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Saturday, 29 December 2012

It's been so long I almost forgot a title

Wowsers; it's been a long time.  Sometimes you get away from something for so long you wonder if you should bother returning (read: going to the gym, for example).  Or maybe that's just me (sure is for the gym example, anyway).  I started a few posts in the past few months. They're in drafts.  I removed a few more "personal" posts, after some prompting from someone very close to me. Probably smart, but that's not saying that I have not thought long and hard about starting up a brand new, completely annonymous blog that allows me to type whatever I want, uncensored and unfiltered.  Remaining annonymous would be key so I couldn't even tell you where to find me. Just look for a blog that speaks the truth - the hard, unbearable truth, and ask if it's me.  I probably won't tell though ;). 

So how're you all doing?  I trust you all had a good Christmas holiday?  Mine was lovely.  Lots of family time.  Chris' family was extended this year, so we split our time up as best we could to optimize time spent with them.  His grandmother, his two uncles and their wives (and one dog) joined his parents for Christmas  Eve, and Christmas Day.  Mom & Todd remained on the Island this year, so I opted to spend the majority of Christmas Day, including supper, at home this year while Chris was with his own family.  I did miss him, and his family (and his momma's delicious turkey supper), but realistically, who knows how many more Christmas' I'll have with momma, so the decision was easy.  Chris and I did share a special Christmas morning, though, complete with giddy-like-a-kid-can't-sleep-anymore-cuz-there's-presents-waiting-to-be-opened anticipation, and a breakfast including Todd's just-like-Dad-made-it stuffing with eggs, bacon, and coffee 'n Baileys (mmm, perfection), and I did join the W's much of Christmas Eve, and for a few hours Christmas night.  Boxing Day was spent jammy-clad, complete with a  Big Bang Theory marathon, and snugglin' with a movie by the light of the Christmas tree (more perfection).

Zoe hopes you all had a purrr-fect Christmas

As we embark on a new year ahead of us, I'm reflecting on all the goodness in my life, and I'm very thankful for all that I have, and am looking forward to a new year filled with new possibilities, and hoping for many more snugglin' with a movie kinda nights, and much more time spent with family and my closest friends.  I hope the magic of your own Christmas spent with those closest to you can also stay with you throughout the year ahead.  I'll try to be more diligent with the whole blogging thing, too.  You know I'm not that great with the resolution thing, but I'll try, just for you... xo.