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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A jolly 'ol elf was she...

It's a month til Christmas.


I have picked up a few odds and ends - starting with the weekend, and a few (very few) things last night as Mummy & I went out to complete her shopping list. I have my card-making supplies on order...but they're not due in til likely the end of next week or first of the following. That doesn't leave me much room to cut, stamp, sparkle and address them all, does it? Methinks I should have just picked up a few boxes of pre-made cards. I just can't bring myself to do that, though. I've been so 'crafty' over the past few years and have made cards the last 3 I can't bring myself to spend money on a card (face it, folks...I have a room hog-filled with papers, embellishments, tools, and the like...that is just sitting there. The LEAST I can do is spend a little time in there once a year). So if you get your card juuust before the big day, know that my intentions were good, ok. They won't be stellar, either - but they'll be hand crafted. Real, genuine sweat and good thoughts put into each and every one. Yeah.

I think I really have to sit my buttocks down and lay out all the little things I've been picking up here and there to see really what I have for people...and what I have left to buy. I am determined to be complete - as in bought, wrapped and ready by the end of next week. I am on vacation next week -- there shall be no excuses! (this is your queue to hold me accountable. Heh).

Tell me - are YOU ready?

Happy Hump.

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