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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


You greeted me every single time with an, "Oh hello!!", like you were truly greeting an old friend.  You always had a genuine smile on your face.  Every single time I passed through the drive-thru to your greeting and smile you took the time to chat before I pulled away.  I remember how excited you were when you found out I, too, had an affection for flavored coffee.  I remember the look of anticipation on your face as you urged me to try the latest flavor, offering it to me free if I could guess.

I barely knew you.

You were the 'coffee guy'.  The guy that was working every.single.time I went there.  You knew me by my car and had my regular order on your tongue before I had a chance to give it.

I didn't even know your name until I saw it on your obituary.

My heart breaks for your family and friends.  And I'm truly sorry I never got to know you better.

Rest in peace, Andrew.