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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Melissa turns 30 today! Last night, Chris & I went to Bobbi-Jo's house to celebrate. We bbq'd, sat out on the patio sipping on a few drinks, got eaten by the mosquitoes (well I did at least), and enjoyed nibbling on some chocolate cake. Here is a pic of her posing with the homemade cakes Kathleen's daughters made for her.

Happy Birthday to a stand-up girl - one I can always depend on for an understanding ear; one who understands my unique sense of humor, and one who I've shared many a side-splitting belly laugh with. You are someone I look up to beyond words; you're a strong, independent woman. You've been dealt a few hands most of us would never ever be able to deal with - and you've come out on top, every time. You're an inspiration to us all. I love you to bits, babe...Happy Birthday.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Road Rage

Dear lady in the red Toyota Echo -

Why don't you learn to merge before you start flipping people the bird? And your little hand motion as if to signal me to 'move a little faster'? That just sealed your idiocy. Were you in a rather large hurry today, my sweet? I can only hope that some flashing red & blue lights are in your future.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Living for the weekend....

I haven't been very good at this blogging thing lately. I've not been overly inspired to write about anything blog-worthy, to be honest, and I'm not sure how long my readers will last if I just keep reporting my mundane "life events". I would like to be the type of blogger who writes thought-provoking or inspirational posts. When I look at my posting history...meh - not so much, eh? Nevertheless...thanks for hanging in there, peeps... It's been a loooooooong week. Required overtime with a crappy mid-day shift - all I've done is work, sleep, watch tv and eat horribly. Perhaps after a long weekend I'll feel rejuvenated and inspired, and have something better to write about? You can keep hoping :)

Originally I was supposed to be meeting up with Lana and Lori after work for nachos or something at BP - but that's been postponed so I'm now at home. I have to kind of admit that I was a bit relieved to have the night free to just go home and vegg. However, I'm now craving nachos or something. Chris is busily preparing for his weekend ahead at the Mudrooters, taking Spin Photo on-site there - offering personalized on-site prints of the trucks. (If you're into that sort of thing, the races are this Sunday in Desable). Soooo my guess is he won't want to head out for nachos or something. Instead, I've gotten into my jammies, am sipping on a rootbeer, and chomping on Doritos. The tv is on in the background as I sit here and blog. A new show is on, "America's Toughest Jobs", where contestants test their endurance by trying out tough jobs to compete for a grand prize. The first job they are doing is crab fishing in the Bering Sea (a la "Deadliest Catch"). There's vomit-a-plenty...the first guy to puke having a bait bucket shoved in his face to puke into it...apparently to help them catch fish. Suddenly, the stinky Doritos aren't as appealing.

It's a busy weekend ahead - Angela has a stamp sale tomorrow morning I'd like to try to get to. Tomorrow afternoon/evening Chris wants me to go out to the track in Desable to help him set up for Sunday, and then tomorrow night Bobbi-Jo & Kelly are hosting a birthday party for Melissa. She turns 30 Sunday. Kelly is also home from NWT, so it will be nice to see her. Sunday, we're supposed to be camping with the neighbors, and then Monday we have passes for the stock car races/demolition derby. The weather forecast isn't looking too promising, however - so I'm not too sure if all of that will happen. Would I be deeply depressed if it pissed-down rain all weekend long forcing us to stay in and snuggle with a few movies? Probably not :)

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend :)

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Four Dudes Doin' Anne Murray

So last night we had the "pleasure" of not one, but two songs by our Idol contestants. The initial line up had the guys singing Anne Murray songs, as she was their mentor for the evening. The second installment of songs were the contestants' choice. Despite being more entertained by the thunder & lightning storm last night, here are my thoughts on the show anyway:

1) Mitch - "Cotton Jenny" - Captain Nasal...Ew. I don't like you; you won't win. If you do, I will quit watching CI.
2) Earl - "Killing me Softly" - What.the.eff.WAS.that? I think I disliked that more than I disliked Mitch. And I disliked Mitch.
3) Drew - "Hey Daddy" - I had this album as a kid! I listened to it all the time, and truth be told, the album is likely still in Mom's basement. I liked Drew's rendition! I liked it a lot. And his eyes - still captivating. I think he'd make a good Canadian Idol :).
4) Theo - "You Don't Know Me" - I thought it had a Michael Buble flair, and I enjoyed it.

