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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

You make me bleed.

Some days my tongue literally HURTS!

Just one day. One day where a person could express him/herself without the need of societal censorship.

Wouldn't that be nice? Theraputic, even?

In a perfect world.............Realistically, of course, that will never become a reality, so I find an ample supply of chocolate and mugfuls of wine work wonders :)

What works for you?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


This would have to be by far the most annoyingly offensive excuse of a marketing plot in a very, very long time. I wouldn't be surprised if seeing it actually induced an epileptic seizure. Why I felt the need to share this on my blog? I dunno. I'm just thoughtful like that.

a slightly self-pitying post

Back to reality for me, and an end to a glorious long weekend. Yesterday wasn't a very appropriate conclusion to this glory, however, on account of my feeling like arse. I'm not sure if I've picked up a bit of a bug, or whether all of my weekend indulgences got the best of me, but my tummy has a bit hate on for me, let me tell you. So, aside from peeling myself off of the couch to go to my scheduled hair appointment, I did little else yesterday (and that also accounts for the measly little post yesterday, too). And might I just add that relaxing on purpose is distinctly different than relaxing when it's all your body wants to do.

I'm still feeling slightly on the poor side today, but trying to suck it up as best I can. I cannot possibly be getting sick. This weekend is too busy...birthday celebrations and then a trip to Saint John to see Matt! I big shout out and thank you goes out to ColleenB, who has graciously offered up her spare room for us to cop a squat in on Sunday night so we don't have to be on full moose alert driving home after midnight. We've been looking forward to this for weeks and yeah, I just can't be getting sick.


...though I'd almost give my left appendages for a bowl of warm soup, my mommy tending to my every whim, and the comfort of my couch right about now.

EFF word!

Monday, 28 September 2009

A vs B - Biscuit Holes at Hardee's

Because sometimes I'm a 12 year old boy and find this type of humor amusing. Ellen showcased it on her show today, so I'm in good company, IMO. Enjoy :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ahhh... Lazy Sunday

So the Beer & Wine Fest wasn't quite what I expected. The venue was different than last year so not quite the same set up. It appeared to be a success, if the amount of people were any indication. We saw quite a few people that we knew, including Tim & Donnie from Vintage 2.0, and I sampled a few nice wines, along with a marguerita from the Pat & Willys booth. As it turns out, Chris didn't have all the shots he needed from the afternoon event, so he ended up taking his cameras with him to the evening as well. A large crowd of people with varying beverages in their hands increased the odds of very bad things happening to expensive camera equipment, so we ended up leaving fairly early (and seeing as the supposed-to-be-comfortable-Rockport-shoes were KILLING me, he didn't get much argument from me!). Before heading home, we stopped at Jumbo Video, the LCC and Sobeys for snacks, where we continued our Fall Flavours Festival on our own. The movie was bad ("The Last House on the Left"); the snacks were tasty; and the wine was delish, so all in all, a successful night was had.

I'm a little fuzzy today, so am preparing for a lazy Sunday which will more than likely include the couch, warm blanket, TV, finishing the yummy purchased snacks, and lots of water for rehydration :). Happy Sunday to you all!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's my perogative

So as Chris was preparing to leave the house for the second time today to do a photo shoot at the Wine & Beer Fest (there are 2 intervals; he's shooting the first and then he and I are going to attend the 2nd this evening), he made a remark about whether or not I'd be ready to go later. Inadvertently I know he was making a snide comment about the fact that I had only rolled from bed to couch in the horizontal position. I got a little defensive. And really, perhaps he's just jealous that I take the time to relax and do nothing and he wants to do the same? I happen to enjoy this quiet time with my blanket, the warm kitties by my side, and the TV or the internet to entertain me. I'm a simple gal with simple pleasures. What some may call lazy is my answer to unwind from an overly stimulating environment filled with high demands and tasks that all have to be done at a certain time and you don't feel that you've had enough time to spend on any of them.

A final comment, as he closed the door, "What an autobiography you'd have".

My fitting retort, "You don't have to read it!" And, with that, I happily grabbed a thicker, warmer blanket, resumed my horizontal position on the couch with laptop, and the two kitties are warmly nestled at my side. I couldn't be more content.

I signed up for a "Mutts" comic of the day, and each day they greet me in my inbox. The comic I have posted just happens to be the one that I received for today. Eerie how much it parallels my day, isn't it?

