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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Project: Vacation

After a very tiresome week I can happily report that I'm now embarking upon a week's vacation! I have a very busy week planned for myself - and in preparation, I have done next to nothing so far today. Tonight, our local Christmas parade hits the streets of town, and Chris & I just might check it out if the weather stays clear. Thereafter, we're heading onward to the Mosher's for munchies and a movie. They have been in Halifax for a few days and Chris has been feeding their cats. They get back today - it's kind of a nice feeling to know they'd rather spend a few hours with us tonight instead of relaxing by themselves after being on the road for hours.

Tomorrow, I *have* to get a move on...I have purchased some supplies to make a few things to go with a few presents. Nothing spectacular, but homemade, just the same. And though nothing spectacular, they will no doubt take me a lot longer to put together than I'm anticipating. I also have to lay out what I have so far for gifts and perhaps get myself out to the Mall (*groan*) to finish a few gifts - especially those that have to be mailed away. My goal this coming week is to do it next weekend, we should only have to worry about putting up the tree (I know darn well I'll not be as ready as I think I will be, but here's hoping...).

It's going to be a quiet Christmas this year. Mom & Todd are going to be spending the holiday with Fred & Belinda in Ontario. It will be very strange not being at home at least for some part of the season...Mom doesn't even plan on putting up the tree this year. Fred and Belinda have gone through a tough year though, so I know they'll be very appreciative to have some more family close by. It will also be nice for Cathy and the kids to be able to visit with Mom for the holidays, too....a first for Anja and Jackson, and the first in many, many years for Cathy. We'll celebrate in the New Year exchanging gifts when they return, and, I didn't let her off the hook too quickly - making her agree that I still required a filled Christmas stocking (I'm such a baby, but Christmas, to me, would never be Christmas without a stocking filled with goodies!).

Well, it's getting late - especially considering the time of day that it is and considering just how little I've so far accomplished today. The kitchen is a mess, and many chores await. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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