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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Birthday girlies!

As ya'll know, this past weekend was a pretty busy one. Chris, myself and his brother Shawn headed to NS *very* early on Saturday morning (the goal was to be on the road by 6am), as Grammie McNutt's funeral was at 10am. It was a nice service, and one I think she'd really appreciate. Though again meeting up for a sad affair, it was still nice to see everyone, and we had a nice visit with family, including Chris' Nannie W, his Aunt Denise (whom we stayed with on Saturday night. Thanks for the over-generous hospitality and the to-die-for foods, Auntie!!), and his Uncle Roy/Aunt Trish. It was late in the evening on Sunday before we landed back on the Island. A special thank you to all who sent along their condolences, thoughts and prayers. And to LA - thanks so much for the beautiful card. We're both so lucky to have so many wonderful friends xoxo.

So, in my blogging absence, I've missed posting well wishes to some birthday girls. I shall now celebrate them with a few belated wishes, since they're so awesome :).

The lovely RhondaB lit another candle this year. Rhonda is a special, special person with a heart of gold. She's tons of fun, loves having a good time, and is an amazing wife and mother. She's one of my biggest fans and I thank her for continued words of encouragement and enthusiasm. Thank you Rhonda for your friendship. You're a real keeper! I look forward to many, many shared times, whether we're celebrating another year on the calendar, summer kick offs, or concerts of a lifetime. Love ya, girlie!! xoxo.

Next we have Miss Trudy! Trudy is someone I truly adore. She's my cousin, and most importantly, my friend. She's witty, sarcastic, thoughtful, and real. I've often been after her to start up a blog of her own, and lo and behold, this year, she went and did just that. She's a crafty little thing - sewing things from scratch, and re-purposing things others have long given up on. Go on and say hello - tell her I sent ya :). Wishing you mucho happy, lady. Thanks for all the laughs. I'm raising a tumbler of Crown 'n ginger up high in the air to celebrate the cornucopia of awesomeness that is YOU! xoxo.

And finally we have the lovely Miss Dina. Dina & I work together. She's a little camera shy. Actually, she vehemently avoids any and all cameras, so this picture is a typical picture of her. Dina is a very thoughtful, very generous person. She loves a practical joke, and many a time she's pulled some very serious wool over the eyes of her co-workers, and in the end, we all laugh along with her. She tirelessly prepares cakes for our birthdays (making the most amazing carrot cake & 7 layer squares, btw), and makes us all feel so special on our special days. I hope you're feeling extra super special on YOUR special day, Dina-beana!!!! Thanks for everything you do!! xoxo.

Happy, Happy Birthday, girlies!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

some days you're a bug, some days you're a windshield

For a moment I almost opted to not share the following story with the interwebs. I was going to chalk it up to another 'dumb girl' moment, and move on. But, if my own idiocy can help at least one person out there, then my feelings of stupidity shall not have been in vain.

Allow me to back track.

It was Monday morning. I was once again running late to get to work. For the past while, I've been fortunate enough to time my travels right to the last second, and have been able to log in just on time. This day, I knew I'd be pushing it a teensy-weensy bit, so there was no time to fiddle with the radio dial, sunglasses, or my lint brush. I put the car in gear and applied pressure to the gas. The car lurched a bit. And it had a bit of a strange noise. I was concerned, yes, but, again, was running late. I immediately assumed there was something terribly wrong - possibly a belt, or perhaps even a problem with my transmission. It just felt really bogged down and sloggy. I made it to work, late by 2 minutes, and immediately did the only thing I felt I could do about the situation: I emailed the boy.

Of course, having not actually driven the car himself, and basing his diagnosis on my feeble attempt at a technical description of the morning events ("it just felt...boggy..."), he remained puzzled as well. I admit, I didn't read too much concern between the lines, either. I, on the other hand, had a mild case of the poops, going through inner turmoil at the very thought of the car having something terribly wrong with it, and the possibility of getting stranded in the middle of ongoing traffic. Add to that a dead cell phone in my purse, and slight reservations on even being able to pop the hood since I drive a German car with a strangely complicated latch to open the hood. Even the guy at the gas station can attest to that. I personally have yet to successfully open it myself.