Friday, 25 September 2009

Relaxation is key

Day 1 of my 4 day weekend was fairly relaxing...sleeping in til the very same hour that I was starting work all this week ;). I attacked Mount Laundry with success...there's still a load in the dryer (only towels though), and there are stacks of clothing all over the bed rather than away where they belong (the worst part of doing laundry IMO). That took much of the day - in between watching a bit of tv and catching up on blog reading.

After a quick supper I was off to Starbucks with the girlies to sip on a whip creamed hot beverage and catch up on each others' lives. It was delightful, long overdue, and something we must get into a routine to do very regularly (well, the "meeting up", that is, on the 'routine' thing. Not so sure I need to routinely sip on a grande cafe mocha with whip cream and a side of banana bread on a routine basis! ;)).

When I returned home from meeting the girls, guilt got to me and I hopped on the Wii Fit (truth be told the SOLE reason I did so was because Chris was just finishing; had it not been turned on, I'da planted my ample arse atop the couch and checked Facebook, without a doubt). Surprisingly enough, I was down 4lbs from the last time I was on it. We'll not mention how many days it'd had been...suffice it to say that enough days had passed to result in a larger difference on the 'scale'. And, my Wii Mii is still considered obese. Awesome. Least I feel a little less guilt about the whip cream, though.

Tomorrow is the Beer & Wine Festival for Fall Flavors...totally getting psyched up for that. I can't promise that I won't be taking home a bottle of something. My biggest concern tomorrow is deciding on whether to sample the beers or the body doesn't deal with the mixing of the two very well. Update tomorrow, no doubt.

Night peeps :)

P.S. Greys was slightly draining last night, and I was fairly mentally unstable through the first half. I'm overly disappointed with George's departure, but they handled it well. Not sure what I feel about Seattle Grace 'merging' with Mercy... We'll see how that unfolds. I can only hope that McSteamy continues to be a pivotal role. Mmmm....McSteamy...although he is an ass, his question about whether or not George was "hung" made me laugh OUT LOUD. I *heart* Greys.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bring it!

It's Thursday and I'm a little gleeful. It could be due to the fact that it's the season premiere of Greys. It could also be due to the fact that I have a four-day weekend starting at quitting time today. You may take your pick. You all know how much I *heart* Greys ;).

I'm a little disappointed in the "info" for tonight's episode provided by the guide on the dish - but it didn't let me know anything I didn't already know from taking a peek at the abc website last week. I'll not say anymore for fear of disappointing any of my avid readers/fellow Grey's addicts... suffice it to say - do not hit the "info" tab on your remote and avoid any website promoting the premiere. We can chat more about it after the show airs :).

Also premiering this evening is CSI - and I notice they have a return of Jorja Fox/Sara. I can only hope that also means a return of Grissom...and the small hope of that is what will entice my watching tonight. How disappointed I've become in that show since the departure of such key pivotal roles. I will have to record CSI though, because I have to watch Survivor. I'm in a Survivor 'pool' at work, so I have to cheer on my team member...Natalie (whom I don't expect to last long, unfortunately, what, with her belonging to the "dumb ass girl alliance" and all).

A busy night of tv is on my horizon, indeed! Please hold all calls, as I shall not be responding :).

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Birthday girls!

September 23 marks an important day for two special ladies in my life.

Firstly, Happy Birthday to you, dear Rhonda! Rhonda is a dedicated mother, loving wife, and fantastic friend. She has a love and zest for life that is contagious and I don't get to see enough of her. We must remedy that, Ms. Rhonda! And soon! I'm raising a glass of vino to you, wishing you a wonderful year ahead, filled with more love, happiness and joy than you know what to do with! xo

Secondly, a big Happy Birthday to the lovely Trudy! Trudy is my cousin, and a proud Munroe she is! There's no mistaking her lineage based not only on her looks, but also her ability to recount story after story of 'fast times' in Whitehead! Her dry wit is noteworthy. Her sarcasm endears her to me, and I count her, too, in my list of favourite people. I don't get to see her nearly as much as I wish I could. She's funny, beautiful, intelligent, and kind. She's grown into a fabulous young lady...but to me she's still the little girl asking me to hand her the "peppy eh yalt" when playing house in the shed 'down home'. I'm raising a tumbler of crown & ginger to you, my dear! Likewise, may your year ahead be chalk-full of happy times, love, cheer, and gladness. Love ya! xo

Happy Birthday, girlies!! :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Happy Birthday Fred & Belinda!

