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Monday, 27 August 2007

Mondays come too quickly

On a routine basis, I often wish that my chair would mysteriously transform itself into my bed and I'd be whisked away, back to slumber. Today, not only am I wishing it, but I think I *need* it. Sooo not enough sleep last night, I'm afraid, and no amount of coffee in the world is going to help.

So this weekend went quickly - on account of having to work. It was an 'expensive' weekend - on account of the return of the humidity, we ate out not only Friday night, but Saturday as well. Friday night was the delicious schawarma at Cedars/Babas, as mentioned previously, and Saturday, Chris took me out to Pizza Delight. From there, we drove around Meadowbank, Long Creek and Nine Mile Creek. I got a few pics of the sunset - which I can't share yet, but will add in later. From there, we headed home, settled in to watch Cops, and I promptly fell asleep, waking long enough to drag myself to bed. Sunday we slept in a little, had pancakes for breakfest, and then headed in to town for a bit to get into some air conditioning. We stopped at Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Superstore and a local market to buy corn on the cob. Supper was bbq'd corn on the cob.

BB was a little lackluster - and if I have to watch Jameka & Amber talk to and thank God much more, I'm literally going to vomit. I'm still a little nervous about the back door potential, but hopefully that's in my head, and we can FINALLY say adieu to Amber this week. And btw...HER the next "TOP MODEL"???? Pu-lleeeeeeeeze. Not even in her wildest dreams.

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