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Monday, 13 October 2008

Good food, good company, good times...

Well, I had some R&R this long Thanksgiving weekend...hope you all had a chance, as well. Friday night after work we just vegged on the couch, watching a few hours of tv, and hitting the hay fairly early - both of us very tired from the week prior.

Saturday morning, Chris made us a delicious breakfast of bacon & eggs before leaving for his photo tour. I spent the day cleaning the house up, and Saturday night Chris treated us to dinner at Sirenella's for our anniversary. It was lovely. We had a 3 course dinner - starting with "Mussels in Love", which were ok. I had a few bad ones, so it kinda ruined my taste for the rest. We dined on the daily special, which was a homemade fettucini dish, with scallops, mushrooms, and pancetta(?), and it was very good. The big finale goes to dessert, though...with a homemade chocolate cheesecake which was heaven on a plate. Kudos to our waiter who had a very "Italian" flair as he explained our choices, and he made a grand decision with my wine. All in all a very good experience. Would we return? Perhaps, someday...we're not ones to splurge like that on dinner, however. After supper, we rented a baaad movie, Wolf Creek - that was in the 'horror' section, but was noted as being 'based on actual events'. Turns out the actuality of the storyline was very loose at best, and another poor movie choice. Ah well, the company was good :).

Belinda and Fred are visiting from Ontario for Thanksgiving, and Sunday Chris and I went over there for turkey supper. It was, for the most part, a gong show, like any normal time at Mom's when the house is full of people. She entrusted Fred & Todd to be the turkey cookers...and suffice it to say, that might be her last time doing so. They sorta forgot to take the juice out in regular intervals...merely sticking the turkey in the oven and letting 'er go. The bird pretty much just stewed in its own juices...ruining the stuffing (which, to me, was the ultimate travesty), and the gravy. Oh well. Despite it all, we all managed to share a meal and many laughs with family, so it was all good.

Today I'm lazing on the couch with a big fleece blanket, dozing kitties, laptop and multiple episodes of "What Not to Wear". I'm going to eat up every available ounce of 'nothing time' as I can. Tonight, we do the turkey thing again at the Wilkinson homestead. Two turkey suppers in one weekend...gotta love it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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