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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

something about a red flag

It's the final week, and Ben's down to his final two choices for the "love of his life".  Lindzi or Courtney?  The setting is beautiful Zermatt, Switzerland, and Ben brings his momma and his sister to help him with his tumultuous decision.  Ben's sister begins the evening with a bit of foreshadowing, perhaps, with her definition of red flag:  "the girl that generally doesn't get along with the other girls"... That's right!!  We need you to talk some sense into your brother before it's too late!

Lindzi-with-a-zee is the first to meet the fam and she has a very hard time keeping her fork in her hand.  Obviously her nerves and the stress of it all are getting to her, as her makeup is a little extra thick trying to hide that big-ass chin zit; despite her attempts, it's still showing.  Thankfully she opted for a light pink lipstick as opposed to the sugar-donut blend.  She did okay though, securing sissy's doubts about the red flag girl, and ultimately getting her seal of approval.  Did anyone else notice the disappointment in Ben's face and voice when he got the news that Lindzi was a keeper in Julia's eyes?

Courtney is up next and she immediately gets her defenses up, blaming the other girls being too 'judgey' on the dissention amongst them, trying to save herself from their criticisms and concerns. In true Court-the-manipulator fashion, she then turned on her 'sweet' side, and declared her undying love for Ben.  At first I thought Julia was smarter than that. I thought her spidey sense knew better, and I was cheering her on for creating doubts in Ben's mind...only to have her declare that she'd learned a hard lesson in not judging a book by its cover.  Did all the rest of America collectively GAG with me in that moment of time??  What the eff?? What about that ref flag, Julia??

So basically we all know at that moment who he'll choose since he got the family "approval", and Lindzi-with-a-zee's final date is just a formality.  He whisks her off in a horse and carriage (hey, at least there was a horse, right?), and they have a picnic in a gondola high above the snow-capped peaks.  Is that another zit on your face, Lindzi?  Once this is all over with you should be able to get a better handle on your complexion.  Ben reassures Lindzi that she's doing really well opening up about herself and her feelings.  Atta boy, Ben, stick that knife in a little deeper.  She ultimately confesses her undying love for him, and outwardly accepts the proposal that she's never ever going to actually hear him say.

Courtney's final date is next, and of course, they take another helicopter. They fly over the Matterhorn and picnic beside a lake, make snow angels, and go sledding.  {GAWD her voice irritates me.  That stupid baby talk is nauseating. How is she a model, anyway?}  She seals her fate with a scrapbook and a love letter.  I hear she borrowed her "vows" for the mock wedding from Sex & the City. I wonder what 'inspiration' she used for the letter?  Maybe it was more SATC - I've never been a big fan, so I don't know (lemme know if anything sounded 'familiar', all you SATC fans).  They have a bit of a fireside chat, and a familiar mood erupts, as she lays on more of a guilt-trip regarding Ben discussing her "issues" with the other girls with his family.

America prays for a change of heart...he continues to mention how 'risky' proposing to Courtney might be, and alludes to a few doubts...  Realistically if he just opted to avoid proposing to either one, he could save face..........

He faces Lindzi first, declaring that he'd "fallen in love with her" but it wasn't enough to last a lifetime (can't you just see the new zits forming on her poor face?)...and in true desperation mode, she declares, "if it doesn't work out, call me".  Really?  Really? Did you really just say that?  He chose Courtney OVER you, and you'd actually consider giving him another chance down the road to be sloppy seconds?  Wow.

Knowing he has something to fall back on, he announces to Courtney that she's his "forever" and does get down on bended frickin' knee...

I give them a frickin' month.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Today marks the day that we move our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Savings Time.  It's my LEAST favourite day of the year.  I want my hour back.

We're supposed to be "springing forward" to welcome spring in all its warmth and glory.  Despite an unseasonably warm Thursday with a high of 10 Celcius, it was -10 last night as we hit the covers and immediately lost an hour of precious sleep as soon as we hit the pillow.  Each year I try to get to bed just an extra bit early to prepare for the loss, but, it seems that every year I don't make that a reality.  Last night was no exception.  So yeah, I'd like my hour back, please.  I might be slightly affected by the almost full bottle of Pinot consumption last night, but, I think I'd still be bemoaning that hour had I huddled under the duvet at 10pm.  Bah!  Least I had an extra day to the weekend, so that seems to have helped.  I had a great night out with some old friends last night, too.  We reminisced, and we laughed til we could barely breathe. There was a chocolate fountain. And there were cheesies (the big, fat, fluffy, melt in your mouth kind).  SO fun!   Now, despite a heavy head, the second load of laundry is churning, and I have Chris' momma's homemade turkey supper to look forward to in a few short hours.  So, I guess I was able to make the best of it, even if I wasn't able to grab a longer cat nap on the couch ;). 

What do you do to adjust to the time change?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

it's jus' not the same 'round these here parts

Well, I will absolutely admit that it was never my intent to make this blog solely about reality tv (namely, the Bachelor for gawd's sake...), it got that way on its own.  We can blame hectic scheduling, supreme laziness, the Home & Garden Channel (mmm...Bryan Baeumler), a mild addiction to Bejewelled, and the discovery of Pinterest.  I've been at this blog for a few years now, and I want to keep it going, so the weekly ramblings about the show have at least kept it alive.  So, yeah, thanks for sticking around.  For those who have given up on me, I'm sorry. 

