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Thursday, 22 December 2011

reminder to search for the true meaning...

So the countdown is on.  Officially, we have only 3 more sleeps til Christmas day.  I've been ready for a while now, including even baking up a few batches of cookies (and if you know me at all, I NEVER BAKE. One of the recipes wasn't even from a pre-made mix!  It might have only been three ingredients, but I mixed them up with my own bare hands!).  Don't get on me though, I actually have 2 more gifts to wrap, and I can't wrap them, because they're not done. And I'm waiting on Christopher to complete them so I can wrap them.  And his poor brother will be opening up a belated Christmas gift because we couldn't fit our heads together to come up with a suitable something to forward along to the poor bugger.  Sorry Shawn!  I promise a little goodie is coming your way soon! 

This past weekend, there was a slight, slight snowfall, and on Sunday night we hit the road to Rustico to view the lights (good thing, too, because it appears we'll be having a green Christmas after a few days of milder temps melting the little snow we did have). Monday night I attended Todd MacLean's music school Christmas concert (starring my dear Chris playing "Greensleeves").  Tuesday night, I shared a lovely evening with some of my best girlfriends with our annual gift exchange, and I've been treated to two lovely dinners for Chris' work Christmas parties.  I've been feeling the little anticipatory butterflies of the holiday excitement, and really have started to look forward to a few happy surprises and quality time spent with my family and friends.  I love Christmas. I'm especially looking forward to it this year, because my momma will be home!  She's been in Ontario the last few years, and it just isn't the same when your family isn't close.  Fred & Belinda are joining us here on the Island on Boxing Day, too. 

Life, as it seems to always do, however, interrupts the reverie to give a devastating reality check.  While I sit in my own little bubble of happiness and dream of sugar plums and all such things, 5 families are forever changed.  Last week, on their way to the airport, 2 young PEI boys along with an Alberta resident were murdered.  Another PEI girl is fighting to recover in an Alberta hospital. Doctors claim that it's a miracle that she wasn't killed.  The incident appears to have been a random act - one that was domestic in nature. One of his victims was an ex-girlfriend of the shooter. The shooter, after having fired many rounds at his intended victims then turned the gun on himself, and he too, died from his wounds. 

I've been wanting to write a post related to this event since it happened, but I haven't been able to put anything into words. Four families have lost a son or daughter.  Their family circle is broken, and while time will mend it somewhat, it will never be the same shape again. A horrific circumstance of 'wrong place, wrong time' proving our own mortality, and the ugly face of reality...I can't get my head around it. My cursor has been flashing in the same spot for so long.  I've typed, and typed over, and re-typed and then removed what I've typed...My heart aches thinking about those poor families and friends of the victims.  The survivor, though so, so fortunate to have escaped this tragedy with her own life, now has to live with the horrific memories of what happened, and the loss of three of her dear friends (one was her boyfriend).  The scope of what she must be feeling is unimaginable.  I pray for her, and for the families of the other victims. May they find the strength to deal with this tragedy, and somehow move on from it...

Christmas is a magical time of year. For those people who have lost a loved one, though, it can be especially hard.  As you're hurrying and busying yourselves getting prepared for the festivities to come, please, please take a few moments to reflect on what is truly important in life, and  remember what the real meaning of Christmas is.  Never leave things unsaid, and treasure every available ounce of time you have with those people that mean so much to you.  Life is a gift.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Are you ready?

Well folks, you'll be glad that I spared you all the frantic, "omg it's only 4 weeks from Christmas; omg it's only 3 weeks from Christmas and I have NOTHING done".  It's currently 2 weeks from Christmas, and aside from a few bows, tags, and gift bags, I'm DONE!  That's right. Done.  The tree has been up and trimmed for two weeks. The cards (albeit, store-bought on account of my wrist issues) are addressed and ready to go in the mail. The gifts are bought, wrapped and under the tree.  Heck, I even have Chris' stocking stuffed.  And, I'm not gonna feels damn good! 

Per my usual routine, I took the first full week of December off from work and stayed on 'staycation' to accomplish the preparations for Christmas in the 'hood. I truly don't know how or if I'd get it done otherwise.  Of course, there will still be some final loose ends we'll need to do, like a run to the grocery store and the liquor store.  And of course the house still needs a good scrubbing (which, instead of blogging, I should be doing right now).  However,  I plan to completely and utterly ignore, avoid and boycott the malls altogether, and sit in front of my fake led-lit tree and electric fire, sipping on a mug of coffee and Baileys and just let it all happen :).

How are your preparations going?  I hope you're all making it as stress-free as humanly possible.  If not, go a little heavier on the Baileys hand - it might help :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

"With great mustache comes great responsibility"*

Like last year, Chris participated again in Movember this year to help fundraise for prostate cancer research.  All month long everywhere I go I see mustaches.  So, so many mustaches.  I'm glad to see so much participation, and I hope that this participation has led to thousands and thousands of new dollars going to the cause.  It still doesn't nullify the fact that mustaches creep me out.  And, I selfishly look forward to the first of December when all the razors come out of hiding :).

Yesterday, Chris, Matt & Nicole again set up a Mo'Photo shoot, and they raised $255 to go toward Matt's work's Movember donation.  A great big thank you to all who came out to participate!  Your generosity will not be forgotten!  If you missed out this year, fear not, as far as we can tell, this photo session will reoccur every year. 

Let's kick prostate cancer in the ASS!!

*Quote from the Family Guy

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


When You Found Each Other

When you two found each other,
you gained the finest prize:
a companion to share life’s joys,
a friend who lightens burdens,
whose company is always a comfort.

When you found each other,
you embraced the love you had dreamed of,
the source of endless pleasure
and memories to treasure.

May your anniversary remind you
of how precious that day was,
when you found each other.

By Joanna Fuchs

They found each other over a half a century ago.  They brought many years of joy to each other.  They were the perfect fit for one another.  His loss makes her world so quiet. So empty.  53 years ago today, they were married.  Today, she thinks of him a little more.
Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad.  I miss him so much, too.  Mom, I'm so sorry that today will make you sad.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


You would have been 75 years young today, Dad.  Every year, the weeks leading up to your birthday make the ache in my heart a little stronger.  I hope there's a party going on right now in Heaven to celebrate the amazing person that you were.  You were nothing short of wonderful to me.  You taught me so much.  I owe so much to you.... Thank you for guiding me, and shaping me into the person that I am today.  I hope I made you proud.

Since memories fade, and they're all I have of you now, I wanted to recount a few more here, in celebration of you, on your special day:

-sitting on your lap with a bowl of Bits & Bites.  I never liked the cheese cracker bits, so I'd give them to you, and you'd suck them up like a vacuum, and I'd giggle every time.
-surprising me one winter day by coming to my kindergarten class and asking Mrs. MacRae to let me out early so we could go on a 'date'.  We headed to the Rideau Canal where the ice sculptures were. Winterlude was over, and it was just the two of us and your camera.  I have to go find those pictures.  I don't think you're in any of them, sadly.
-the scent of your cologne and the shine of your face after a bath and a fresh shave.  I'd come home from work or being out, to greet you in your chair in the living room, and bend over to kiss your forehead from above.  The smell wasn't overpowering (though sometimes I wonder how it wasn't, being Aqua Velva or Brut, and all!), it was comforting.  The lighthouse blanket used to smell like you.  It doesn't anymore :(.
-those crazy eyebrows of yours.  They stayed so black while your hair went so grey.  Every now and then there'd be a rogue hair that was stuck way out of place and I'd pluck it. You never complained.
-some girls might have thought it weird that their father would ask them to shave their neck.  I didn't mind it though.  I don't think I ever cut you once.  Even with that ancient old razor you used with the Wilkinson Sword blades.
-You must have been a very hard worker - immersing yourself completely in your job at the office. On more than one occasion you started small talk with me as I called your office after waiting impatiently for you to pick me up out front of Main building.  It would go something like this:  you: "Head Material Control Officer, Fred Manuel" "Hi Dad..." "Oh hi Amber, how's it going today?"... me: "Um...aren't your forgetting something??" "Oh! Shit! I'm sorry! I'll be right there!".  You'd look like the cat that swallowed the canary when you got there.
-your smile.  Your eyes twinkled, and you commanded a room (Mom always said it was your Navy arrogance).  Everyone who met you, loved you.
-your hugs.  The biggest, warmest bear hugs ever.  You'd squeeze so tight and hang on just a little longer than most.