Take 2

1) Mitch - "People You've Been Before" - I enjoyed that less than his first performance of the night.
2) Earl - "The Joker"- suppose a song talking about toking is an appropriate one for Earl, isn't it? He has no melody to his voice at all. He looks and sounds lazy.
3) Drew - "Gravity" - Well done, son! I loooooooove this song, and I think he did it justice, and agree with Farley that it was a 'lighter' blues - and did I mention I like his eyes?
4) Theo - "Chariot" - piano dancing, eh? He's a good singer, and a good performer. Good job, Theo :)

Bottom 2: Mitch & Earl
Going home: BYE BYE MITCH

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sad to see the weekend end

Words cannot express how fantastic Friday night's Matt Andersen concert was... St Mary's Church in Indian River was built in 1902, and it has a vaulted wooden ceiling, providing world- renowned acoustics. It's known as one of the top 10 places in the world to perform. The Indian River Festival is held every year, and this year marks the first year Matt has performed there (I can only hope the first of many more to come). He remarked that it was the 'prettiest place he'd ever performed'. He played to a full house...the crowd completely silent as he belted out his soulful lyrics, and demonstrated his incredible guitar moves. As an encore, he had the crowd up on their feet, singing along to "Wagon Wheel", ending with him unplugging and walking up & down the aisle, completely acoustic. Again, if you've not yet had an opportunity to see this man perform, you've done yourself a disservice...go at your next opportunity (which just so happens to be a folk festival in Summerside next month).

Saturday, I got up early, and cleaned the house while listening to Matt on the iPod. I managed to get 4 loads of laundry done, the floors swept and scrubbed, the bathroom & kitchen cleaned, and the rug vacuumed. I felt very accomplished - and was impressed with myself that I got as much done as I did seeing as it was so hot. My only regret was not getting outside to enjoy the beautiful day. Saturday evening, we joined Steve, Wanda, Mary Ellen, Patrick, Leann & Cindy at the races. I hadn't been out there for YEARS...since I dated Weasel. I had a good time. It was a special night of racing being that the Maritime Prostock tour was there, and the finale was a hundred lap race. 25 stock cars racing on a short track led to some interesting moments to say the least.

Today was another beautiful, warm day, so Chris & I took advantage of it. He had to head out to the North Shore to track points of his upcoming photo tour, so we both headed out with cameras in hand to see what was photo-worthy. We ended up first at Cavendish Beach, staying there a long time. We walked along the beach and through the Dunelands. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the beach:

After Cavendish, we headed to North Rustico, stopping at the gift shop on the wharf - and to our delights, hearing the sounds of Matt as we walked in! The girl at the cash is a personal friend of Matt's. Very cool! We ate supper at Amanda's Restaurant in North Rustico (very good), and finished our day at New Glasgow Country Gardens. It's pretty late in the season, so a lot of the flowers looked half-dead, but I did manage to take some pictures of a few nice flowers. We had a homemade ice cream there, and then called it a day.

Sunburned, and tired from the walking, we shall sleep well tonight!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Life's Little Detours

Sorry readers...didn't mean to neglect, the "last supper" didn't kill me - I'm still percolating (though I ate enough to feed a small country, but I digress...).

I'm soooooooo glad it's Friday...but I'm sooooo wishing I had been able to use some banked time to take today off...the construction on the Causeway has reached a pivotal point...closing down completely until Monday. So, this morning I had to take the detour to work, from work, and to work again on Monday morning (let's just say we'll be staying on the Cornwall side of the Island for the remaining parts of this weekend). I left this morning at quarter after 7, and was 10 minutes late for an 8 oclock shift. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get home...usually a 15 minute drive. It got to the point that they were re-routing the detour traffic. I've never been so glad to pull into the 'hood before!

The weather is predicting a scorcher of a weekend, so I do hope to take advantage of it at some point. Tonight we're off to Indian River to see Matt. I'm SO excited!!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Happy Hump Day...