Today marks Fred's actual birthday, and Belinda's was last Monday. It's been a rough year for both, but thankfully they both have the support of the other and will move on, stronger than ever. Wishing you both a year ahead filled with love and happiness. Love you, xoxox.

Monday, 21 September 2009

it's here already...

Holy crud is it really Monday again, already? I guess when working on Saturday the weekend really does fly by. I really can't denote much excitement that was my weekend past. I can admit, however, that I was able to take advantage of many hours of relaxation, including pretty much the entire day/night of Friday, my scheduled day off; Saturday night after working; and, all day/evening on Sunday. Sometimes you just have to do that, right? Saturday night felt the most 'right' due to the fact that it was pouring rain and windy...the perfect spot was snuggling under a cozy blanket with my jammies on, a big glass of wine, a warm cat in my lap, and chick flicks on the tele (err...can I go back there now, please?). Aside from leaving to go to work I left the house but once, and that was yesterday to pick up some groceries and a movie (Valkyre - not my favourite, if you want the truth. It did, however, give us an example of how well our surround system works though...I totally thought we were being bombed a few different times). I wish I could say that I'm feeling rested and rejuvenated after all my 'downtime' the past 3 days. Anyway.

This weekend also marks a bit of sadness as well. Dale Hunter, Belinda's stepdad, lost his battle with cancer. He'd gone through a long, tough road, and finally can rest, but he's left a large void in his family. I know the pain and sadness that they are all feeling, and my heart goes out to them, and I wish we lived closer so that I could give them all a big hug right now.

I'd only met Dale once - when we were in Ontario for Fred & Belinda's wedding. He was a very kind and generous man. I had a tough time watching him and not welling up at the wedding -- as he reminded me of my own father, and I mourned a time that I'd never get myself...that being the father walking the daughter down the aisle to 'give her away', and the father/daughter dance.

Life is so very precious. You really don't know how quickly it can change so be sure to tell those close to you how much they mean to you - every day.

Rest in peace, Dale.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Thursday night, Chris & I joined Cody & Jool for supper at the Old Triangle. It was our first time going there. It had been Cody & Jool's second time -- their first being the night before, and they liked the food so much they were more than enthusiastic about the idea of going back again (Cody even ordered the same entree). The service was great, and the food was delicious. I ordered something with "football" in the name - I believe it was just an amped club sammich - minus the tomato, with Greek salad. Chris had a steak wrap, like Cody, and Jool enjoyed the fish 'n chips. As an appetizer we ordered the warm crab/cream cheese dip to share.

Oh, and there was beer.

And wine.

Chris with his token 'red beer'. One of several. Cody was our DD but did order a Stella, which eventually Chris and I helped him finish:
The girls and a glass of white wine. I look drunk in the picture. Well, I suppose I probably was!:
I had intended on snapping so many more pictures, including a good one of Cody & Jool for the blog, but alas, I did not. Damn wine! We made fun of Cody's 'pose'...he always has his eyebrows up in pics. Chris always has to have one of his many goofy faces:
The Stella. Chris isn't really a fan, but, he took one for the team anyway: A self-pic, courtesy of Jool:
After supper we made a quick stop at the LCC and then returned to our place. There was more wine. There was half songs sung by guitar (Chris doesn't yet know a full song on the guitar! heh). There was Wii. There was Survivor. There were many laughs, and a huge longing to have our dear friends back on the Island with us. *sigh* Unfortunately, today marks their departure date, and it's back to Calgary they go. We love and miss you guys terribly...and a trip out West is definitely on our radar. Travel safely...xo.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I've taken to wearing socks and long pants again...*sigh*. Good-bye summer, good-bye.

This was the temperature this morning at about 5:30am. I didn't take the photos, Chris did. He had a scheduled Chris-Cody day today so must have been a little excited and couldn't sleep. I was still in the confines of my warm bed, wearing long-sleeved and long-panted winter pjs.

A frosty windshield. A frosty lawn, and a frosty outside temperature. Bah!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Oh weekend, how I miss thee...

What a fantastic weekend behind me! Saturday Chris and I attended Thomas and Bobbie Jo's wedding, which was all kinds of awesome. Thomas was Chris' first roommate, and they became fast friends. He adores Thomas - big, bright smile on his face as soon as his name gets mentioned. Thomas rocks...literally, and figuratively. Literally, he is a musician, composing and playing his own music. Figuratively, he's a pretty amazing human being with deep passion for what he loves, including Bobbie Jo. They're the type of couple who can display their love for one another without it appearing sickeningly sweet, too. As the small gathering on the wedding day was reserved for family and close friends only, we felt very priviledged to be a part of such a special crowd.