God I miss you.................

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


It wasn't just something I read!

Eeeeee!!!!!!!!!!  December 9 is opening night!  And!  I just HAPPEN to be on staycation that week!  Can I buy my tickets now??? 

And December 9th is not that far away.  (How the heck did THAT happen, anyway?)

quote tuesday

The 'return' of quote Tuesday:

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.

Sometimes life can be hard.  Sometimes you don't get what you'd really prefer.  Sometimes you don't realize just how lucky you really are.  Take a few moments today to think of what/who make you truly happy...and be thankful for what you have, and most importantly, be happy.

Friday, 11 November 2011


My father was a member of the Royal Canadian Navy.  From there, he worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs until retirement. And, up until his death, he joined the Canadian Corps of Commissionaries. He instilled in me a deep appreciation for remembering those who gave up the ultimate sacrifice, and the importance of November 11 as a day to remember them.

Every year on this day, for at least a few moments, I stop what I'm doing and think about the brave soldiers who lost their lives fighting.  They fought to bring freedom to our nation.  They died in sacrifice to the freedom we all know, and share, and for the most part, take for granted.  Thank you soldiers, past and present, for allowing me to live and breathe in a nation of freedom and peace.  Thank you.

For the past hour and a half I've been watching coverage of various memorial services for Remembrance Day - the majority of which airing from Ottawa.  The camera pan across the crowd of previous service men and women, tears in their eyes, is very affecting.  I've wiped my own tears away several times.

Lest we forget.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

quote tuesday

Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.

~J.C. Watts

Sunday, 2 October 2011

you may have wondered where I've been...

I've been MIA, but let's face it, who has time to read blogs in the summer? Consider my lack of posting being a gigantic favor to all of you. Now you don't have months worth of posts to try to catch up on. You're most welcome :).

Soooo, yeah, in my absence.....let's try to see what I deem to have been blog-worthy but just didn't hit the blog....
What does anyone talk about after a long absence?  Why the weather, of course... Despite getting a slow start, we did have some pretty decent summer weather coming toward the end of the season.  Now it's "fall" according to the calendar.  In the Maritimes, we're in that in-between kind of time when summer just doesn't want to quit, yet Fall nudges its nose to interrupt it from thriving. It's cold in the mornings and it's warm in the afternoons. Programmed A/C gets deactivated for the fall and winter, and Lord help us, we try to look fashionable and don our new fall fashions only to be in a lather by noontime. The stray hairs on my face are blowing in the breeze, tickling my nose and chin (read: driving me effing ape-sh!t crazy), and my eyes are dry as the fan at my desk blows warm, stale air over me. It's warm. And I'm not even dressed for fall - still wearing sandals on my feet despite the fact that I had to drive with the heat on in the car yesterday morning ;).*

Update on Zoe:  I'm delighted to report that Zoe appears to have made a full recovery from whatever had been ailing her.  We're still unsure what made her so sick, but fortunately, she appears to be back to her happy, bright self.  She's back to pushing Bosco out of the way when he tries to scramble for a few crumbs at the food dishes, and she's chatting and playing like her usual self.  Words cannot describe the amount of relief that I'm feeling....

Birthdays!  There's been a few birthdays that have come and gone while I've been on hiatus, and I can assure you all that I was thinking of each and every one of you!!!  A belated but very special greeting going out to Jodi, Nicole, Rhonda, Trudy, Melissa, Angela, Kimberley, Fred & Belinda.  Cheers today to my special friend Tanya, who today turns another year on the calendar.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! xoxoxo

Matt!  We had a chance to see Matt Andersen perform on two different occasions this month.  We were one of a few select guests to land tickets to a charity auction that was held at Gingerwood Stables (home of  PEI Tim Hortons' Murphy family).  It was our first experience at such an event, and despite the fact that there was no way we could realistically afford to bid on any of the auctioned items, and our feeling a tad under-dressed, we still had a good time.  I say we owe it all to Matt, but I am a little biased.  He put on a killer show there.  It was also fun prancing through a real-life 'mansion'.  It was surely lovely inside - just lovely.  And by the way, they have a bridge on the main floor.  Yes. A bridge.  A real frickin' bridge over frickin' water.  Inside the house.  I had to suppress a giggle as one of the organizers took one look at Chris and I asked if we'd visited Gingerwood before (uh...of  course we haven't).  We said no, politely.  So he followed up with an invitation to view the auction items downstairs, and we could get there by, "going over the bridge and down the stairs on the right".  Yeah.  Anyway. 
In addition to the charity event, Matt wowed TWO sold-out audiences at the Indian River Festival again this year in St Mary's Church. That's right, two.  He was in such a high demand that the festival organizers implored that he book another time, and he graciously ended up booking an afternoon and an evening show on September 18.  Dennis Ellsworth, lead singer of Haunted Hearts, and newly embarking on a solo endeavor, opened up both shows.  Once again, we, and undoubtedly the rest of the audience of the afternoon and the evening performance, left in awe and with big smiling faces. We also had the chance to score a copy of Matt's very latest CD, "Coal Mining Blues", and  I've had it on repeat in the car stereo ever since. SO, so good.  Matt's now on tour to promote the new album and is moving across Canada -- so, be sure to check your local entertainment listings to see when he's near you. And go.see.him.

So there's some onto a bit of bad...

Once again, I'm a klutz.  Last weekend, I had a scheduled 3 day weekend on account of a floating holiday, so when I left the workplace Thursday evening I was MORE than a little stoked to think of what the next 3 days had in store for me.  At approximately 3:30-4:00am on Friday morning, I was nudged awake by the urge to pee (later on to discover that perhaps I had been in a deeper sleep than I thought and the nudge was actually Chris shoving me because I was snoring; I don't remember that part).  So I stumble (literally) out of bed.  My two feet hit the floor and the ample weight of Amber goes down on both legs and appendages.  Problem?  My left foot was asleep.  I did not know that it was (how does one not know that they have a sleeping appendage???)....and, as the weight went on it, my foot bent awkwardly like a wet noodle, and all I remember after that is searing pain and a lot of curse words involuntarily leaving my lips.  Yeah. So.  The weekend was a bust, and it was spent, horizontal on the couch with slight elevation and a lot of ice being placed on the wounded appendage.  Ordinarily, I would have been THRILLED to have a 'do-nothing' weekend with nothing but relaxing and resting to, book reading, etc...  But throw that on me when I have no choice in the matter... that's a whole different story.

You might have thought that was the only pity-me part of the post; well, you're wrong.  I shall now discuss the problem I've been facing pretty much all summer long.  Adult acne.  I've always had problem-skin.  Never to the point that it was considered "severe", however, always one to have to cleverly use  concealers and cover-up to mask a few unsightly blemishes at pretty much any given time over the course of my entire teen/adult years.  For the past few years I've kept my issues at bay after using the Proactiv skincare regime.  Better, yes, but never 'clear' in the sense that I felt overly comfortable going out with make-up on.  Approaching my *cough* 40's rather quickly, I thought to myself, "enough is enough", and after having watched the infomercial a few times on this new 'wonder acne product by a renowned dermatologist, I thought I'd give Murad a try.  I went from a few bothersome zits to patches of painful, cystic, ugly acne.  The literature all said to have patience - that there was to be an expected 'purge' of the skin where it could be temporarily worse while the impurities were being flushed out of the skin.  I tried.  I had ordered a 2 month supply and gave it about a month and a half before I walked into Shoppers Drug Mart , completely exasperated and in tears, and had the cosmetologist recommend something to help me.  For the past month, I've now been using Neostrata products, and while I'm certainly not fully crystal clear, I can FINALLY say that my skin is at least back to (nearly) the condition it was before the whole Murad debacle.  AND, I'm STILL trying to fight with them to get my money back for their crap product that made my skin worse than it's EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE.  I can only hope that it continues to improve. 