First an update on the boob tube: Mitch really must have some fans with sore dialing appendages. He wasn't even one of the bottom 2 last night. Startling - disturbing, even. Of the four that are left, I would dare say that Theo should be the ultimate winner of the competition. We'll see...seems my predictions haven't been very good :P. As for BB - They really should boot Jerry...he's been there too long - he needs to go home and rest... yet, I'm certain it'll be April that goes. She's a witch too, but I can stand to hear her talk at least.

I'm joining a work pal tonight after work for another 'final supper'. You may recall an older post where I vowed for 'change'...heh. Well, that kinda went here I am again. We're forming a 'chub club' (those who become winded whilst climbling up a flight of stairs need only apply :P). So we figured the best solution to getting the ball rolling was to meet for some supper and talk 'chub'. We will likely dine on something atrociously bad for us, and then top it off with something devilishly sweet....:) ...all the while planning nights we'll then in turn meet to go for walks, and offer each other encouraging words like, "eat the beets, they're good for you", or some such thing. Like I have said before...even criminals before the chair get a last meal, right? Wish me luck...............

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Idols - Mediocre Musings

I have to be honest - I missed the first 20 minutes of CI last night, and what I did see, I didn't pay that much attention to. Perhaps it's because I'm still p.o'd that Canada sent Amberly home. Anyway. As I know my avid readership truly loves my reviews (heh), I will do my best to trace back what I heard.

This week was judges' choice week, where the judges picked Beatles songs for each of the Idols to sing, concentrating on each Idol's "strengths" to accentuate the song.

1) Earl ~ With a Little Help From my Friends - The judges chose this song for him because it has soul. I missed his entire performance, but did catch the recap - and from that smidgen I guess he didn't do as horribly as he could have.
2) Mookie ~ Come Together - his shine is starting to wear thin on me. I think he did well - but everything he sings is starting to sound the same. It wouldn't surprise me if we find him in the bottom 3 tonight.
3) Theo ~ The Long and Winding Road - It was heartfelt. He did well.
4) Mitch ~ In My Life - Send.him.home!
5) Drew ~ While My Guitar Gently Weeps - I think he did well.

In all, nothing struck me as earth-shattering or stellar. It was all pretty 'meh'.

Bottom 3: Mookie, Drew, & Mitch
Going home (PLEASE): Mitch

Monday, 18 August 2008

Sing me a song......

The best idol that never won American Idol: I love me some Chris. Here is a link to him singing an acoustic version of Elton John's "Rocketman"...and in my humble opinion, the original pales in comparison! I've been quoted to say that I just might stand in the rain for my Bon Bon...I just might have to go down saying that I'd also likely stand in the rain for this guy too.

On a sad note...

PEI lost a wonderful man last week. Frank Ledwell died last Thursday at the age of 78. He was PEI's poet laureate from 2005 to 2007, and a university English professor at UPEI. I had the pleasure of being one of his students when I was going to university. He was very kind, soft-spoken, encouraging, and supportive.

He will be sadly missed. My heart goes out to his family.

Full story:

Monday, Monday

Wow - Monday again already, eh? We had a fun weekend! Friday, I had to work a later shift, so Friday night wasn't feeling overly enthusiastic to do much more than sit and watch tv, but Chris lit a fire and we sat outside under the stars. It was a very quiet night - the crackling of the fire all we could hear. We even made s'mores - a treat I've not had since I was a little girl at Brownie camp. It was awesome :).

Saturday, I spent the day at Leanne's, doing a card class. We made 11 cards. She offered full instruction, and a homemade lunch -thanks Leanne - I had a blast!!

Saturday night, Chris & I headed across the street in the teeming rain to have a few sociables with Steve, Wanda, Leann & Wiggy. A few sociables led to a few shooters, which led to another sociable, and then a cab ride to take the crew of us to Yogi's for karaoke. Yes, folks, you read that right - karaoke. I didn't sing, but Chris & Steve did -and it was hilarious. Wiggy couldn't keep the boys away, and Chris charmingly was behind her at every step, watching out for her to make sure she wasn't in a 'compromising situation'. It was sweet - like she had a big brother. We had a fantasic night.

