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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Plans in the making...

Ok so more on Step 2: An appointment is set to meet Angela at Curves on Friday after work, at 4:45pm. We're taking advantage of a special offer - two people, one registration fee, so we're able to split the set up cost, which is nice. I've been a member of this gym before... Did I notice a huge change? No. Did I end up 'donating' to the gym for consecutive months at a time as a 'paying member'? You betcha. Did I give it a fair try (ie, going very regularly, changing my eating habits, etc.)? Probably not.

There are pros:
- it's an all-lady gym, so you don't have to look at puffed-up-muscle-heads in their jeans and ripped shirts drinking a coffee as they admire themselves in the mirror (true story)
-it's based on a circuit training workout, which concentrates on different muscles being worked at the same time
-the machines are hydraulic so apparently this alleviates 'muscle soreness'
-the base workout is 2 (or is it 3) times around the circuit, which is timed (you're told when to move on), so it's a 30 min workout.

The cons:
-there are no showers
-it's in the opposite direction of 'home' when the work day finishes
-there's no cardio equipment (least there wasn't my first time being a member)
-going there involves actually exercising (sorry, just had to get that in there somewhere)

Here's hoping a routine is formed rather quickly. And how am I preparing for Friday's registration, you ask? Why, I'm going out to dinner for nachos with the girls tonight...and BP with Mummy tomorrow night. We'll call it the Last Supper...even criminals get a favorite meal before walking down death row. I'm not a criminal, so I'm giving myself 2 Last Suppers. :)

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