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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I just don't get it...

Happy October. It's been a monkey day so instead of b!tching relentlessly, here's a list of wtf's for your enjoyment:

-wearing pyjama bottoms out in public; I'm ALL for comfy attire, and have been known to leave the house to go to the Tim's Drive-thru in my pjs, but walking down the street wearing pants littered in Mickey Mouse or teddy bears or puppy dogs in multitudes of colors...liiiittle much.
-clumping cat litter that turns BLUE....seriously...aren't the clumps enough of a hint? WTF kinda cockamamie marketing ploy IS that, really??
-ricer cars...why? WHY?
-'muffin top' girls wearing low-rise jeans and tight T's. There should be laws against that sort of thing.
-socks & sandals; if your feet are cold - put shoes on.
-comb-overs; perhaps it's a helpless attempt at holding on to something that's no longer there - separation anxiety or whatnot...but it looks bad. So very, very bad. Shave it off already. Bald is beautiful.
-rap. I enjoy music of all kinds & genres...I just don't get rap... and never will I - ever.
-incessant texting by teens; they can be in the same room on the same couch yet still sit there and diddle with their No wonder the cell companies have started charging a fee for incoming texts.
-why everything that tastes good is bad for us but the stuff that is good for us tastes sooo bad; it's just not fair.
-pants that are so tight that the wearer should almost definitely be able to taste them (not to mention how uncomfortable it must be). I'm no fashionista, but you don't see any fabric creeping up my crevices.

Tell me...what has YOU shaking your head in wonderment?

1 comment:

Trudy said...

Oh Amber. You make me laugh. Having had a monkey day today, I needed that =D