Sunday was an utter and complete write-off for both Chris & I - we managed to get up, shower, and go out for breakfast. I had to drive, on account of Chris feeling as though he shouldn't ... We went to Smittys and although over-priced, it was pretty good. We then landed home thereafter to veg on the couch, and watch a movie ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall" - pretty good!). At suppertime we knew we had to eat something, but did NOT feel like making anything, so headed back out for vitamin M for supper (really is a cure-all for a Sunday hangover, isn't it?).

Another work week ahead...complete with ending the week with Matt Andersen in Indian River! I do hope to see Lana at some point too...she's back from Quebec!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

You never know who's watching you...

To the little boy walking across the parking lot into the building across from my window seat: "clean your bum thoroughly so you're not seen picking at your crack the entire walk from car to doorway".

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Quote of the Day

"If you have a job, you should be able to wipe your own a$$!"

Thank you to my lovelies for an entertaining, theraputic lunch hour. You girls rock :)

Bon Appetit

So the hunny went out the other day to pick up a few groceries...the state of the fridge and cupboards being more than sad.

His bounty included some new potatoes, fish, cereal, milk, bread and sliced turkey lunch meat. Upon embarking on the sandwich making process this morning before he left work, he remarked:

"This lunch meat smells like low tide"...and continued assembling his daily sustenance.

Mmmmmm - yummy.

Reality Bites

Can I just say that I'm just a little shocked by the results of last night's Idol show? Canada - you got it all wrong...and I'm amazed at the number of fans Mitch seems to have to keep his sorry butt there another week...

Another exciting BB last night, with more screaming drama. I don't want to see Keesha go. I don't like Libra in the least but I really don't want to see her go, either...without her, there won't be so much drama, and no drama - well that's just boring. Jerry capturing the PoV gave me some slight hope for a shake up on the nominations (namely, put APRIL'S a$$ up there!)...however, I was sorely disappointed that he failed to use it. His speech was unnecessary; his arrogance is nauseating; his presence in the house doesn't thrill me - in the least.

Monday, 11 August 2008

And *yawn*, now there's 6...

The habit compels me...not the talent:

1) Amberly Thiessen ~ "1,2,3,4" by Feist - Usually a favorite of mine, I wasn't overly thrilled with her performance tonight - did anyone else think she sounded out of breath at the start? She got better towards the end, though. I still like her.
2) Theo Tams ~ "Sweet Ones" by Sarah Sleen - And the kid is back...much better than last week.
3) Mitch MacDonald ~ "I Love this Town" by Joel Plaskett - Oh Egghead...I don't like you. I try to like you, for the sake of you being a fellow "Maritimer"...but I just don't like you. You sing through your nose, and I just don't think it's cool. Methinks it's time to see you wave bye-bye.
4) Earl Stevenson ~ "Little Bones" by the Hip - This performance did ZERO to increase any affection from me - I thought it was ridiculous. I just don't get what the judges see.....
5) Drew Wright ~ "That Song" by Big Wreck - Didn't love it...but I didn't hate it.
6) Mookie Morris ~ "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf - He rocked it.

My picks for the bottom 3: Mitch, Earl & Drew

My pick for who is going home: Egghead (seriously - can you deny the uncanny comparison? I thought not...)

Busy Weekend!

Happy Monday! I can't believe we're at the start of another week again... I had a busy weekend, here's a summary:

Saturday night, I joined some girls from work at the Charlottetown Hotel's Dinner Theatre. As in previous years, the cast did not disappoint - it was fantastic! This year's show is called the "Nearlyweds", entertaining the audience with the Ledwell Wed-Well Pre-Marriage Course. If you're looking for an fun-filled night out full of laughs, with good food to boot - check it out!

I was delighted to see Alicia Altass was starring in this year's theatre. She wasn't on the roster, however, so was standing in for one of the other performers. If you're a regular reader, you'll recall last year's visit to the theatre, where I figured out that the young lady wowing us all was the little girl I used to babysit regularly. She lived across the street from me. I should have known she'd be an entertainer, as she always sang herself to sleep back then. She was also very 'dramatic' if memory serves. Great job, Alicia!!