Enough about me, what about YOU?  How was your summer?  Anything new and exciting?  I'm sure I've missed some stuff, and I actually have new stuff to say but will leave it for a new post.  There's your teaser...don't leave me.  And thanks for waiting, ya'll!  xo

*"Yesterday" as in days ago; I started this update post on a work break.  Unfortunately, 15 minute work breaks don't allow enough time to post a complete update :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

quote tuesday

An overdue update post is in the works, I swear it is.  Because I'm more in the mood right now to punch teddy bears, I will not attempt any witty commentaries, other than to post a motivational quote:

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters to what lies within us.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lord help me, I've been reciting the Serenity Prayer in my head ad nauseum... let's hope between that and the intelligent prose of Ralph Waldo Emerson, I shall get through another quote Tuesday.  Hope you're all enjoying a good day.  If not, get back to me, and we shall plan a time and meeting place to let out our aggressions on our childhood stuffies....xo.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

sick kitty

My little Zoe is having a rough few days.  She's been throwing up since last Thursday, and her appetite has been down (normally she's such a little oinker I'm afraid Bosco won't get his fair share).  After watching her go through that the entire weekend and cleaning up way more than a fair share of cat barf, Chris took her to the vet yesterday.  Of course, prior to that I attempted to get my answers via Dr. Google (read: very bad, very, very bad idea).  I was worried sick, and was a teary-eyed pathetic MESS Sunday night and all Monday.  The vet didn't want to jump to any conclusions until she ran some tests so on Monday they took blood and did a full work up.  In addition she declared that Zoe had a substantial heart murmur (a 3-4 on their scale of 6, and 6 being the most worrisome), and a low-grade fever.  Fortunately, the blood work came back clear, but there was still no determination as to what was causing her to be so sick, so an x-ray was booked to see if there was a blockage. She went back today for an x-ray; there was a small spot where the vet thought there could be a blockage, but it wasn't something she wanted to 'open her up for'.  She was given an enema which didn't really result in a large anything, and she was given an anti-puke pill which she promptly puked up.  The vet left instructions to continue force-feeding her the anti-hairball paste (which, up til now, she liked and readily took, but now, apparently loathes), and advised they'd like to have her back in again today for another x-ray to see if the blockage moved.

I'm so completely worried sick about her I don't even know what to do with myself.

Last night when I got home from work I was sure to get as much snuggle time in.  Her ears and face were burning hot so I assume her fever is still present.  Fortunately, it seems the anti-puke pill gave her belly some relief because there was only 1 barf incident, and into the evening, she finally started to show signs of turning around.  Maybe the fever broke.  She has still been drinking, thankfully (always has been a 'water' cat), and she's been taking a little bit of food and treats.  I felt better leaving her to go to work today than I did the past two days.  I'm hopeful that today's x-rays will show that the area of potential blockage has started to move... and will keep the blog posted.  If all my readers could keep my little Zo' in your thoughts and prayers, we'd both appreciate it.  She's my constant little companion, and she's only 6 years old.  I'm hoping, and praying, for many, many more years of snuggles and purrs with her....

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I shall never forget

10 years ago today I had the day off from work.  I was settled in my apartment on the couch in front of the tv, watching TLC.  I was glued to either "A Dating Story", or "A Wedding Story", when the phone rang.  It was Tanya, my roommate.  I think she asked me what I was doing and I advised I was chilling in front of a little TLC.  The next words she said are as vivid as if she'd said them today, "Amber, you have to turn the have to turn on the news...".

I saw the fire burning in the first tower.  I saw the 2nd plane crash through the other tower...and I saw the wreckage of both pummel downward to the ground, and the big plumes of smoke and dust cover everything...

September 11, 2001 will be forever marked in everyone's minds and hearts. 

10 years later, Ground Zero is no longer a place of wreckage, of scars.  A memorial was opened to commemorate the victims of the tragedy.  Where the two towers once stood, now are two square memorial pools, each adorned with the names of victims, amid trees to signify resurgence and regrowth.  A lone tree that was adorned the "Survivor tree", after it had remained standing after the attacks, being one of them.  Today there's a memorial service including a moment of silence at the times of the planes hitting, and the times the towers fell.  The names of all of the victims being read aloud by members' of their families.  Family members gather around the memorial pools, finding the name of their loved ones.  They say a prayer; some take photos; some take pencil rubbings of the names; some leave flowers.

I sit today, again glued to the tv in front of me, as I was 10 years ago.  Again, tears streaming down my face.  I shall never forget September 11.

Friday, 9 September 2011

It just happened...

I'm coming back to you all.  I swear.  Soon!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

quote tuesday

Sadly, Jack Layton lost his battle with cancer on August 22, 2011.  I felt it rather fitting to quote him* today, on quote Tuesday:

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world." ~ Jack Layton

What a wonderful person he was, and what a difference he made to this country.  His spirit will live on, and I hope his final words become something we will all remember, and live by.

*This was the end quote of a letter that Jack wrote only 2 short days before his passing.  I encourage you all to click on the link in the post which will take you to the actual letter, if you've not yet read the whole thing.  Our country is in mourning.  So, so sad.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

quote tuesday (on a wednesday)

I had intended on posting a quote yesterday but I was too busy editing the weekend post I guess.  A friend just updated this quote as her FB status, and I promptly stole it:

If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me. ~Author Unknown

To all my friends near, and far..
To those who I don't see nearly often enough but are truly as close as can be in my heart...
I thank you for being there...xoxo.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

something about a weekend

I wish I could wiggle my nose and bring my weekend back.  It was just lovely!  Friday night, after a crap-full-moon workday, Chris & I went to pick up Julie, and the three of us headed to the Trailside Cafe in Mt Stewart for dinner and a performance by Irish Mythen.  The dinner choices were few, and expensive, and I'm trying to forget about hearing the 'beep beep' of a microwave just before I saw the wait staff bring out the next plate.  Julie's nachos, also nuked, were additionally stale, and I think they were saving the cheese for someone else's plate.  Anyway, all that was quickly gone from our minds as soon as Irish hit the stage.  Oh, and the cheesecake for dessert?  That was superb, too, by the way! 

It had been our first time to the Cafe.  The locale was quaint; the room was full, and the tables were squished in to accommodate the crowd that formed.  It was warm, and there were a few mosquitoes buzzing around.  To hear Irish belt out a few old favourites and the majority of her new album?  Priceless, and worth any of the little inconveniences before us.  Irish, once again, thank you, thank you for an UNFORGETTABLE night!  There were a few faces in the crowd that hadn't seen Irish perform before, Julie included, and it was so awesome to see the look of pure entertainment and joy on their faces as the night progressed!  Can't wait for the next performance!

Saturday, Chris & I decided to hit Cows for a cone, and at the spur of the moment, ended up joining a bunch of others for the factory tour.  It's very neat - and something you should do if you're on the Island.  Totally worth the $6 (I think it's cheaper for children, too).  There was no actual production because they don't work weekends, but there were videos at each stop, where they explained how their creamy ice cream is made, the process for their cheese/butter making, and the production of their popular t-shirts (aren't we cute posed in our hats?).  It didn't hurt that you got to sample a little bit of their ice cream at the very end, either :).

After our ice cream tour we hit up the Bulk Barn and loaded up on a few munchies, then drove into town, where we walked around the city & took in a bit of the "Concert on the Row", a pre-concert to introduce some of the acts that will be at next year's Malpeque Folk Festival.  We got to hear a few songs from John Connolly and Meaghan Blanchard.  We walked down on the waterfront as well, and I bought a few new pairs of comfy flip flops (a new pair of Crocs flip-flops & a pair of Sanuk -- both sooo comfy).  I tried to convince Chris to let me buy him a pair, but, he insisted that he keep his socktan for another year running *sigh*.

