and an expert on mosquito attractants and repellents. He and other scientists are working to develop compounds that actually will cloak your body's scent, rendering you invisible to mosquitoes, whose sense of smell is much keener than their eyesight. In the meantime, to keep from scratching all through your next tropical vacation, cover up, wear repellent (such as Off! Deep Woods), and don't fidget: Movement attracts the little buggers, too.

Suppose now I can blame it on the homemade beer consumption? Or perhaps I have a bigger problem on my hands and should ask for a cholesterol test next doctor's appointment?


With fall fast approaching I'm left to reflect on the summer season that has just passed. This summer I:
  • only got to the beach twice - once to help Chris with a photo shoot, and the other was just a walk-thru when we went to Cavendish a few weekends ago
  • was fortunate to be able to attend this year's Charlottetown Hotel's Dinner Theatre
  • got to Oyster Bed Bridge to see a stock car race
  • consumed a lot of ice cream
  • consumed a lot of homemade beer
  • was a victim of many, many mosquito bites
  • had s'mores for the first time since I was a little girl at Brownie camp
  • was fortunate enough to see Matt Andersen play three times!
  • wrecked Chris' iPod
  • got to see the Hopewell Rocks and Cape Enrage in NB
  • came to the realization that I am NOT over my fear of heights
  • purchased my first laptop
  • changed my hairstyle
  • learned a whole new appreciation for the North River Causeway

All in all, it was a great summer - and I'm sad to see it end. I really enjoyed the many nights sitting outside on the patio sharing a few drinks with good laughs, and good friends. As the night chill approached, a warm fire was so cozy. Long drives with the wind whipping through the windows and our hair, the stereo screaming Matt as we veered through the hills and valleys of this beautiful province are memories I will always hold dear.

However, as the pending fall season approaches, I do look forward to the changes that will come with it; the leaves changing being a symbol of new things to come: memories...cooler nights shared snuggling close under a cocoa or tea being sipped, warming us on the inside...a good book being read when the weather turns, because you feel you can take that time to do it, and not "waste a nice day" sitting inside (not to mention the fact that the cooler weather also means fewer leg shavings, & bulky sweaters to camouflage the 'fluff'!).

Friday, 5 September 2008

Happy Birthday Kimberley!

Kim & I met at our old haunt, Watts - when I was put into a role at the Bank of Canada. Kim showed me the ropes, and I took an immediate shine to her. She was so neat & organized it was almost inspirational. She had a dry sense of humor that I loved - and the coming months at the B0C were the *best* times of either of our 'tours' at the center. We were the envy of all the other programs. We shared more giggles than someone should at their 'workplace'. And we forged an everlasting friendship. From commiserating over nachos & mozza sticks at P&W, to sharing a glass of wine at the Pepperoni Palace, Kim has become one of my closest friends, and I don't know what I would do without her. She's a strong, upstanding woman; she's a wonderful wife and loving mother to two beautiful children; she's kind, soft-spoken, generous, and smart. She deserves every happiness on this, and every, day. Please, let's all tip a glass in her honor today. Happy Birthday, Kimberley!! Love you bunches!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Life is...

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfil it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is precious, do not destroy it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is life, fight for it.

~ Mother Teresa

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

C is for....cookie....

For all of you who enjoyed a 'lil Sesame Street growing up in those formative years I encourage you to click on the following link:

If you didn't laugh out loud at least once, there is something wrong with you.

By degrees the castles are built...

Just in case you ever hear me complaining about 'hood life - remind of this:

Landlords on P.E.I. have asked the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission to let them increase rents next year from seven to 30 per cent.

The requests came in the form of written submissions to IRAC. Twila Whalen, director of residential rental property, told CBC News Tuesday this has been a busy year for submissions. Most years there are no more than five, but this year more than 30 have been received, 18 from landlords and 13 from or on behalf of tenants.

Landlords say they need the increase to cover the cost of heating oil. Whalen said some tenants are worried they'll be hit with a big increase all at once.

"Some of the tenants were actually requesting that if there's going to be a large rent increase that it would be divided between two years or three years, not make it all at once," said Whalen.

"That would be understandable, being that their increase in income would never cover anything, for example, like a 10 or 20 per cent increase."

IRAC will decide by the end of the month how much rents can go up as of Jan. 1. The increase last year was capped at one per cent.


Sooo, in doing the math, someone who pays the average rent of $650/month would pay $845/mo if the full 30% increase was approved. That's one ginormous kick in the junk, now isn't it? I don't even know that the figure I worked out is 'average' anymore. Basic monthly rents now for a 2 BR might even be in the $700-$750 range, which would make it closer to $975/mo if the full percent increase is approved. JEBUS CHRISCO!! Yeah - despite the cramped quarters, the nasty neighborhood hoodlums, and the 'trailer park trash' stigma, it's a lot cheaper owning in the 'hood (not to mention fuel costs are lower too). Does that mean we'll be in those walls forever? I hope not...but I do know that we likely won't go back to renting. :)

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Monday, 1 September 2008

Triple Threat?

So Bryan Adams was the mentor for the final 3 standing. I found myself wishing there was thunder/lightning going on outside for a distraction as the hour passed. Tonight each of the three guys remaining sang 2 BA songs each:

Drew sang first, doing his own rendition of "Cuts Like a Knife" -good for him for doing his own arrangement and showing some originality. It wasn't bad, but some of the guitar play was tooo similar to the Idol's closing credit music....creeepy. He redeemed himself with his second song, "I'm Ready". What's that, Drew? You're ready to be the next Canadian Idol? You might just be...and I'm not at all saying this just because you have pretty eyes :).

Theo was second in line, and his first song was "Heaven"- of my favorites. He sang it with soul & feeling. Good job -- and a good thing, because his second song? Notsomuch. He mixed up his own arrangement to "When You're Gone". Perhaps I like the original version so much that it's own melody is engrained in my head...but that, that wasn't good. Sorry Theo. The "whoo!" in the middle,, man?

And finally we have Mitch -the man of mystery, and the mystery being, why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is he STILL there? He began with the"Heat of the Night"; *yawn*. I thought he looked, and sounded, constipated. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, he ends with "When You Love Someone". I'm pretty sure I was tasting my supper all over again as he started. One of my all-time favorite BA songs, and HE sings it. The 'cherry' on the 'sundae' was his high note. That was the pinnacle of awful.

Final two of the season are Theo & Drew, and Drew is my pick for Canada's next Idol.