Sunday, Chris and I fueled up on coffee and breakfast bagels courtesy of Timothys, and headed out driving. We didn't have any major destination in mind. As we drove we saw signs strategically placed along the roadside, including "got soap?"...further down the road there was a u-turn sign advising to turn around if you missed "soap", so we decided to go back, thinking it might be a cool place to visit. We embarked on the Great Canadian Soap Company, where they make handmade goats milk soap. We first stopped to feed the goats:

Chris gets 'up close and personal' with one of them :)

Inside, the owners happily demonstrated how they make the soap, as well as offered everyone a sample of the soap. It was quite neat. We, of course, had to buy a few things there...a few bars of soap later, body cream for me, and two tubs of lip balm, and we were on our way.

Along our travels we noticed road signs pointing out an upcoming petting zoo, so of course we followed. Unfortunately, the owners weren't at home, so we couldn't see all of the animals. There were, however, a few 'in sight', including some horses, pigs, more goats, and a few sheep.

This sheep looked pretty anxious for the owners to return home.

Our drive continued to Savage Harbour ...where we stopped for a few photos:

3 Blue Herons patiently waiting for something to snack on in the water alongside Savage Harbour.
The boats lined up on the wharf at Savage Harbour.
And this little fella stopped for a photo as we made our way down one of the dirt roads to the beach.

All in all, we drove nearly 200kms, arriving home after dark. It was a great day ... a very welcome return to our "Adventure Sunday" days :)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

911 -What's Your Emergency?

It really does take all kinds to make the world go round, doesn't it? If you already didn't think this to be fact, give this a read - you'll surely change your tune:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The sauce for a spicy Italian sandwich was apparently a must have for one Florida man. The man, Reginald Peterson, called 911 twice after a sandwich shop left off the sauce. According to a police report, Peterson initially called the emergency number Thursday so that officers could have his subs made correctly. The second call was to complain that police officers weren't arriving fast enough. Workers at the Subway sandwich shop told police that Peterson, 42, became belligerent and yelled when they were fixing his order. When officers arrived, they tried to calm Peterson and explain the proper use of 911, but those efforts failed, so he was charged with making false 911 calls.

I wonder what the charge cost many spicy Italian sandwiches could he have purchased with the cost of the charges...Good grief!

I can't make this sh!t up -- Source:

Trying to see the sun thru the dark clouds...

It's raining again. I can't remember the last time we had a full day of sun.

I feel "off" this week, and it's c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g by, too. Perhaps I can blame the weather for the speed at which this week is passing? I'm working another week of nights, so of course the shift itself isn't helping. I've also been neglecting the house, and, you guessed it, the laundry. Perhaps living in a messy house is what is making me feel 'off'?...I dunno. I can't seem to crawl out of bed any earlier in the days - and I do good to get my patoot to work on time! Crazy. I really think we should get some more coffee beans in the house. Maybe if I started my day with a coffee right away, I'd have more ambition? Today I feel headachy and my throat is sore too, perhaps I really am coming down with something? Bah!

I'm joining some ladies from work on Saturday evening - we're going to the Charlottetown Hotel's dinner theatre. I've been there for the last few years, and the show never disappoints. I'm very much looking forward to it, so I can't be coming down with something...I'm a firm believer in positive thinking...(no, really, I AM!). So, if I say I can't get sick, I won't. Yeah.

This was a pathetic post. I'm sorry. I'll work on something more thought-provoking next time. Ciao peeps.

P.S. Dear Cleaning Fairy - if you read this post, I could sure use a little visit to the house - thankie.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

What's New Pussycat?

Well it just so happens that I found my full 'glass'... in the form of a full, cold honey brown Rickards :). Nothing like a little beerapy after a hard day. Combine that with a fantastic episode of BB, and here I am.