As the sun was starting to set, we walked down to the Marina Bar & Grill and sat on the outside deck to have a cold beer and supper.  The food was ok; the beer was super cold, and the view was spectacular (am I right, or am I right?).  We then headed back home, sleepy from the fresh air of the day.  'Twas a great day!!

Sunday, Chris and I shared our morning coffee outside on the deck (a rare two-days-in-a-row of sunshine, no less) and made our way out for a few errands, including groceries. Before we knew it the sun was setting again, and it was time for Big Brother and an early night before a new week. 

This week is a sad week for me, with Julie and her girls returning to Whitehorse tomorrow.  I already miss her and she's not even gone yet.  Cody & Jool are visiting from Calgary.  Jool travelled across the country with her family, and Cody landed on Friday night.  So far, we've not yet connected, but we hope to soon get some time in with them in the next few days, and finally meet their gorgeous little girl, Chloe.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend filled with happy memories, sunshine, good friends, and warm breezes, too :).

Friday, 12 August 2011

Did I shave my legs for this?

I've said it before, but some days it's worth repeating: It's a REALLY good thing that people can't read minds to discover what I'm really saying to them in my head, as I smile, and nod and "agree" or empathize with what they're saying, or trying to say.

I broke a mirror this morning 10 minutes before I had to leave to get to work*.  It's a full moon.  I'm PMS'ing.  I have a ginormous zit erupting at the tip of nose so in a few hours time I'm going to look like Bozo the Clown. We've had so much rain I'm starting to mold. 

I really should have kept hitting snooze and stayed my arse in bed.
All together now....TGIF!  I don't think I could do another day. As a bonus, we're supposed to have sun all weekend.  And, I have a great evening planned....Yes, I'm selfishly looking for my silver lining.  Happy Friday folks -- hope your day started better than mine ;).
*Might I add that it's the second mirror I've shattered in a MONTH?  So.  Does the second one cancel out the first 7 years of bad luck, or am I royally eff'd for the next 14 years?  *sigh*
** Thanks to my hunny for cleaning the mess....xo

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

quote tuesday

All of us can use a little encouragment from time to time:

Look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred-and-first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not the last blow that did it, but all that had gone before.

~Jacob A. Riis

Saturday, 6 August 2011

where have you BEEN???

....I feel like I've been such a spotty blogger that I can't even do an 'update' post any justice. The summer is half over and I haven't let you all in on what's been going on.  I suck.  I'm sorry.  I'll try not to waste your time complaining and coming up with excuses.  Yes, life is busy. Yes, my wrist is bothering me - still. And a lot.  Yes, it's that humid time of year where I'm prone to headaches that feel like my head's going to bust open.  I guess that's where I'll stop complaining.  Here's a little of what's been keeping me off of blogger and out of your lives...
  • One of my dearest friends is on the Island, visitng from Whitehorse.  Julie embarked on the journey with her two girls in tow; Teddy is staying home this visit.  She's only visiting once every two years, so I've been trying to soak up every ounce of available time with her that I can.  The girls are growing up so fast!!  Sarah is a complete clone of Julie, and Alexa, of Teddy.  In fact I've donned her "Little Teddy" this trip.  They're so freaking cute!
  • Chris and I are trying to do a 'date night' once/week, and that usually falls on the weekend.  So, in the past three weeks we have: Had dinner at the Chinese restaurant in Cornwall, then onward to a video store, bringing back a few movies, along with some Cows ice cream* for the road, and then came back home for a movie night.  We even sat on the same couch!  We rented Inception & Little Red Riding Hood.  Inception was CRAZY, but I really enjoyed it.  LRRH was ok...but I kinda wish I'd left my childhood story where it was.  The following weekend, we headed out in the Element on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with no real destination in mind, but in hunt of local vegetable & fruit stands. Chris has a little project he's working on, so he was technically 'working', but it was still an opportunity to share some alone time and explore some different paths and roadways that we've not been to before. We ended up vising Argyle Shore Provincial Park, several different roadstands and ended the day in Kensington for supper (and more importantly, dessert) at the Frosty Treat.  Last weekend, we had supper at Maggie's & then onward to the theatres for a showing of a new movie, Friends with Benefits.  It was really cute.  I didn't even mind that that much that it was Justin Timberlake who starred in it.  Tonight, we have a double-date planned for dinner & a movie with Melissa & Darren!  So excited; we haven't had a chance to spend time with them since their wedding - so LONG overdue!
  • I finally got out with my girlfriends, albeit, more than a month late, for my birthday supper.  We went out to the Old Triangle for a change.  The food was good, though a bit expensive ($2 more to make a sandwich a wrap instead of a keizer? WTF?). The company made up for the price. Thanks girls.
  • Last weekend, I joined the girlies at Tanya's house to celebrate the upcoming Baby Redmond's arrival.  I can't post pictures yet, because it was a 'themed' shower, and not everyone knows the 'theme' yet.  Suffice it to say that Julie got a lot of really nice stuff :).  Speaking of a pregnant Julie R, I also joined Chris on her maternity photoshoot a few weeks ago. It was a hot and very humid evening; we got some great shots at a local area park, and got back to her place before a big thunder bumper passed by. We'll be back after Baby R arrives for more pics, and perhaps I'll share a few on the blog at that point :).
  • Last week, Chris & I met Julie's friends Jen & Roger.  They used to live in Whitehorse, too, but just recently moved to Ottawa.  They and their 2 kids drove to PEI on vacation, lining up when Julie was home as well.  We grabbed a drink and munchies before they headed back on the road the next morning.  It was great to meet them - and it's easy to see why Julie thinks so fondly of them.  I helped Jen make a 40th Birthday scrapbook for Julie, and she brought it with her to give it in person.  It turned out great!  Great to meet you Jen & Roger!  We'll be sure to catch up with you in October if Chris & I make the big trek up your way!
  • No summer update is complete without a little BB talk!  Yes, we're still heavily enthralled with the show...collectively gagging when the camera panned to the scenes with the blubbering Brachel duo.  We were SO delighted that Brendon finally got the boot last week.  Now, to work on the other half!  We're still cheering on Jeff & Jordan, as well as Daniele.  The latest "twist" of a formerly voted out housemate getting the chance to get back into the game makes me nervous.  Will Brendon & his big mouth land his way back there?  Wouldn't surprise me.  Ah well, makes for loads of drama, anyway!
  • Last night, Julie & I had a date night of our own!  We stuffed ourselves on garlic at Pizza D, then went shopping for t-shirts for her, and then made our way to the theatre where we caught the late show of Horrible Bosses.  If you haven't seen this yet, you should try to get to it.  So freaking funny.  Not long ago Chris made a comment to me that every time Jennifer Aniston stars in a movie she basically plays Rachel.  Wait til he sees this movie.  Thanks Julie for an awesome time! 
  • On a sad note, Chris got some disappointing news yesterday.  A friend of his who has been undergoing treatments for cancer was advised that the treatments weren't working, and he's been given only a few months to live.  He's in the midst of getting settled into his home to spend his final days with his loved ones by his side.  We're so, so, so sorry to hear that it didn't go his way, and wish him, and his family, strength in the next while.  Go out there and LIVE people.  Don't put off stuff you think you can do another day.  Life is so precious and fragile. 
*speaking of ice cream. Dear LORD the ice cream consumption this summer has been atrocious.  If my wrist wasn't so bad I might consider trying to get a part-time job at Cows so that I might be sick of it.  It worked for me back in the day when I worked for Garden City.  I didn't want to even LOOK at an ice cream scoop or drop of ice cream for years after that.  Something tells me that wouldn't work though. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

quote tuesday

Whatever you want in life, start today.
Not tomorrow - today.
Let it be a small beginning - a tiny beginning.
Your happiness depends on starting today - every day.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Monday, 1 August 2011

"things don't end unless they end badly"*

You all know that I've basically watched this season more out of habit than anything else.  My eyes were sore from rolling them on a weekly basis, and, when it came down to the end two guys, I didn't really care which one she ended up choosing.  I did watch last night's "Men Tell All" with slight glee, waiting for the attack of Bentley, but the pussy ended up declining the invite to even attend, so I didn't even get any happiness out of that.