So, what's new, you ask?  On a day by day basis, not a whole lot to be honest. We're still grappling with the idea of putting the mini-home up for sale to get into something larger.  Chris keeps saying "this is the year".  We've had the itch to move onward every spring, but this is the first time he's ever actually put a timestamp on it.  There's a whoollllle lotta getting ready to do to sell though.  Much decluttering...much staging...oh, and the small task of painting every frickin' wall in the joint.  After ample hours of HGTV behind me, I'd also really like to refinish the cabinets, change out the hardware, remodel the bathroom completely, and change the el cheapo light fixtures to maximize the sale potential, but, all of that is just typed words and thoughts.  Stay tuned to your inboxes, though friends, there might just be an upcoming painitng party invite on your horizon.  We'll pay in beer!  And we'll be your designated driver for the event!

The house today is quiet, aside from the sound of obnoxious snoring in the other room (hey, in a larger house, I suppose there's even the possibility that I could steal away to a space where I couldn't hear the snoring, huh?).  Chris just got back from a 2 week stint at a new warehouse that Hobbies is opening in Ontario.  Once again, leaving him at the airport brought me to tears. I did fine up til I got to the doors to leave. When did I become such a wuss?  I still blame hormones.  I did fine though.  I even shovelled.  That's a huge feat in itself.  Trust me.  The house stayed relatively tidy for the entire time he was gone.  I got caught up on a lot of sleep, and I managed to busy myself quite well for the whole time.  I just happened to have had yesterday as a scheduled day off (booking a float on a full moon Friday; yes, that was entirely my strategy), so I was able to pick him up at the airport.  So now, less than 24 hours later, the kitchen table is full, the blankets on the other couch are strewn, the laundry basket has grown exponentially, and I was back to stuffing both ears with ear plugs trying to will myself to sleep before he got onward to his next round of buzzsawing.  But it's all good.  It all feels right again despite all that.

I think I hear him stirring...and the snoring has stopped. Perhaps I ought to go grab another cuddle...

Looks like it's going to be a nice day out there -- hope you all enjoy a fantastic weekend, with your own cuddles to look forward to.

Monday, 5 March 2012

"You're like the chihuahua in the house; you just DON'T stop talking"*

Well folks, the popcorn is popped, the fireplace is toasty, I'm snuggled up under the cozy throw, and the ladies are about to hit the spotlight.  From the intro alone, I think I'm in for a fun evening. I'm pretty tired tonight, so I think this rundown will be pointform, so I can dash to bed as the credits roll (that will already be an hour past my 'bedtime').  Heeeere we go!
  • Yeah, so Bachelor Pad 3, eh?  And a return of Ed & Ali?  Bring it!
  • Ok I almost went to bed as soon as Samantha started yapping.  Thank GAWD she didn't last long in the house. Can't.stand.her.
  • Shawntel really must realize that she's way cuter than Erika, right? Cause she is.
  • WHY'D they have to go and replay that terrible 'kiss' with Jamie?  Once, again, it was all kinds of uncomfortable.
  • I think THIS season's Emily should be the next Bachelorette.
  • Who told Nicki that the toga-look was a good look for her, anyway?  Tonight's dress wasn't quite as bad as the rose ceremony dress - but it's close.
  • WHY is Kacie sporting .... sideburns?!? Sorta reminds me of Teen Wolf
  • Who is Casey S anyway?
  • I don't believe Courtney's remorse for one millisecond!  Nor do I believe her tears (err, the one tear that fell and stained her face). I did enjoy the barrage of hostility that she faced (truth be told I rewound it and watched it again).
  • The blooper reel was pretty funny.
Finale in 7 days, folks...muddy foundation and sugared lips aside, I'm rooting for Lindzi-with-a-zee. That, or the fact that he opts to pick neither one and heads back to the land of the boots & spurs to reclaim Nicki.  We shall see...  Bed's calling. Nite ya'll.

*Brittney to Samantha; there appeared to be a lot of chihuahuas on the show, though, huh?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Happy Birthday Julie!

I'm happy to call the beautiful gal to the right one of my very, very best friends.  This is Julie, and she's celebrating a birthday today!  How I wish I could have joined in on the East Coast celebration last night in the Yukon with her! 

Julie, you're beautiful, inside, and out.  You're a wonderful friend.  Your smile brightens up the darkest of rooms.  Your laugh brings a smile to the grumpiest of grumps.  You deserve the utmost of happiness, and I hope the year ahead brings you more smiles, laughter and happiness than you can fit in your heart.  I love you dearly, my sweet, sweet, friend....xoxoxo

A friend is a hand that is always holding yours, no matter how close or far apart you may be. A friend is someone who is always there and will always, always care. A friend is a feeling of forever in the heart.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Today, we shall eat cake...

...for, it is a very special day.  My BonBon is celebrating a birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Jon.  He makes 50 look pretty freaking appetizing, wha?