Holy drama!! The more I see Keesha, the more I like her --is it because she reminds me (thanks to Chris' reference) of Danielle from BB8? ...or is it because she curses like a sailor, like me, and potty mouths have to stick together? Jessie, although a big oaf that likes to stir sh!t up, can have his softer moments when it comes to those he gets along with. He was very good to Michelle, when she was a pouty SORE LOSER (I mean really...did she really think that no one would take the Hawaii trip from her?? - although Libra was a snotty biotch about it - but I wouldn't think anything less of her). The 'moment' between Dan and Jessie was Hallmark-card-worthy...a hug shared between two heterosexual men lasting 17 seconds long though...hmmm. As much as I hate Libra, I'm liking the drama that follows her, so perhaps we can keep her around a bit more. That said, I guess that would mean that we really need to see Memphis go this week...and keep Jessie around a bit longer to keep encouraging Libra's outrageous outrages.

I love Big Brother :)

Now on to Canadian Idol - I have to admit, I enjoyed the 'entertainment' aspect of it...Tom Jones always holds a soft sp0t in my heart since Dad introduced me to his music, and his old stuff reminds me of our 'dances' around the living room. However, I didn't get much agreement out of Chris when I asked him if he'd ever go to a TJ concert ("um, I dontthinkso"). I'd totally go! Anyways, onto the results...of course it's no surprise to bid adieu to Marky-Mark. Maybe Zach should have thrown his panties at him last night after all?

Gosh I'm rambling? *urp* Perhaps it's the beerapy?

Night :)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Pity Party for One

Another damp day - rainy and windy, with the temperature a balmy 13 degrees Celcius at 8am this morning. My wrist hurts, my knee hurts....bring back the sunshine, Mother Nature! I'm working from 11:15 to 9:15 today on required overtime, and I seem to be placed in the Cranky Queue today. The first call demanded a supervisor. I can usually predict how the remaining day will go based on what the first call entailed. Let's just say I wasn't wrong. Sooooo... a summary of my Tuesday:

sore appendages
+ 1.5 hrs required OT
+ cranky customers
= unhappy Amber

So I went and ate something bad for me at lunch. Did it make me feel better? No, just guilty (but it did taste good). Then I add guilt to an already yucky equation, and now get a guilt-ridden, unhappy Amber. Could I embark on any retail therapy on my lunch hour, you ask? That'd be a greeeat big negatory...being in OD over $200 a guilt-ridden, unhappy poor Amber.

Okay, mini pity party is over....I'll now go looking for that half full glass....where'd I put that...??

The Top 7

Ok, seeing as this has sorta become a habit:

1) Mark Day - Bleeding Love ~ Leona Lewis - Meh - he's got that 'loungy'-singer-feel that Simon criticizes so much for on AI. I think he's done his time on Canadian Idol. Not sure what Zach was going for with the panties comment - was he letting him down easy? I think it was unnecessary, yet a bit funny at the same time.
2) Mitch MacDonald - Jealous Guy ~ John Lennon - Better song choice than last week ...less nasaly, but he's still not my favourite, nor will he ever be.
3) Drew Wright - Creep ~ Radiohead - Great song choice for his voice; maybe it helps that I like the song, and I like his pretty eyes, but I think he did a good job. Safe for another week, my young man.
4) Theo Tams - You Had Me ~ Joss Stone - Another example of what 'good song choice' (or in my case whether or not this critic likes the song or not) can do...Normally Theo is one of my favourites of the night. Tonight - notsomuch. I don't think he's in jeopardy, but that performance was not my thing.
5) Mookie Morris - Lola ~ The Kinks - Good, solid Mookie-performance.
6) Amberly Thiessen - Put Your Records On ~ Corrine Bailey - I LOVE HER. Great job. Top 3 of them all, if Canada gets it right - and she may even win it all.
7) Earl Stevenson - Change the World ~ Eric Clapton - He dances like Frankenstein - fortunately for him, this is a singing competition. I'm starting to warm up to him a bit - perhaps he's choosing better songs. The end note was hideous, but for the most part, he did well.

Bottom 3: Mark, Mitch & Drew
Going home: Mark

Monday, 4 August 2008

When one walks around in the nude, one must be very very careful....

Isn't it always the way? You get up to stretch your legs after a long day of drinking and sunbathing in the lose your footing and end up with a puncture wound through the groin from an eight-inch metal rod without so much of a "hello, how do you do?"