As for tonight's finale, I actually ended up missing the first 15 minutes, and for a brief moment, contemplated watching a movie with Chris and catching up on it on the weekend.  Chris opted to go to bed early, so I stayed up to watch it to the bitter end, after all.  So here you are - the first time all season I note my opinions right after the show aired instead of deferring it to a later day.

JP, eh?

If I was to place my choice out there, I would have wholeheartedly been routing for Ben.  He was the kindest. He was the most sincere. There was an obvious chemistry, and he could have given her a lifetime supply of wine at her fingertips (helllloooo!).  Besides, JP has an angry jealous streak he's already displayed.  Not cool.  And does she really think he's going to give up his life & routine to set up a whole new one with her?  Pfffft.  Right.  I think she made the wrong choice, and I think it's disgusting that she didn't stop Ben before he made his way down on bended knee when she knew what was about to happen  and could have easily stopped him.

It's only a matter of time before we see their names in the tabloids as the next failed Bachelorette union, and see her sniffling and bawling on the 3rd season of the Bachelor Pad.  *rolls eyes* (ouch!)

*quote by brokenhearted Ben; wishing you love and happiness someday, Ben!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

quote tuesday

Love can be fickle.  Love can be fragile.  When you find it, it's truly the best feeling in the world.  Some days it's easy to take for granted what is the most awesome in your life.  We don't mean to do that, just, sometimes, life can get in the way.  Today's quote of the day is brought to you by the wise Bob Marley, and is dedicated to Christopher.  Thanks for loving me, babe...I love you to the moon and back... xoxo:

"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect - you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there."
- Bob Marley

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"If you do the same thing and expect different results, that's when insanity begins"

Oh the drama!!  The best place for Rachel was hiding in the bushes.  She's such a whiny child!  It's too bad that Jordan was such a committed game player.  I think it would have been hella interesting to see the look on the Branchel's face if she had back-door'd them tonight!  At least Rachel didn't win veto, and she still has to eat the slop.  I might have clapped my hands together in glee when she slipped off the beam the second time.

I still love Jeff.

And I still miss Dick :(.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

"It's the best when the ordinary is extraordinary"*

A few observances as I watched last night''s episode online this evening:
  • I think my eyes are sore from rolling - and she's not even through of the first hometown date yet.
  • Maybe it's because I desperately miss my own dad, but, I absolutely adore Constantine's father.
  • Ames' hometown date was awkward from start to finish.  The picnic under the magnolia tree was a nice touch, but, a hit and a miss just the same.  Sayonara, Ames.
  • Ben's date broke my heart....why does the friggin' BACHELORETTE have to get me missing my Dad all the time?  Jeeeeeezzzzzzz.  Despite the obvious emotions, I think they have the best chemistry.  Ben shall be Mr.Ashley; and they shall spawn a child; a boy, who will be named after Ben's late father. And he will have big brown eyes and curly brown hair.
  • Watching the date with JP only made me miss Skate Country. Though his mommy's desperately trying to protect her son's fragile heart, JP's gonna get hurt again. Control freaks lose in the end; they always do.
  • And it is Ames to ride off into the sunset, onward to more "adventures with himself" (hey, *I* didn't say it - he did!)....eeyeah.  
  • So, who flew all the way to Fiji, huh?  Perhaps a better question is, who cares?

*figured I owed the broken-hearted Ames a bit of a tribute so the post title is a quote from under the magnolia tree; guess he wasn't ordinary enough. And BONUS - it can serve as my quote for "quote Tuesday", too.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Big House

You're probably wondering where the BB posts are, aren't you?  Yes, I am indeed watching.  It's not really summer til BB starts :).  I did a complete 360 from complete elation at the returning veteran houseguests, namely the return of my beloved Evel Dick - to utter disappointment that he had a surprising & quick exit from the house.  Obviously it was for a very important reason that he opted to leave, but his presence will definitely be missed.  I hope that Daniele can reprise the Donato fortune this season as well, and show us all a double-win.  With both Jeff & Jordan also there, I'd also be happy if they were back to claim the prize (either one), as well.

Now, on to Brachel, or Branchel, or whatever you want to call about the "Demasculinating" Duo? (Attention Rachel & Brandon....that AIN'T a word!!  I believe the term you were searching for may have been emasculating? *rolls eyes*).  Despite being really hard to love, they do spur on a great deal of drama, so they make the show fun.  I definitely don't want them to win, but I'll be okay if they last a little bit.  They're the type of people that you love to hate, ya know?  I can't believe he proposed to her...suppose they definitely are made for each other.  *shrug* 

For the longest time, I was puzzled as I looked at Rachel, wondering to myself, 'Who does she remind me of??!?'  Thanks to a friend on FB, who hit the nail right on the head, BOY GEORGE!  Hmmm....we haven't heard much about BG for a long, long time...Same person, perhaps? Click on the picture to make it bigger and really get a good look at the two.  Hahaha :).

It's too early to have formed too many opinions of the newbies, but here are a few:
  • Adam - at first I thought he'd be cool, what with the 'bad boy' vibe and all. I even laughed at the obsession with 90210, but I think, even just after a week, I've grown tired of it.  His 'monster-truck-announcer-yelling' grates heavily on my nerves.
  •  Dominic - not much to say; he doesn't seem to like the veterans, so I can't like him at the moment.
  • Lawon - I like this guy; he makes me laugh at his over-the-top style and personality.
  • Kalia - waittaminute -- I thought Oprah didn't have kids?  She looks like Oprah.  That's all I can say about her.
  • Shelly - She bothered me at the start, until Chris pointed out that her personality strikingly resembles Melissa McCarthy's role on Bridesmaids.  That's made her a lot more tolerable.  She won't last long though.
  • Cassi - She's pretty; she has great teeth and I was shocked that she is a smoker.  I guess she has to do something to suppress her appetite to keep her scrawny figure, after all.
  • Porshe - well, I suppose every season needs it's own ditzy blonde, huh? 
  • Keith - he bugged me the minute he opened his mouth, and I'm SO GLAD he was the first to go.
Have you been watching?  What are your thoughts (SPOILERS UNWELCOME!)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"the offspring of an ostrich and Elton John..."*

One of these nights I might actually post my thoughts right after the show airs:
  • I loved, loved, loved the love lantern thing.  The shot of them all flying out into the night sky was awesome.
  • So it would appear that Ben the winemaker is sharing a little chemistry, hmm?  What, with them forgoing their individual rooms before being invited by Chris Harrison to do so....tsk, tsk.
  • JP's jealousy is unattractive.  I wonder if crying and whining to get what he wanted worked for him as a child?
  • While Ames did look ridiculous in the hideous pastel tux, my favourite shots from the group photo shoot where theirs, actually.
  • Ames looks like Elvis Presley & Harry Connick Jr's love child.  And what guy wears red pants if they're not up on a stage performing?
  • That 'umm hmmm' thing that Ashley does (followed by the whole lick lip thing) is grating on my last nerve....
  • Waiiitaminute -- are those pants actually FUCHSIA???  Yes, yes, I think so; cuz those pillows are definitely red, and they're nowhere near the colour of those pants.  I repeat my last comment about what kind of guy wears fuchsia pants if they're not up on stage performing... and multiply that by 12.
  • Ryan's a wiener.  "Cloud 10"....*barf*.  Maybe his melodramatics will convince the producers that he should be the next Bachelor.  Oh God I hope not.
  • Lucas stepped down with grace.
  • Ok, I take back my comment re: the 'umm hmmm' thing, and change my mind to the heaving-snort-back-bucket-loads-of-snot-while-dabbing-daintily-at-her-eyes-CRYING grating on my last nerve!
  • Attention Chris Harrison:  Brad & Emily were NOT meant to be, and it never really seemed that way, either.
  • Is "dot dot dot" now an official "Bachelorette-term"?
  • Ok maybe I was just so bored that I lost my attention span, but why did Emily & Brad break up?
*Alternate title: "It's not a dress; it's a long shirt"

quote tuesday part 2

I owe you a few Tuesdays' worth anyway, so even though I already posted a quote for today, after finding this one, I figured I'd post it instead of saving it:
"I believe things happen for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually start to trust no one but yourself, & sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." ~ Marilyn Monroe

quote tuesday

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile". ~Author Unknown

the closed door

In the maze of life there are many twists and turns - each turn a new decision, the place where that turn leads offering more direction to go. Years ago, we all started out walking along the same path.  We laughed over silly things; we cried over boys; we experimented with different things; we promised each other that we'd be "BFFs" forever.  We set out on our journey then, traveling together, arm in arm, until we came to a big, thick door.  Beyond that door there were rattles, pureed vegetables, diapers, and drooling, wide-mouthed babies. I chose to walk past that door.  Everyone else walked through.  A few were hesitant.  A few knocked lightly before gracing the threshold with slight hesitation.  A few had trouble with the lock, but finally managed to open the door wide and ready.