Sunday morning/early afternoon we met up with Cody & Jool for breakfast (third chosen locale finally offering us breakfast!). Cody & Jool are visiting from Calgary, and we've been lucky enough to get together a few nights last week. Sunday they were heading to Halifax for a few days, so we met for breakie prior to their departure. Hopefully we'll have another chance to hang out with them before they head back. We miss them so :(.

After breakfast, seeing that it was a rainy, dark day, Chris & I opted to go to the video store to rent a few DVDs. We rented "State of Play", and "One Week". Both were really good movies, but if I was to pick my favourite out of both it would be One Week, hands down. I'd meant to catch that in the theatres actually, but missed out. It's a touching story, and Canada plays a major role in the movie, with a superb Canadian soundtrack and breath-taking Canadian landscapes as Joshua Jackson's character travels from Toronto to Vancouver in a journey of reflection and self-awareness. If you've not yet seen this movie, you must (my movie picking abilities have also been redeemed).

Back to the grind with another week ahead of me...sad isn't it, how we bide our time til the next weekend? The next two weeks are big weeks for tv watching though, with new seasons beginning and new shows, too. The inner tv junkie in me is utterly thrilled. How 'bout the rest of ya'll? How did you spend last weekend?

Monday, 14 September 2009

Goodbye to you, Patrick....

Today Patrick Swayze succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the young age of 57. A bright light has dimmed, and hearts are breaking all over the world. He was a true talent, and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Patrick.... :(

Forever in a Moment*

The warm sun shone brightly on Saturday, and kissed the beginning of a shared life for Thomas and Bobbie Jo. They were married in an intimate outdoor service at New Glasgow Country Gardens. It was a gorgeous backdrop for a beautiful ceremony. Chris & I felt very honored to be a part of their special day - as it was mainly family that were in attendance. Never before have I seen two people so in love. There was something altogether different and special about watching them watch each other, and seeing the growing excitement that the two of them share. They're inspiring, really. I wish them unending happiness and love, always....xo.

Here are some pictures of the day...

Congratulations Thom & Bobbie Jo!!!!!!!!!!

*Title borrowed from Thomas; it's the name of a song he wrote for Bobbie Jo, and sung to her during the reception. His recorded version of the song also played at the dance as the final dance.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Moment of Silence...

Eight years have passed, but the pain & sorrow of what was lost will live on forevermore.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ellen on Idol

Out goes Paula, in comes Ellen. I couldn't be more delighted :)

(CNN) -- Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will join the judges' panel on "American Idol" for the show's ninth season beginning in 2010, a Fox spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres brings years of experience in front of a live audience to her role.

"I'm thrilled to be the new judge on American Idol," DeGeneres said Wednesday. "I've watched since the beginning, and I've always been a huge fan. So getting this job is a dream come true, and think of all the money I'll save from not having to text in my vote."
The popular comedian and entertainer will fill a seat left vacant by Paula Abdul, who announced she was leaving the show in August after eight seasons.

DeGeneres will sit alongside Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi after auditions are completed for the popular talent show, which starts in January. Until then, guest judges including Mary J. Blige, Kristin Chenoweth, Joe Jonas and Neil Patrick Harris will fill the empty slot, Fox said.

"We are thrilled to have Ellen DeGeneres join the
"American Idol" judges' table this season. She is truly one of America's funniest people and a fantastic performer who understands what it's like to stand up in front of audiences and entertain them every day," said Mike Darnell, president of Alternative Entertainment for Fox.

"We feel that her vast entertainment experience, combined with her quick wit and passion for music, will add a fresh new energy to the show."

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

On compromises and blood loss...

So last night upon saying hello to Christopher as I made it home from work I kind of suggested perhaps we should go out for supper. He figured we should stay in and make something instead. (Yeah, yeah, yeah; he was right). He happened to mention that he was going to start to clean potatoes until he saw that the sink was full of dirty dishes...and gave me that 'look'. We'd been at his parents' house for supper the night prior, and frankly, I didn't feel like cleaning the kitchen when we returned home. Immediately my back feathers went up and I took a stand for all womankind when I retorted, "I'm not your cleaner".