So, I suggested to the boy that perhaps he wouldn't mind taking a stop into my work during his lunch hour to take it for a drive. I knew deep down that as soon as he witnessed what I'd witnessed, he'd immediately know what to do, or, at least he'd fill me with the confidence to simply take it to the dealership. He wasn't thrilled at the prospect, and actually ignored my message. I worried that he'd not come by. Thankfully, he's a bit of an amazing sort of guy, and he did come to my rescue, after all. I walked up to him perched on the back of his own vehicle. He was browsing his iPod, and waiting. He was waiting for me, yes, but he was also waiting for my tire to inflate.

Yes, folks, tire. I had a flat tire. It wasn't a belt. It wasn't the transmission. I had a flat tire. Apparently, your car doesn't tend to move forward very smoothly with a square wheel. Luckily, I didn't damage the tire or the rim while I rode from the 'hood to work....

Moral of the story: the little 'once around' that they teach you at drivers ed? Turns out it's actually useful. Make sure your tires aren't low before embarking on a journey.

Oh, and I bought him lunch for his trouble. Love you honey...xoxo.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Farewell to a fine, fine lady

This week, the world lost a great lady. Marguerite McNutt was a war-bride - following her husband to Canada from Belgium. They had many happy years together, celebrating their 50th anniversary in 1995. Sadly, her husband Merle passed away thereafter, and I'm sure she's delighted to have the opportunity to be reunited with him again.

She was a lovely woman, with the biggest of hearts. She was Chris' Grammie. His momma's mom. And, she will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her, and loving her.

Rest in peace, Marguerite...xoxo.

In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing. ~Robert Ingersoll

heart to heart

I saw this news story this morning, and was so touched by it I felt I had to share it with all my readers. *Kleenex warning*

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Birthday wishes

Today is my big brother's birthday. And last Tuesday was his wife, Belinda's birthday. Because their special days are so close together, I usually end up giving them a collective wish (ever the multi-tasker). So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELINDA AND FRED!! They live in Ontario, so I don't get the chance to see them as much as I would like. Though the miles may keep us separated, they're never far from my mind. Join me in raising a cocktail to celebrate another happy, successful year for the both of them.

Cheers B and Fredu -Love and miss you much xoxox. Happy Birthday. May the year ahead bring you more happiness and prosperity than you know what to do with!


I'm sure after repeated viewings this will becoming annoying, but now, after just a few views, it makes me giggle:

Sunday, 19 September 2010

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing*

I really think that I could make procrastination into a profession. Beforehand, I always look toward a few days off with such grandiose ideas of what I will, and shall accomplish...until I get into the moment and the thought of laying there, in bed, in comfort, under the warmth of the blankets for just a few minutes longer gets the better of me. Or, when I sit down at the laptop to just look at the recent pics and status updates on Facebook until the coffee is finished from my cup. Or, when I think, well I may as well see what's on TLC, only to be sucked into a few hours of "Say Yes to the Dress", whilst I consume yet another hot cup of coffee, snuggled up under my fluffy couch blankie, with my dear Zoe cuddled up in my lap. I then might fall asleep. I then might turn the channel to see what movie is on the Women's network. Oh, and I then have to move back to the laptop, because surely, there's been enough time lapse now that there ought to be dozens more status updates to view, chuckle over, and comment on.


Such has been my weekend.

The cat hair is tumbleweeding around my living room. Our bedroom looks like someone raided it looking for drug cash. There is evidence everywhere that Chris has been here and gone as he frantically readied himself for his last day of a photography workshop (even the trail of Island red dirt from his sneakers as he backtracked over to me (on the couch) to give me a good-bye kiss. And, we can't get mad at him for leaving a mess, because he did think to backtrack for a kiss, without prompting, right?) The laundry has finished it's cycle, and sits there, waiting for me...yet I can't seem to grab enough energy to get off my still-pajama'd arse to change it.