I didn't knock; I didn't ask for a key.  For a brief minute, I stood outside that door and I fought with the idea of tapping it lightly, but then I opted to walk past, and I haven't looked back.

The trouble is, I looked behind me, and there wasn't anyone behind me.  I could hear the faint laughter and shared companionship in the distance, behind the door, paces down the hallway.

And then I felt sad and a little out of place.

Monday, 11 July 2011

I haven't forgotten about you, I swear....

I don't have a good excuse for leaving you for 10 days.  You can blame the damn wrist!  I have been very achy lately and the thought of sitting down and typing hurts me before I even try it.  If I didn't have to type for a living I might get somewhere....hello, Lotto? Yes, I could sure use you.  You're busy right now? Ok, well, can't knock a girl for trying...'s summer - finally :).  We knew it would get here, we just had to have a little patience.  Here's a list of a few sure-all signs of summer, for me at least:

- the glory that is the a/c (hey, I'm a MUCH happier person when I'm not dripping in humidity sweat, trust me)
- fresh PEI strawberries!
-the pop-tart tan of 2011 is coming along nicely
-bug bites (I swear an entire chunk of my arm was bitten off)
-music, music, music!  Including attending the Summerfest show on July 3 with Haywire and Meatloaf (thanks Lana!), and 1, possibly two, Matt Andersen concerts to go, and one for Irish Mythen.  We're also marked as a very possible maybe for an Ian Sherwood house concert, too.  Can't beat live music!

I've yet to dip my toes into the sand, nor enjoy a beverage on an outside deck... thankfully, the summer's not yet over :).  Hope your summer is passing along swimmingly!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Oh, Canada!

Happy Canada Day!!  This year was the first year in four that Chris wasn't working.  We slept in, went into town to do a few errands, had fries out of a fry truck, stopped in at the park to see some of the Canada Day festivities (including seeing a number of people we hadn't seen in ages), and we hung out for a bit with Matt & Nicole at our place.  Matt & Nicole were pretty beat, so they left at about 8pm.  For a while, it looked like we might skip out on the fireworks.  At about 9:30pm our grumbling bellies forced the decision that food was our priority, and on our way to get food, Chris made the spontaneous decision to go straight instead of heading into town, and we ended up parked on a cottage lane in Cornwall, across the water from Victoria Park.  We parked, sat & snuggled on the tailgate of the Element, and had a perfect view of the fireworks!  Since Chris had the forethought to park backwards, on the other side of the road, we were able to be one of the first cars out of there, too, beating all traffic.  We ended up at Pizza Delight in Cornwall for a late supper, then landed home to crash.  It was a pretty quiet Canada Day, but it was still a memorable one.  Hope you all enjoyed your own day, celebrating what a wonderful country we live in!  Happy 144th Birthday, Canada!

*crappy photo from Chris' iPhone -- sooo far away from the action, but we saw them all.  It was way more romantic cuddled up on the tailgate than fighting traffic from town back home :).

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

a fairytale come true...

Melissa and Darren are two of my most favourite people in the world.  Both have been dealt some very difficult hands in their past, and they're living proof that goodness, happiness, and love prevails over even the worst adversity.  They're perfect for each other, and their love is beautiful. I was absolutely honored to be asked to do a reading during their intimate ceremony, and I'm so happy to be able to tell you all about their special day from start, to finish:

Stanhope Beach Resort was the perfect backdrop for an outside ceremony right by the ocean.  The night before, it had been windy and so cold we couldn't feel our toes, but, the actual day of the wedding, the sun shone bright, and the winds minimized. It was perfect.  Melissa and Darren both have their own special angels shining down on them, and I'd like to think that they both had something to do with the perfect weather :).

The reception area was absolutely gorgeous, thanks to Once Upon a Wedding - they came in, decorated the whole thing, and tore it down when it was all over.  The room itself was beautiful to start with, but the tasteful decorations turned the room into a romantically magical setting!

The gorgeous cake, including it's very own bling.

The center pieces - PERFECT, if you know Melissa!

They're both beaming - that great smile of Melissa's lights up the darkest of rooms :)

Kaylie wrote her very own speech to welcome Darren into the family.  Melissa didn't know about this until a few days before the wedding when she told her mom she thought she might need a little help finishing it up.  In her words, she, "really wanted Darren to know how much she loved him".  The speech was poignant, sweet, funny, and caused a few tears in the audience.  She's her momma's daughter, for sure!

 I *heart* these two!!  Could they BE any more adorable?  No, I think not ;)

Donnie and Tim of Vintage 2.0 provided the entertainment for the dance, and the dance floor was hopping the whole night long!  Always a pleasure to see these guys play.  Great job!

 The bride & groom jivin' it up :)

Chris took his responsibility of being the evening's emcee very, very seriously.  He made sure that he did whatever was in his power to ensure everyone around him had a good time.  Despite forgetting the whole saying grace thing (and an incredible minister who was able to eloquently fit it in as an 'after dinner tradition), he did a bang-up job.  He ensured the reception flowed through its paces; he had several 'dance offs' amongst some of the other guests (including his own rendition of "break dancing", and  showing off his version of "the worm" not once, but three times).  It was tie-swinging, feel-good fun :).

Melissa & Darren, thank you so much for allowing us to share in the magic of your special day.  You are both so important to us.  Words can't describe how happy we are that you've found each other.  Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness, always xoxoxo.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

quote tuesday*

  • So Ben the winemaker wasn't one of my early favourites, but after their one-on-one date, I'm growing more and more warm to the idea that he could be making his way onward to the final few.  He seems very genuine, and very 'into' Ashley, and she appears to be a little smitten, too.  The scene where they weren't 'allowed' to kiss because of the sacred ground was actually kinda hot ;).
  • 'fight for the girl' group date...boxing, the thai variety, or any kind of 'sport' of that nature is NOT my thing. At all.  Besides, why would she want to run the risk of them bruising up their pretty faces?  Though, their pre-match warm up routine...and their glistening muscular chests (hellloooooo Mickey!!)?  Ummm...yeah, that was pretty ok.  BUT! All's fair til the one in the pink shorts lands his ass into the ambulance (I personally think he looked like he fought like a girl, but, all jokes aside, I'm glad he wasn't seriously injured).
  • To Lucas:  GOOD JOB douche-bag...telling her that her 'type' is Bentley.  We almost had a whole episode without his rat arse being mentioned.  Your heart is obviously not into this.
  • Blake is awkward.  Perhaps he's just shy.  He's not ugly though.
  • Ames was dopey-looking enough without the worry of being concussed.  Did he look extra dopey the evening of his date, or was it just me?
  • Ben C and William fight for their chance to stay, amongst the elephants...Did Ben C really tell the guys that he couldn't wait to get on dating websites? Jokingly or not, it would appear that it was his time to go, regardless, but William hammered in the nail til I was buried deep in the wood.  If he DID say those things, good on Wills for doing Ashley a favor.  If he twisted it to his benefit, I've lost respect for the guy.  The jury's still out on what I believe about all that.  Maybe the "Men Tell All" episode will reveal some "unseen footage"?  Either way, the point is kinda moot now.  Maybe she was just sparing William's feelings by keeping him around a little longer after his roast debacle anyway.  His whole 'pity me' speech at the end only proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Ashley made the right decision.
  • For the love of the sweet, merciful Baby JAYSAS......enough about Bentley, already!  I want to punch her!