Chris, equally as defensive, came back with a, "I'm not your cook".


You see, Christopher and I have a compromise relationship. He cooks, and I clean. It works nicely since I'm not a fantastic cook, and he doesn't seem to, well..., clean up after himself overly well. On the occasion I will cook, but for the most part, this compromise seems to work well for us, and Christopher is getting to be quite the little cuisinart.

So, I trod into the kitchen to empty the dishwasher in preparation for cleaning up the sink and countertops to make way for a start on supper. As I was emptying the utensils into their appropriate slots I just happened to put my hand down on a rather serated knife. I didn't quite realize the severity of it all until I glanced down after noticing that my fingers kinda hurt...and saw the dripping blood. I called out to Chris that I'd cut myself; that I'd cut myself really bad. That there was a lot of blood (neither of us are good with the sight of blood. At all).

Chris mentally prepared himself for the worst (later telling me he half expected to be on a search for a missing fingertip). He walked into the kitchen with coaching words, "It's going to be ok; it's going to be ok" --to himself, not to me, the injured party.

Turns out the tip of my finger is ok - it was really just a slice down on two of my fingerpads - one worse than the other. The way Chris came to action to help was very touching, indeed. I'm glad he was there to unwrap the bandaids when I was lightheaded. Thanks hunny! xox

I'm getting used to feeling my pulse in my fingertip.

And I got treated to a delicious Pizza Delight supper.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

To teach a brilliant mind...

I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework. ~Lily Tomlin as "Edith Ann"

Thanks to Salty, I have had Michael Bolton streaming in my head relentlessly all day long. I could also start into a litany of complaints as to how poopy I'm starting to feel, but I won't. In honour of it being the 'first day of school', I will instead recount the teachers that have influenced me through the years:

Kindergarten - Mrs. MacRae - she was a plump, red-cheeked lady with short dark hair. She reminded me a lot of my mom, and I think that fact helped secure a love of school as that 'comfort of home' sort of followed me to school. She also helped me shed my uncertainties and fear in walking to school on my own with the deal (bribe?) she posed whereby I got a special present if I let go of Dad's hand and walked to school by myself every day for a week. I won the prize? A deck of "Old Maid" cards. I played that game til those cards were nearly faded.

Grade 1 - Mrs. Runion - I remember the name because she introduced her name with, "it rhymes with onion". Sadly I don't recall much about the woman...but I do remember a day in her classroom where I sneezed into my hands and it was messy. Very messy. And I was too shy to ask for a tissue so just rubbed 'em on my pants. Classy, I know. To this day I plug my nose when I sneeze unless there's a tissue in my hand.

Grade 2 - Mrs. Lamb - she had short, curly hair (like a 'fro) and wore quilted vests (as were likely the 'rage' in the late 70's I'm sure). No exciting events from this year that I can recall, either. I remember studying the wall above the chalkboard to learn my letters though and always had issues with "Q".

Grade 3 - Mrs. Darnley - she was a straight-laced conservative woman who spoke with a British accent, and had her grey hair styled in a Dorothy Hamil mushroom cut. I remember her being very strict, but nothing glaring about our time together. I do remember one of the kids puking on his desk in her classroom. Amazing what the memory retains, eh?

Grade 4 - Mr. Ferdinand - he taught my older brother and that gave us a bit of a 'bond' that the other pupils didn't have with him. Our classroom was in a portable outside the school, and it was a split class with Grade 5 and Grade 6. He was always smartly dressed in a suit & tie, and was very soft-spoken. I took a real shine to him, and even sent him a letter after we'd moved to PEI, to which he responded to in his best teacher penmanship & proper letter format. I still have the letter.

Grade 5 - Mrs. Smith - One of her most common phrases was, "alrighty, alrighty". She influenced my love of Judy Blume and reading in general with our required RSSR (? required silent scheduled reading?) intervals. Some days we read our own books; some days she read to us. Years later when I was working at Harveys she remembered me, claiming, "I'd never forget those eyes".

Grade 6 - Mr. Whelan - I remember Mr. Whelan to be very dynamic and very involved with his teaching. It wasn't a surprise to later find his name on cast lists for various plays I've attended. He falls into my 'top 3' favourite teachers of all. He was very encouraging.

Grade 7 - Mr. May - He looked a little like a chipmunk and sometimes would spit when he talked. I adored him, though, and I think he was a very positive role model for me, especially when it came to English. He always praised my handwriting too.

