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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gold, baby, GOLD!!

With gleaming pride I sit and write this. We made Olympic history with the most gold medals of any country, and we won gold for men's hockey. Oh Canada, we stand on guard for THEE ;).

Chris and I headed out to Marco & Krissy's for "Hockey Night in Ebenezer". It was cool to watch the game on a big screen, and in HD :). I feared at one point we may have had to call an ambulance for Chris - he was a little stressed when the US tied up the game with 24 seconds left in the 3rd. I believed though. I had faith (mind you I did bite at my nails just a bit ;)).

Congratulations to all medal-holders throughout the world. You should be very proud of your accomplishments (that even goes out to you, USA hockey won silver...why did you look like it was the end of the world?).

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

An unfair ending

I have a story. It's about Sasha.

Sasha was Chris' Uncle Roy's dog. She was found on the side of the road. Abandoned. She was a mother, but her puppies didn't survive. Perhaps it was intended that she would not, either. She had buck shots in her hind quarters - the result of Lord knows how much abuse she'd suffered. No one will ever know the harshness of the life that she knew before Roy found her - or, before she found Roy. Roy gave her a new beginning - a new chance. She had a home filled with comfort and more love than she could ever handle. She was the kindest, and gentlest of any dog that I've ever been in the presence of.

Over the years time took its toll on Sasha's joints. She had a really bad hip, and walked with a constant limp and was on medication for the pain. Eventually, the pain meds didn't seem to do much for her, and her mobility was really being affected. It was decided that she would have surgery to repair some of the damage on her hip, and to improve her mobility and overall quality of life.

Sasha was.

I'm not clear on the details, but at some point, whether it was during surgery or after in recovery, a heating pad was placed under Sasha - I suppose for her "comfort". For how long that pad was against her skin, I do not know. I do not know if there was a malfunction with the heating pad, or whether or not in an oversight, someone forgot to check on her.

Sasha had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 35% of her body. A piece of skin the size of a dinner plate was removed from her side. The risk of infection and the excruciating pain factored together, and the family made the painful decision to have her put down yesterday.

How something like this could ever happen is beyond my comprehension. I'm shocked and appalled and completely saddened.

Sleep well, Sasha - you will be as missed as you were loved.

Monday, 22 February 2010

the flowers you gave me...are just about to die...*

The only thing keeping me awake is to sit in the upright position with the laptop in my lap, posting my thoughts about tonight's "Women Tell All" special. Some point form:

-recapping the one-on-one date with Tenley cements my theory on how they are the exact same person. They even laugh the same.
-So he sees Ali as 'what could have been' {Queue that Tiffany song}, eh? Dumb ass. She should be amongst the two left standing.
-The recap of the 'past Bachelor-Bachelorettes' party/charity event cemented my hatred for Wesley-the-snake...
-...and my love for Bachelor Matt (who really just has to open his mouth to speak, imo).
-I LOL'd at the lack of applause freakazoid Michelle received, the quotes re: Tenley "shitting rainbows" and "dreaming in cartoons", and the stories the girls repeated about skanky Rozlyn!
-I still hate Gia's laugh.
-And Michelle.
-And Rozlyn! I wanted to punch her. Multiple times. How dare she bold-face lie like that? She made a complete arse of herself. I'm proud of Chris Harrison for how he dealt with her and her immature outbursts. The restraint must have been torturous for him, though. Methinks she won't be invited back to the next Bachelor/Bachelorette reunion party!
-Deep down I hope he passes on both Tenley & Vienna next week, and then flies to Ali's work place to drop on one knee. And I hope she rejects him and comes on to be the next Bachelorette :).

*I just couldn't resist a little Tiffany after having that reference in the post

Snow Fun!