Remind me again of why I watch this show?  Oh, I just saw the preview for next week.  I can hardly wait :).

*Lending the phrase: the eloquent Bentley (sarcasm intended)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Shame on me...

...I've been a bad blogger.  I wish I had some exciting reasons why I've been MIA.  It's more that there hasn't really been much blog-worthy goings-on, I'm afraid.  I'll try to cap off a Coles notes version of the past while...I'll go point-form so I don't lose too many of you toooo quickly:

-Operation Mouse Trap 2011 has been a success.  After a week between the last check, it has been determined that we've rid our home of our pesky little visitors.  The 15 traps under the home have been untouched, as are the ones in the water heater closet.  Phew!  That means that our original mouse count of 3 was it.  The assumed entrance-way has been plugged up, and the traps will remain for a while longer. We have slept much better lately.
-Our 'spring weather' in the Maritimes has been really sh!tty - wet, damp and cool.  We can count on 1 hand how many nice, warm, sunny days we've been graced with. And, it's even making the news - they just mentioned that it's rained 2 out of every 3 days since May. I don't normally blog about the weather, but one day in the future, maybe we'll look back on 2011 as the year we didn't have summer?  I kid, I kid.  Personally, I wouldn't mind if the temps stayed in the 20-22 degree Celsius range, so long as the dark, dreary clouds would dissipate.  I can just imagine that realistically,  the humidity is on its way and the remaining summer months will be unbearably sticky and hot and I'll be praying for a little rain and cool.  We'll see.
-We finished Prison Break.  A little piece of me has died. I'll not elaborate in the event any of my reading audience has yet to watch (watch it already, damnit, so we can talk! :)).
-I have been watching the Bachelorette; I did my first post recently, as a catch up post for the first 3 weeks.  I watched this past Monday's episode over the weekend, and I really don't have much to add.  Ashley is whiny.  The last episode was boring...but, I will keep watching.  And the preview for tonight's show sets up the possibility of a return of the Snake Bentley?  That oughta mess with her head. *sigh*
-Big Brother starts on July 7!!  I'm just a little gleeful about the prospects of a new season in the house!!
-My aforementioned birthday shawarma was postponed - to tonight that is!!  Meeting up with Lana tonight and I can barely stand it!  Belated birthday shawarma is something I look forward to twice every single year :).
-We've been to a few more Open Houses in the past while.  We've determined that our 'style' of choice is definitely a rancher - with a full double-car garage with the extra high ceilings so that Chris can set up studio shop inside.  We're still not sure whether we want to take the leap to build something, or keep shopping for one that's already up.  Chris' list of must-haves is a lot longer than mine.  I just want a big closet, and it must be walk-in.    In the meantime, we've purchased some new flowers to dress up the outside of the mini-home. We may be here for a lot longer, yet (if only I could convince him that the painting and sprucing up inside could stand to be done now and not when the time comes to sell...).
-One of the few beautiful sunny days that we had was last Saturday, June 11 - Darren & Melissa's wedding day.  That day was so spectacular it deserves it's own post, so stay tuned.  I'll even include pics ;).

That's about it --- birthday shawarma awaits, so I must go get purty!  More updates to follow :)

on Fathers Day, and every day...

Dad, when you left this world, you were never truly ever gone.  Memories keep you close...smells, tastes and sights enhance the recollection...  Yesterday was Fathers Day.  I miss you every single day, and the hurt I experienced when you passed away 9 years ago has never gone away.  On special "occasions", such as Fathers Day, the hurt is a little stronger.  In tribute to you, my awesome father, I thought I'd compose a list of things that have, and will always, remind me of you:

-Irish Spring soap.
-BRUT cologne (only on special occasions, of course).
-calligraphy pens.
-fried eggs with a dash of garlic powder (sometimes way more than a dash).
-La cucaracha, la cucaracha... (I had no idea you were singing about a cockroach, and, I'm pretty sure the only words you got right were "la cucarcha").
-Chap Stick - the black, original kind only, of course.
-turkey stuffing - your own secret recipe.  Todd gets close, but it's never truly been the same.
-beer and Clamato juice (blech!).
-Molson Canadian Lager.
-air-popped popcorn with a tall glass of Crosby's lemonade (made with a little extra water, because if you didn't, it would be too strong).
-The New York Islanders (particularly the 1980-83 seasons) when we watched them prevail (even listening to the New York radio station when the game wasn't being aired on CBC), all while enjoying your popcorn & lemonade you made special, just for the game.
-Archie Bunker
-Navy ships or anything to do with the sea, really.
-Dentyne gum (the classic, small stick cinnamon flavored kind); you used to drive me nuts when you chewed it.
-Nikita by Elton John.  You wore that tape out because you'd only listen to that one song on the one side.  The tape deck in the Tempo (or was it the Escort?) had a button where you'd flip the tape to the "B" side and you'd go back and forth in that same section of tape.  What was the other song? "Wrap her Up", maybe?
-John Wayne movies.  Remember when I worked at the video store and brought home the life-size cardboard cutout of John Wayne?  He stood in the basement for so many years...

I hope I always hold on to these memories.  I'm blowing kisses up to Heaven...Happy Fathers Day, and miss you, forever xoxoxo.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

howling in my head

Having to work when there's a full moon about to happen that same evening is sure to generate the insane, the oddballs, the wackos, the meanies, the 'oh-my-god-how-do-you-function-in-life?' people.... Add a head cold into the mix and the pounding head, crackly throat, and the 'speak-up-I-can't-hear-you' people, and you have my day, so far.  *whimper*  Only 6 or so more hours to go...
comic strip

Monday, 13 June 2011

"Today marks the first day of my love story"*

I know you've been waiting with baited breath.  Perhaps you've even long given up on me.  As I mentioned before, I've been behind on this season, and I've slowly just caught up (Thank goodness for Citytv!).  On account of feeling like a big sack of dog poo I don't know that I'll be able to watch tonight's episode as it airs.  I have a rotten head cold and I think my health should take a higher priority over watching some poor waif's struggle with finding her "prince".  Anyway, a few commentaries thus far:
  •  Note to future contestants of subsequent bachelors for the Bachelorette show:  if you're a raging alcoholic, do not sign up for the show; you'll only embarrass yourself as you wind up pickled into a drunken stupor, necessitating your competition to have to prod your sorry ass up off the seat you passed out on and throw you out the front door.
  • William & Mickey get my thumbs up -despite William's horrific display at the 'roast'. I think he made up for his faux pas with raw emotions.  We'll see.
  • "Beast" needs to go.... I get the fact that he wants to acknowledge the whole, "beauty is skin deep-get to know the person instead of judging on the outside-thing....but man ....  It's a public show based on first impressions, including looks (you can't tell me that the stars of each season don't initially weed out the uglies, regardless if they've talked to them to 'get to know them', first).  The "life-changing" mask is ridiculous; I had visions of some dark, thick hair on the upper cheek area. I think maybe he was trying to get his own spin-off dating show.  Waitaminute...wasn't that done before?  *rolls eyes*.  Least they can finally burn that damn mask (Typed before they actually did do that at the end of episode 3, I swear!). I didn't expect him to last very long in this whole journey.
  • Bentley, Bentley, Bentley...what an A$$HOLE!...Seriously! -- "I'm gonna make Ashley cry.... I hope my hair is OK" ...*PUNCH*!  I can't wait for the "Men Tell All" episode!!  Will she be privy to what he REALLY said? Will she confront him?  I hope someone hurts him. Bad. Hey, Michelle Money, if you happen to read this, drop me an email, would you? I'd LOVE to hear what you have to say.
So have YOU been watching, too?  What are your thoughts?