Well that's what happened to 34-year-old Gavin Rigby. While sunbathing with some friends near a lake in Gosport, Hants, he got up to use the washroom, when he slipped and fell head first down a slope and landed on the rusty spike, which was sticking out of the ground:

"It went about three inches into my groin but I couldn't free myself. I was just lying there upside down on this spike for about half an hour."

When Rigby was freed, he was taken to hospital in a nearby town. He's since been discharged.So I guess he's doing okay, but he might think about a pair shorts for next time...

Apparently, arriving at the scene in addition to police, and an ambulance were three firecrews including one with special cutting equipment to 'free' the man. Awwwkwaaard!

Taken from:

That's a wrap

Okay, apparently certain readers are getting put off that there hasn't been daily posting. My sincerest apologies...Here, I will try to post for Monday. Sunday, I just didn't post, but you got two posts on Saturday :P.

It's Monday - it's dark, but it stopped raining for a bit, but it's supposed to rain again later. It rained ALL weekend long. I hear the rain held off for this weekend's Eagles concert in Moncton, however, so I'm happy that my friends who made the trek over didn't get soaked...and I hope you had a marvelous time!

Friday night Chris & I grabbed a bite to eat at Cedars (sorry Lana, it was the shawarma...but I'll join you for some as soon as you return!). Thereafter we headed out to run some very important errands (bunny food, photo paper, milk and ice cream), and then headed home to watch a movie. We had purchased The Ring at Wal-Mart last weekend for $5, so watched that.

Saturday as previously mentioned, I did nothing more than nap, FB (even though they took Scrabulous away from me, I've found Scrabble and Wordscraper to keep me busy!), & watch TV. Saturday evening Chris went out to grab the mussels (and beer!) for supper, and we watched another movie, The Girl Next Door -stupid comedy - I (surprise, surprise) fell asleep in the middle of it. Chris then put in Dewey Cox -and he said it was so stupid even he couldn't finish it (I'd retired to the bed as that one got about 15 mins in). So yeah, sleeping, and lazing in front of the TV. Fun.

Sunday, we got up early, watched more TV - Chris worked on a few projects, and then he & I went over to his mom's for turkey supper. She's the only woman I know that will bake a big turkey and all the trimmings in the middle of the summer (and for the record, at my house, we only ever had turkey dinner on 'special occasions', ie, Christmas and Thanksgiving only). It was yummy. We stopped at Shoppers for a few snacks, and then headed home to watch Big Brother (PLEASE vote Libra out...she's a big 'ol "b" with an itch and I can't stand watching her or listening to her anymore!).

So there you have it folks....a mundane account of my mundane weekend events. I'm sure it was titillating. Happy Monday.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Thank You, Mr. Brewmaster!

Sir John A Honey Wheat Ale is now BOTTLED!

Chris surprised me with a little treat tonight... How I LOVE me some John A honey wheat brew. It used to be you could only get this at a Murphy's restaurant...that is unless you wanted to buy a 64 oz growler or keg from the Gahan. How delighted I am that we can now go to our local liquor store to purchase 500ml bottles!

Mmmm......'tis going to go so well with my steamed mussels and new potatoes.

Yeah, living on the Island, especially in the is the bomb :)

Much to do about nothing...

You know when you have an entire weekend ahead of you...when you plan ahead in your mind all that you will accomplish? You know how satisfied you feel after you've thought it out, project by project? That's how I felt yesterday, planning my weekend...knowing that it was going to be rainy... I thought, well, I'll get up early, finish the laundry, finish scrubbing the shower (started by Chris but never really 'finished' this week), straighten up, perhaps sweep & scrub the floors again, and then tackle the bedroom, and the dusting. It's 5pm - have I accomplished any of that? No. I was up at 10am, made it to the couch, checked mail and FB, had a bowl of Cheerios, watched a movie, fell asleep, watched more tv after Chris yelled at me for snoring, and now I'm just back from having my shower. It's 5pm.

I make 'doing nothing' an art, don't I?

There's always tomorrow, right? Too bad that interferes with my weekend plan that I'd so carefully conjured up in my head...Sunday was to be my 'day of nothing'.