After a long week of learning (training for yet another new role for my job - exciting change, just my poor little brain isn't used to staying open to retain new things!), I was happy to acknowledge 'no plans' for the weekend. I welcomed a self-appointed "jammie" weekend, and I did keep my word to myself. There was lounging. There was napping. There was Dexter watching. There was some Olympic watching. Each night we went to bed early, and we (well, I) slept late. It was glorious. Despite all the lounging, there was housework that also needed doing. Despite Chris' urging to come out and play in the snow with him, I declined and cleaned the house yesterday afternoon.

Chris likes to create things in the snow. One year he'd constructed a VW Bug on the front lawn. Another, he'd made a terrific archway at the end of the walkway. He likes to be original, and sculpt something new each year.

Yesterday went something like this:

"Hey Amber, can you look up a picture of Snoopy on his house for me (on the Internet)?"

{The picture shamelessly stolen from the Internet is the exact same coin bank that I had as a child (likely a hand-me-down from my older brother or sister). I've always had a bit of a crush on Snoopy}

Followed by:

"How would you like that in our front yard?"

And so he went.

A few hours later, he tapped on the window, asking me to look up a picture of Charlie Brown. I complied once more.

It continued to snow after the masterpiece was finished, so a bit of the detail is lost, but here is a picture of his talents:

Methinks Christopher has spent too many hours at the Jack Frost Festival ;). All joking aside, he did a great job. Unfortunately today's mild temperatures resulted in an unfortunate incident for poor Charlie Brown. The structural integrity of his head was compromised, and its weight resulted in an untimely decapitation. The rest still stands, though. If yer in the 'hood, be sure to drive by to see the Headless Charlie Brown.'s the best game you can name...

I, like the rest of Canada, sat roaring at the television and subsequently hung my head at the result of last night's Olympic men's hockey game, where Team USA upset Team Canada by a score of 5-3. Here's hoping that they do win the next one to allow them to still be in contention for a medal... And while we're on the subject, and since I'll be hoping anyway, here's also hoping that they give Marty a long-needed break and have Luongo in nets. Just sayin'. It was an exciting game, and Canada really did dominate the entire game...but when it came to scoring - fail. Canada IS hockey. This is our challenge to win. Go TEAM!

That's all the O-talk I will do. I'm not hugely into sports, but I am a proud Canadian and I have been watching a lot more of the Olympics than I thought I would. I even taped the Amazing Race last night just to watch the game. Oh, and I do so also covet those darn little red mittens. If'n anybody just happens to have a spare pair looking for a home, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. (Heh, get it? Mittens off your HANDS? Bahahahaha.)

Srsly ;)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

In the news...

Last week, poop. This week, body odor. Yes, folks, our local newspaper should win a journalistic award for their keen adeptness at staying in focus on what's important, dontcha think??

Speaking of dumb-ass-I-can't-believe-there-wasn't-anything-else-better-to-write-about stories, and in light of Valentines Day just behind us:

Chris arrived home from Jack Frost on Sunday night with a bouquet of wooden roses for me for V-Day. How can I even compare wooden roses to a gigantic heart made of poo? Boy did I get short-changed.

So what's new and exciting in YOUR world?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A bit of an update...

For the most part, aside from a few additions to prove I'm a complete reality-show junkie, this blog serves as a journal for me. I can account my mindless routine so that I have something to fall back on to help me step back into the past, if need be. Posts like this are never very riveting or insightful - they're more for me. I suppose though, if you don't like reading this sort of thing, then, why're you here anyway? :P

The first weekend of the month I helped organize a gathering to celebrate Chris' birthday. I think it went over well. We had supper at Hunter's Ale House before heading onward to Doolys to shoot some pool. I rented the private room, and we filled the room beyond the expected capacity. Chris had several cold beverages and easily found his 'happy place'. I hope everyone had a good time. Thanks to all who came by!

Saturday that just went by, I joined Angela, Shelley, Maria & LA in Summerside for a scrapbooking class and then we headed back into town and to Angela's to scrap the rest of the afternoon and evening. It was so nice getting a bit of a craft mojo going again - hopefully enough to spur on some more creativity for future get togethers. Thanks ladies!