    *Quote from Ashley as she daydreams about the snake that is Bentley.  Oh dear, poor, little naive Ashley...

    Wednesday, 8 June 2011

    2011: The Year of the Mouse*

    In my absence from posting I turned over another calendar year. As we speak I have exactly 363 days left to suck out whatever I can from my final days of my "thirties" before embarking on a new *gulp* decade.  You would think I'd have an amazing  story to share of the wild party that took place over the weekend.  You would think that I've been suffering a 3 day hangover on account of the rowdiness and the celebration.  You would think. But, that's not the case.

    We'll blame the mice.  So far our carcass count is now up to 3.  We had originally hoped the discovery on the hallway floor was a solitary visitor.  Unfortunately, after allowing 2 days to pass after a thorough clean up, there was new 'matter' of the fecal variety discovered in the original hide out place by the water heater (in our bedroom closet, no less.  Yeah.  Awesome).  So, Sunday afternoon, the official "birth" day, Chris went to Canadian Tire to purchase $20 worth of mouse trapping devices, and he crawled around underneath the mini-home placing them in regular intervals, and loaded up the water tank area.  By the time the area was 'secured' it was after 4pm (oh, and p.s. in addition to the traps, he also landed home with a bathroom scale, which he swears was not a birthday gift, just on sale. Regardless, I was feeling old; and fat; and p!ssy about the mice messing with a good day, so know). 

    Originally Chris had planned an all-day "Adventure Day", complete with lunch out at one of our favourite restaurants (seasonal), and a drive.  Because we had such a late start, we couldn't do that, but we made the best of it.  Instead, we travelled to Jewell's Country Market and slurped up a HUGE ice cream cone (the evidence of which still shows on the scarf that I wore that day, waiting to be laundered), while walking through the various rows of pretty plants and flowers. From there, we took a drive, and ended up at East Side Marios for eats.  You never leave that place hungry.  Despite saving more than half of my entree for lunch the next day, I felt pretty nasty full.  Oh, and bonus!  We could now weigh ourselves with the purchase of the new bathroom scales, and each carried another 3lbs or so from the huge supper :P.  A few more episodes of Prison Break later, (we're almost done; god, what are we going to do when it's done?) and it was time for bed.

    Monday night, Chris joined Mummy & I for supper at Swiss Chalet.  Mummy spoiled me again this year, with a generous gift card to Reitmans (hellloooo new summer attire!) and she also replenished my perfume, too!  Love you, Mummy....xoxoxo.  Thanks to Todd, too, for his gift card. Unfortunately, he had to work, so it was just the three of us for supper.  We settled on Swiss Chalet.  I was so indifferent when it came to making a decision, if the truth be known, that restaurant was really for Mom and Chris.  My ears have been bothering me (to find out today that the cold I had a few weeks back has plugged them up really good -and now I'm on a prescription to clear them), so I wasn't even that hungry.  From there, we went back to Momma's for a bit, then on to his parents' house for a visit.  Thanks to Rose & Charlie for the gorgeous scarf, tops & little kitty pin! 

    On Sunday I have plans to meet up with Lana for some belated birthday schawarma, and a day next week, I'll be kicking back with my girlies to celebrate mine, and Julie R's birthdays, so the fun times aren't over, yet :).  A huge THANK YOU to all who sent well wishes, cards, etc....Love you all!!!!!!!!!

    So, even though it was a quiet birthday, it was still spent with the important folks in my life, and I appreciate the time and the generosity more than words! Thanks everyone!! xoxoxo.

    *Otherwise known as the year I turned 39

    Thursday, 2 June 2011

    This is not a Dr. Seuss rhyme...


    I awoke to a freaking MOUSE IN MY HOUSE! 
    Fear not, he was not attempting to plot. 
    Dead was he, and white-faced, was ME!

    I nearly passed out.  I frantically called out to a slumbering Chris, "UM, there appears to be what looks like a real dead mouse in the hallway".  To which, he sleepily replied, "Huh, that's not possible"..and then the surprise, "Oh my God it IS (no sh!t, Sherlock!)".

    I remember hearing Zoe crying out for us earlier in the morning, long before the alarm.  She usually waits til the alarm goes off, and then she walks all over me to ensure I'm getting up.  Perhaps she was squealing in delight at her kill?  Bosco looked unusually tired this morning - barely opening an eyelid as he remained drowsily perched on top of the couch. Perhaps he'd had a busy night last night.  Regardless of how the kill went down, at least Chris was there to dispose of the...carcass.  He'd dropped it actually, and it made a big thud.  How quick does riggor kick in, anyway? (*shudders*).  This is our first issue with a rodent.  Does it mean that there's a nest of little furry creatures in our mattress?  In the dust bunny haven under the bed?  Perhaps in the sty that we call a bedroom closet?  I'm sickened at the thought, but, at least I do have a few 'guards' on hand to take care of business, as it were. 

    I guess you know what I'LL be doing this weekend.  Full on clean up in the Master...complete with closet dump.  If it's not been worn in a year, "hopeful" or not, she goes to the red bin.  Pray that I don't find fecal matter or 'nests', would you, please?

    Sweet merciful baby Jeeeeeeeeeebus!

    Wednesday, 1 June 2011

    It's June? Really?

    comic strip

    Hehe...supposing this cute little cartoon doesn't sufficiently explain my absence in posting - especially, since, you know, it's only June 1 today, and my last post was a week ago.  Nevermind the fact that there's a new season of the Bacherlorette on and I've not even mentioned it (I'll get to it, my pretties, fear not. Playing catch up and I've not seen this week's show). Heck, I even missed Quote Tuesday yesterday!  Ok, I promise a catch up post soon, and to mark the missing quote Tuesday, here's one of my favourites (I kinda use it as my own motto):

    "Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted" ~ John Lennon

    Happy Hump!

    Wednesday, 25 May 2011

    Oprah's finally over, as well as Country Idol

    Ok, despite my boycott, I do have the finale turned on this evening in the background.  Mostly because there's nothing else on, and secondly, because Chris is not home yet and if I hop in bed and fall asleep he'll surely wake me.  Thirdly, I've started to cough.  A dry, croupy cough. Rather incessantly, since, oh...7:30pm or 8:00?  I can't figure out if it's the 'cold' that was coming on/affecting me end of last week/weekend (which, btw, I thought was practically gone by today), or, if it's just from the smoke (weekly Mummy night/visit at Mom's tonight -despite her refraining from lighting one til after I left).  It's exhausting and my chest hurts.  Blah!

    So yeah, enough of my complaining.  A few points, for old times sake:
    - so it's now a showdown between the 'best' country performer.  I could care less which one of them takes the crown, or sequined cowboy hat, as it were.  They're both talented (the majority of the top 10 were), just, not my thang, I guess.
    -I do enjoy the finale shows, as they are chalk-full of stars joining the Idols on their songs.  I missed the start, and really just started paying attention now, and there's only about a half hour left, but I've come to realize that...
    -I really do heart Tom Jones.
    -I really, really don't like Beyonce. At all. Not even a little bit. Nope.
    -Carrie's legs are phenomenal.  I'm like, lusting after her legs.  I wish I had her legs.  I think I might serve myself up a bowl of ice cream to soothe my wounded self for knowing just how far from her legs that my legs actually are. Plus, it oughta help my throat, right?
    -I'm glad I didn't spend money on the U2 tickets for the Magnetic 360 Tour; I just don't like them enough.  Who was the guy singing with them, anyway? (yeah, I really stopped watching after my boycott).
    -I enjoy Steve Tyler a lot, and I think he's been a fair & decent judge. The best quote of the season (told to me by my mama, as quoted by Steve: " we'll f*&k the duck and see what comes out" - if anyone knows which contestant he was referring to, feel free to comment).
    -Scotty can part his hair on the side as severely as he wants to, but he'll still look like the MAD guy.
    -The "Idol" song SUCKED - I know he was heavily emotional, (licking at the streamers like they were snowflakes was a little much though), but man...out of tune much?

    That is all :)