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Monday, 30 April 2007

Monday, Monday

Well the weekend was pretty uneventful. After working all day Saturday, I came home to a clean kitchen/living room!!!! Did the cleaning fairy read my blog!!? Maybe...but he/she fell short on the's still grungy. Chris & I supped on Wendys before heading out (just couldn't bear to mess up my clean kitchen). On our way to the liquor store we decided to pop into Linens & Things since it's a new store and we'd not been in one before - and it was right beside the liquor store, after all. As soon as I got through the doors I ran into an old friend and we chatted for what must have been a half hour. By the time I found Chris, Marco had already called to see where we were so we had to make a dash for some beverages (and chippies, & ice (inside joke)), then out to Ebenezer. I never got to see much of Linens & Things. Another day, I guess :P.

HNIE was pretty laid back. In between periods, Chris & Marco went out looking for worms! (fishing day the next day). I had a few Vodka Mudslide delights and we left at about 12:30 (after the game was still tied after the first overtime period). Update: Sens lost.

Sunday I was able to sleep in because this chick does not fish. Chris got up at 4:30am to go out to join Marco & Steve. I finally rose at about 11am. Strangely, my head was a little heavy, so I spent some time on the couch after I got up, and in between naps, finished the ominous pile of laundry - only to discover a new pile forming by Chris' side of the bed *sigh*. Chris returned home at about 5pm - you do the math...any catch? Nope, nadda. Ah well, male bonding, if nothing else. We made pasta and watched TV Sunday evening.

I'm just back from a date with Mummy. We went for supper at Pizza Delight and then back to her house for a coffee/chat. It was lovely. Upon my return, Chris informed me that he'd purchased a "waiting license", and showed me his "waiting stick". He'll be joining Marco again this weekend for more "waiting". Our cats are enchanted by the fishing pole....thinking it's a gargantuan cat toy, eyes lit up like Christmas trees.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Rainy Saturday

Happy weekend peeps. It's a working Saturday (hence the day off on Thursday). It's raining. It's supposed to rain ALL weekend. Booooo....but, April showers, blah blah...least it's better than snow... (dare I recall the events of early April and the Easter snowstorm...followed by another storm right after). I think spring is finally on the way. With the impending warmer season, I'm kicking myself even more in the arse than usual on letting myself slack on the gym thing...foolishly hiding behind my big bulky sweaters & turtlenecks. Must get back to the gym before they revoke my membership (let's be honest here, they're never going to revoke that puppy...what company doesn't enjoy free money?).

So plans for the was a quiet night-in last night, due to the working Saturday. I did manage to tackle some of that laundry...making the ominous pile a little smaller. Wish the cleaning fairy would finish it today and put it all away...and scrub the toilet, and scrub the shower, and dust....*sigh*. I also watched Grey's and caught up on the stuff that I missed while I slept during the Thursday night showing of it. George just CANNOT, I mean *CANNOT* leave Seattle Grace. He just can't.

Tonight Chris & I are heading to HNIE (Hockey Night in Ebenezer) to cheer Ottawa on. Go Sens, go.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

A test - can I really blog?

Hi all,

I've been reading various blogs for years, albeit even stalking certain blogs. Does anyone else out there do that? Happen upon someone's blog, and start reading...are entertained, so you keep reading...even though you don't even know that person? Years pass, and you feel like you know them. Is that wrong? But if it was, why would that person be posting on the web? If their blog wasn't intended to be found, then why was it so easy to find? Maybe I just like to live vicariously through others...yeah, maybe that's it.

So yeah, welcome to my own attempt at blogging. I've tried a few different times in the past, and had full intentions of keeping up with it, but after a few posts, I quit. And now those said blogs are drifting off in web-land. I wonder if anyone has them bookmarked, hopeful I might return to post again someday? Stalking me, as such? I'm really going to try this time to keep at this regularly. I think I need an outlet to post my thoughts, my hopes, my frustrations, etc. I think it'll be neat to look back on something like this and see how much life has changed...or even, how much it stayed the same.

Enjoy the ride...comment...let me know what you think.

It's a day off today...I had so many good intentions last night before I turned out the light...I had lots of things I wanted to accomplish...namely, the huge piles of laundry on the floor...which now, unfortunately, are still sitting there, untouched. Can I help it that it was cold out last night and the house was freezing when I woke up? Can I help it that I felt it necessary to catch a few more sleeps before rising for good today? Can I help it that Zoe snuggled in close to me and fell asleep, which made it all the easier to follow suit? So yeah,...slept in....til about 10. Got up, made new coffee since the leftovers from this morning's pot were a little, well...overdone. Had a few cups, watched some taped tv (my my, bachelor Andy really surprised me by keeping Tina because she wasn't 'caught up in the drama', and NOT keeping Stephanie NC...hahahaha! That was awesome!). I finally showered and thought, ok...gonna get ready now...but then I decided to check Facebook -- which is really consuming a lot of my life...and when that was done I had to check the blogs I regularly stalk, and then had this idea of starting up my very own blog.

I'll post this and then what? .... I think I might go get my nails done. And thank you sweet Jebus, I have a hair appointment at 6. I can't wait for that...good-bye grey....good-bye lifeless, listless mop that sits atop my head! Then I might come home to start that ominous pile of laundry while I watch Greys! I love Greys. I'm addicted to it in unhealthy proportions.

Happy Thursday everyone!