Sunday I had a hot date with myself for Valentines Day. On account of the Jack Frost weekend falling on V-Day, Chris was gone all weekend long. I got up mid-morning to tidy the house and finish the laundry (after getting a head start Friday night. That was so smart! Only two loads to do on Sunday. That's UNHEARD of!). Thereafter, I nestled myself into the most comfy pjs I own under a fuzzy blanket & caught up on a few of my favourite shows, and then got to reading a new book. I started, and finished Dewey - a must-read if you have an affection for cats. I loved to read the story of little Dewey and his rescue and warm, happy and lucky life. My heart broke into a million pieces when it had to end.

Tonight I joined Tanya, Erin, Julie & Pam at the movies to take in Valentines Day. It wasn't a movie with any insightful message or one to make you think about how you're going to try to save the world, but it was fantastically entertaining. It had an all-star cast, a few surprise twists, made me laugh out loud and shed a tiny little tear. I totally recommend it (oh and a bare-chested Eric Dane on the big screen? Icing on the sundae... mmmm, mmmmm mmmmm!).

Hope your week is going well!

Happy Birthday Cathy!

Today my big sister turns another year over on the calendar. 2010 marks a year of new beginnings for her. Today I toast her strength, her compassion, and her good heart. This is your year, Cath. I can feel it with every ounce of my being. May this be the year you can put the old tattered book on the shelf to collect dust, and open up a new one. Here's to new hopes, new dreams, and new possibilities, and much love and happiness for you.

Love you much...xoxoxo.

... Now, rose by rose, I strip the leaves....*

So when you're faced with a surprised reaction about there being no new Bachelor post this morning as you pump gas at the gas station, you sit down and blog at your next opportunity ;). I know a few of you read this on a regular basis (and I thank you for stickin' around! Really! I do!), but it was sorta nice having my regular Bachelor rant 'missed' today. Without further ado, I'll get to that, and I'll follow up with a catch up post - I promise.

So last night. Yeah. I don't have much to say. I think Ali dug her own grave when she decided to just pick up the phone and call ahead instead of hopping on a plane and just showing her face. Had she done that, perhaps Jake would be so perplexed he wouldn't know his arse from his face and she'd be clutching a rose right now and I'd have something better to say. Instead..............

Gia has left the building. I don't care. Tenley & Vienna are left standing. I don't care. The finale is two weeks away. I don't care. I think possibly Jake may just end up alone, with his face in his hands, wondering why the nice guys always finish last after he ends up rejecting both remaining girls. I don't care.

I hope they bring in some hot manly men for Ali on the next installment of the Bachelorette ;)

*Quote by Robert Browning Hamilton

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Perhaps you'll see no rose your eye enjoys*

Ok let me start off by saying that I was rolling my eyes and cursing under my breath (ok, sometimes over my breath) the entire 120 minutes of last night's Bachelor. If you want proof, ask Julie or Tanya. Julie was kind enough to open up her home and supplied some delicious and healthy snacks. Thanks Julie!!

I'm now convinced Tenley and Jake are the exact same person. Their relationship could go one of two ways ... 1) They unite in blessed matrimony and continue their golly gee perfect lives in the town of Pleasantville where the flowers don't wilt, the grass doesn't die, and it never rains, snows or sleets. They will raise 2.5 perfectly healthy, smiling children. The children never spit up, get stuffy noses, cuss in front of their parents, or throw any temper tantrums. They'll dine on marshmallow clouds, blue popsicles and licorice and never get one cavity. The birds will sing a welcome tune each morning to greet them, and they will rise to greet each new day with a humungous smile, and a, "Golly GEE, it's great to be alive!!" ...or 2) Their worst nightmare becomes reality and they receive a classified letter marked "Urgent", only to read that they are actually fraternal twins and separated at birth. In true Romeo & Juliet style, they end their earthly existence in a love suicide.

I don't like Gia. Yes, her hideous laugh potentially has a a lot of power over my decision. I don't see her with Jake - he doesn't fit in with her and he doesn't fit into her wierd-looking little family.