The saddest part? I'm not feeling overly guilty about it. We're so busy at work these days I think I really and truly need moments of do-nothing downtime to recharge. In between writing and posting this, I did get up and change the laundry to another load. I did fold the one that was waiting in the dryer, and I did start a rather lengthy post in drafts that I'm not sure the world is ready to read. I'm still in my jammies. The cat hair tumbleweeds are still passing by. I've already consumed two hot cups of coffee, and I'm all caught up on FB. Our bedroom is still in chaos. I didn't get into my craft room to straighten it up and start a few gifts like I'd planned. That can wait til tomorrow, right?

I think I'll go see what's on TLC.

*Quote by Eva Young

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

just a litttttttle more....

Dear adoring readers,

I've been a bad blogger. And for that, I'm deeply apologetic. I've let the summer (ie, life) get in the way. I've also been having "issues" with the program I store my photos on so I've been holding back some of my posting because I can't add a picture to go with the post.

Have patience with return to normal blogging (ie, free of Big Brother rants) is on the horizon. I promise.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

" brain is backstabbing me..."

I gotta say Hayden impressed the hell out of me when he won the veto - especially on the first try like that. I totally didn't see that coming. Lane, on the other hand, behaved in a predictably predictable manner, didn't he? I was never a fan of the brigade from the beginning, and I never dreamed they'd pull off scamming the entire house and staying as the final alliance. I had been pulling for Britney to make it to the final two. (Oh, and Brit, I know you were nervous tonight and all, but Jebus, STOP CHEWING YOUR NAILS! It's so not attractive!). While I won't be seeing her bring home the big cash, I do certainly look forward to her reunion with the jury members. And, with any luck, she may land the consolation prize with being voted the favourite houseguest? (though Ragan may just have that one in the bag).

Lane-ism of the night: "To see Britney hurting that bad...was like seeing one of my dog's died".

Chris-ism of the night, bemoaning the loss of the BB boobs: "Eff. Now it's just a sausage-fest"....followed by a heavy sigh.


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Earl, huh? I never ever liked that name.

I love storms. I find them exciting. I had a big day planned of lazing, tv watching, even maybe a movie or two...

I was up early -- before 9am, possibly even before 8:30am. I wasn't quite ready for my morning coffee so when Chris had made his I didn't ask him to put one on for me. It was I dunno ....7 MINUTES from then and we had our first power outage. It came on after 4 minutes,...I quickly got up and raced to get a coffee....put the k-pack in, hit "brew"...and *poof* ...power out again*. I'm unhappy with you Earl. It's slightly windy out there, but you haven't even gotten here yet.

I haven't even showered.

It's going to be a long Saturday.

*Update: after about 20 mins we regained power again -- first coffee has been consumed, and I'm showered up. With the possibility of more power blips I can't possibly do laundry ;).... I do have two books on the go --reading may be my biggest priority today. I hope everyone weathers this storm safely..xo.

Chris Scott, meteorologist

Earl is still a very impressive storm on satellite and radar imagery as we are showing on-air at The Weather Network. This storm will not weaken much as it slams into the Nova Scotia shore this morning.

The centre of Earl will move quickly along the south shore of Nova Scotia this morning bringing very strong southeast winds to areas from Barrington to Halifax. Winds will quickly increase across the rest of Nova Scotia as Earl moves in this morning.

Based on the current track, it is a certainty that the strongest winds from this storm will be felt along the shore of Nova Scotia. Even the east shore and Cape Breton will see very strong winds based on the track that will take the centre of the storm just west of these areas.

You may have been wondering about the discrepancy between the Canadian Hurricane Centre and the U.S. National Hurricane Centre in calling Earl a hurricane vs. a tropical storm. Well, the fact is it is impossible to know without having anemometers in all parts of the storm, and later today, it will get even trickier to decide whether this system is still mainly tropical.

Bottom line – it doesn’t really matter what the storm has been called, or is called now. The winds are going to be strong enough to cause some damage along the shore today, most likely tree damage which will cause power outages.

We are lucky the storm isn’t stronger, but this is still a large and powerful tropical cyclone that is rolling through Atlantic Canada.