Grade 8 - Ms. Sutherland - she had a deep voice and the stature of a football player. She drove a convertible. She would always catch Lori & I chatting in class and we got in trouble a lot for it.

Grade 9 - Mrs. Smith - She was always the teacher people feared the most in junior high. Behind her back, students nicknamed her "killer Carma". She was strict, yes, but an excellent teacher. I actually felt guilty when receiving my geography mark that year (or, as she pronounced it, "geographreeee"). She pushed her pupils to their fullest potential and as such, also falls into my top 3 teachers of all time.

Grade 10 - Mr. MacInnis - if you're an avid tv fan and pay attention to commercial ads and recall an ad where a monotone voice states the obvious, "Slight shedding problem?", after seeing a fluffy kitty sneeze and blow all her fur all over the staircase, then you have a picture of what Mr. MacInnis sounded like. He was my homeroom teacher as well as my science teacher. I didn't excel in the science department, put it that way. He didn't spawn any excitement for learning it, either *yawn*.

Grade 11 - Mrs. McQuaid - she was the French teacher and her personality took a complete 360 between grades 10 and 11 (or 11 and 12?) when she hit the 'change'. She was short, had dark hair and glasses...and now in retrospect, reminds me a lot of Judy Judy. She was always nice to me and I thought her fair.

Grade 12 - Mrs. Cannon - I adored her. She was the chemistry/geometry teacher and was one of the kindest and gentlest people you'd ever meet. She reminded me of a typical 'grandmotherly' figure. Her credited quote was "no worky, no marky". She loved Dilly Bars from DQ.

A big "thank you" to one and all, and those in between... be kind to your teachers, for it is they who shape who you are meant to be :).

Monday, 7 September 2009

And then there was Salty...

Just when I thought they couldn't surpass their wit they surprised me yet this one is my new favourite.

Dear Knorr people - you make me laugh

I enjoy Knorr's marketing department - this has been one of my favourite commercials for a long time...

Happy Labour Day*

Wow here I am on another Monday with about as little to report as the meager blog posts that have been the norm of late. It's Labour Day, and tomorrow marks the beginning of a new school year for folks. This year, as in other years, I miss the hustle & bustle that is 'back to school shopping'. I miss the new clothes, the new shoes, and the new fresh pencils and scribblers. Girl math makes me figure I should just go out and buy myself a new outfit and pair of shoes because it's 'back to school' season, even though technically I'm not going back to school. What do ya'll think?

The cooler weather is upon us...I actually put long pants and socks on yesterday, but this morning on the way to work I still put on my sandals. I'm just not ready to give in to Fall yet! Perhaps a new pair of shoes will help me ease in a little easier?

Aaaanyway -- one of the things that I did manage to do on the weekend was a framed scrapbook page with Thomas & Bobbi Jo's wedding invitation. Their wedding is this coming Saturday. There is a lot of talented musicians in the mix, and apparently, an 'instrument for everyone', so the dance should prove to be interesting and entertaining to say the least! That's something that I will have to look forward to to get me through another long work week with mandatory OT...

Hope your week treats you well :)

*Post edited to add the Canadian 'u'...thanks Carmen ;)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Happy Birthday Kimberley!

Happy Birthday to one of my very favourite peeps! Kimberley's one of those friends that I don't get to see as often as I'd like. Fortunately, the friendship we share is one of those friendships where you can go without seeing the person for a period of time and pick up right where you both left off (that doesn't make it 'better' that I don't see her more though!). She's a kind soul with a big heart, and fights for what she believes in. She's an amazing mom, loving & accepting wife, and a wonderful friend. I hope your day is special, Kim, and I hope the year ahead brings you more happiness than you can stand. I look forward to our next meeting at the Pepperoni Palace to have an opportunity to raise a glass of wine to toast the wonderful person that you are! xoxo

Friday, 4 September 2009


I know, I know, I know... I'm overdue again. Turns out I'm really only writing this post because I'm overdue for one. I'm in a mood.

I feel like I'm in a nuthouse...over-stimulation....chatter, chatter, giggles, door squeak, photocopier whirring, door squeak, cackle cackle, snort, chatter, chatter...

It's like it keeps getting louder.

On a positive note - it's payday! ... Too bad I have $62 left to live on for the next two weeks once the bills are paid.

Le sigh. Sometimes I do sorely miss the 'sandbox days' of childhood.