Vienna is a ho-bag. If he chooses her, he'll end up with another heartbreak, guaranteed. And the potential for ugly children.

The drama (and omg the whining!) out of Ali last night made me happy she made the decision she did. No worries though - she'll pull an Ed and be back to claim her husband-to-be before the finale, you watch.

And why do I watch this show??

*from the poem, "Speaks a Wilted Rose" by Jerry Jax

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dear Hamilton Beach...

Why must you toy with me so? And at such an early hour of the morning. Every morning.

We replaced our aging model Hamilton Beach "Brew Station" with their new and "improved" model. I enjoy the fact that it keeps the coffee hot for up to an hour longer. I enjoy the easy to use functionality and the speed at which a full pot of freshly brewed coffee is rendered. I would have to say that since replacing our old one with a newer model, our coffee has never tasted better.

But the delivery.

Oh the delivery.

For the love of the sweet baby jesus what did you DO with the pour spout, Hamilton Beach? Not only is it ridiculously tedious to try to fit our standard travel mug under the spout to fill it (the pic is BEYOND deceiving), but every day I'm wiping up a mess of spewed hot coffee from the side and bottom of my travel mug, the counter, the dishwasher underneath the counter where the coffee maker is located, and the HUGE puddle on the floor at my feet. EVERY day. I've tried going at it at different angles. I've tried whispering sweet nothings to it. I've tried cursing at it (oh have I cursed!).

The only positive sidenote I can add about the delivery is the fact that I've somehow managed to avoid getting the spill on my clothing and having to send you my dry cleaning bill.

What's that saying? If it ain't broke, don't fix it? The previous model never spilled. Boooooo Hamilton Beach --- Booooooooooooooo. I guess we should have sprung for that Keurig after all.

Poop happens

ONLY in PEI do you wake up in the early morning to view the day's important news headlines to find a story about poop.

Front page news, folks....and a huge color picture, to boot.

A city counselor was quoted to saying, "lifelong residents in the areas being hit have “never ever experienced such a trauma"'.

Yes, 'trauma'. A trauma is defined as:
  1. A serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident.

  2. An emotional wound or shock that creates substantial, lasting damage to the psychological development of a person, often leading to neurosis.

  3. An event or situation that causes great distress and disruption.

IT'S POOP, Mr. Tweel. POOP.

Sometimes it's almost embarrassing to say where I live.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

When I was in junior high I had a major falling out with my group of friends. The details are was 24 years ago (jebus chrisco. I'm OLD). I believe the whole falling out started with something stupid that was said between one friend and myself, perhaps something misunderstood or misconstrued... That friend gave me the silent treatment and from that point, one by one, the rest of the group started to alienate me and give the silent treatment. I guess the first one was like the ring leader of the group? I dunno. Thereafter the teasing started. Apparently one of them thought that I walked like a duck, so the nickname "Duckie" was coined. They'd giggle and whisper behind my back and call me Duckie and laugh some more. It sounds insignificant and trite now that I'm an adult, but back then, in the eyes of a 13 year old, it was devastating -- and I was without any friends, save 1 or 2 who were outside of that grouping. There weren't many days that I did not return home from school in tears.

One day I had my Dad go to the school to retrieve some books from my locker to do some homework. I had been out sick. He came home with a big grin on his face, handing me a little pink soap in the shape of a duck. It had been sitting on the shelf in my locker. He thought it cute, perhaps even a "get well" token...I dissolved into tears. One of them had gotten into my locker and left it there to taunt me.

From that point on, I made myself walk different. It took some time, but eventually I trained my feet to walk straight. Years later I have problems with my knee all the time. Coincidence? Who knows.

This "scenario" - for lack of a better term - lasted pretty much the 8th grade school year. It did little to aid the introvert that I was, I'll tell you that. One of the other girls in the group finally gave in and wanted to be friends again, and eventually, I've mended fences with the majority. Forgive and forget, right?