Thursday, 2 September 2010

"Are you here to win it? Or are you here to give it away?"

Admit it -- you've missed it:
  • The Pandora's Box punishments last night were awesome... The dancing was super fun. I almost hopped up and started dancing myself a few times! But, to quote Wham!, Hayden "ain't got no rhythm". Bahahahah! His sock puppet was the best one though.
  • What's with the whole utensil thing? Did Britney throw all the forks and spoons out in her cleaning tirade? Last night and tonight she's been drinking out of a bowl...and Ragan was slurping up whatever he had with a
  • I have to say that Ragan's desperate plea to Lane prior to the voting was extremely convincing...and I'm heartbroken that he's been voted out. His time to speak at the finale will be epic, no doubt.
  • Rachel's voice is akin to, no make that worse than, nails on a chalkboard. Listening to her churns up an inner rage inside me that I thought no one could ever fill after Bob Saget.
  • The reunion between Brachel was slightly lackluster, eh? Watching him waltz into the jury house in his flip flops, and the realization that the money wasn't coming with him was alllllllllll over her face, her embrace and her pitiful, "Breeeendaaaaaaaaaaaan".
  • And yeah, Brendan does look like a penis. Thanks, Matt.
  • Um. Did I just hear Lane right? He's bringing brains back?? Ooookay.
  • Damn you BB for song-bombing me with a Christmas carol!
  • GO BRITNEY! Can't wait for Sunday!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Stupid IS as stupid DOES

We're experiencing a mild "heat wave" round these here parts with the humidex-"feels like" temps into the high 30's and low 40's (Celcius, that is - that's just over 100 F for my American readers). I aim not to complain - because shortly I know that we'll be in the depths of winter and I won't be able to get my toes warm. And, let's be honest, we have an air aside from being a few dollars more in the hole to pay the electric bill, the heat hasn't had a chance to really 'bother' me a lot. *ducking*. Besides, I rarely complain about being cold. I can always don another sweater or a warmer pair of slippers. When this bodacious physique is hot though.....that's a whole other story.

Anyway. I digress. With the heat come fruit flies. I've been fairly diligent with my little fruit fly traps. There are many ways one can rid their home of fruit flies. I find that a small piece of fruit in a covered cup works really well (cover with a piece of saran, and then poke small holes in the saran so that the fruity stink entices the little effers inside. The trick is to make the holes small enough that they can't get themselves out, and they eventually die in the container).

Last night I learned two very important somethings. Something number 1: when constructing your own fruit fly trap, ensure that you use a cup that is DISPOSABLE. And, something number 2: never, ever, ever, EVER place your fruit fly trap inside a microwave oven and turn said oven on.

Oh the stank still haunts me.

See...last week's fly trap was made from one of my pretty Winnie-the-Pooh juice glasses...I wanted to salvage the glass....but, when I went to take a look I saw several fruit flies that had yet to reach their demise. Instead of leaving it be for a few more days and letting them die off I felt this need to clean the glass right away. I didn't want to tear off the saran wrap and risk the remaining 6-7 of them flying up into my face. I needed to kill them. I had a moment of "brilliance" just then, thinking, "I bet a few seconds in the microwave would do just fine".

And it did.

The flies died.

But that dank, rotting sliver of what used to be a banana when heated created a vomit-inducing-I-think-I'd-rather-have-something-defecate-in-my-mouth-than-smell-it-for-a-second-longer stink, that was worse than any other stink that I've ever, ever smelled. I think I truly may know what death smells like...why the CSI guys put smelly stuff under their noses. Never did I think I could ever experience anything that could rival the "incident"...but, I think it might have.

Yeah, so people, allow my blatant stupidity be YOUR guide. The only good thing? My house was just a-shining as I did my best efforts to rid it of the invading stench. I tried to microwave lemon juice. I then added vinegar. I then scoured and scrubbed every surface with pretty-smelling cleaner. I had every single scented candle burning. I'm happy to report that it seems my efforts have paid off. I am, however, a little afraid to open the microwave door.