Periodically lately I feel like I'm back in junior high.


This morning the coffee maker spewed hot coffee all over the counter, down the dishwasher, and all over the floor. Like it does every morning. This morning I flipped out and screamed about it and Chris got the brunt of my anger, and I ended up leaving the house in a huff, without so much as a good bye.


I guess the whole point of this post is life is short. Words, or lack of words, can hurt. Communication is key, and lack of it can be hurtful.

Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Groundhog Day

Well, as far as this end of the world goes, the little critter saw his shadow this morning. I'm surprised he ventured out at all, on account of the windchill being around the -35 degree Celcius mark (if any of my readers are used to the Faherenheit scale, that's frickin' COLD). So ya'll know what that means...another 6 weeks of winter. Seeing as our winter only just began, I suppose it's not that bad. I gotta say I'm still missing my car starter though. There's only so much to be said about roasty toasty butt cheeks when the rest of you is an icicle...not to mention how unnatural it actually feels to have that much warmth emanating out of your posterior region.

Speaking of groundhog day. Did you hear that PETA is proposing to replace the little guy with a robot? While I'm all for the ethical and humane treatment of animals too, I think this goes a little far. Publicity indeed. Perhaps a member of PETA would be willing to hibernate in a warm location and wake up & open the door on Feb 2 to see if he or she sees his shadow? Heck, I'm all for a little hibernation. Where do I sign up?

Oh, my love’s like a red, red rose...

Sorry I'm late posting this ladies - I was at Erin's last night to enjoy the Bachelor. Thanks lovelies, for a great night. It was so nice to see you. The snacks were yum, and the company was fantastic! I have to admit to still tasting the Doritos this morning. That just might deter my next handful when prompted, which would not be a bad thing. Oh, who'm I kidding??!

So he let the virgin go, eh? Most would keep her around one more week on account of not wanting to be the guy that "let the virgin go". Though... he did admit to having some "dirty thoughts" when Vienna pounced atop his bed before asking her to leave, unrequited. I bet his balls are bluer than the sky. He wanted some girls with experience ;). (Truth be told, I did have a bit of an inkling that he'd let Corrie go before her big "announcement". They didn't have any chemistry whatsoever...and like Tanya said, "Who is she, anyway??"... we never got to see her).

I still like Ali. Tenley gets on my nerves. Gia is more mature than the rest but her laugh ruins her for me. And, I'm about hating Vienna as much as the rest of the girls in the house do. If she ran in my social circle, I can guarantee you without a shadow of a doubt that we'd not be friends. Also, the more I see Jake, the more I don't like him, either. So, to be honest, I don't really care who he chooses. I had been pulling all along for Ali to be Mrs. Jake, but I think I'd prefer to see her as the next Bachelorette.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Tasting blood...

From biting my tongue, that is.

I work with the public on a daily basis. Most of the time, my days pass rather pleasantly. That is, until there is a full moon. The latest full moon was officially here Saturday. I felt it* coming on Friday. It's* still there now. It* normally does take a few days before and a few days after to successfully pass.


Can I get a re-do please so that I can stay under the comfort of my warm duvet for today in it's entirety?

* "It" meaning the sheer crazy absurdity & utter lack of intelligence, common sense, forthought & respect that I've received from the general public today.

I had a dream....

Looking to make a little extra cash? Perhaps your current job isn't cutting it for you? Click on the following link detailing 'off the wall ways to make $$$$':

Some are ingenious, aren't they? I mean, really...pancakes in a can (apparently it's organic). Why didn't someone think of that earlier?

Some are downright gross. Seriously, someone made a business out of picking through other people's hair for lice. She calls herself a professional nitpicker. Yeah. Fish houses made out of a loved ones ashes...Securing your place in Heaven (or Hell for that matter) including a travel guide to get there.....

I can't make this sh!t up, folks. The scary thing? The whole subject of the story was to report wacky ways other people have made obviously those showcased made money. Somebody out there paid for such services.

Oh my.