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Monday, 23 November 2009

"All Kinds of Dirty; one kind of clean?"

So Chris cleaned out the coffee maker this weekend with C-L-R. It's recommended that a user wear gloves when using the product. It descales lime, rust...and hard water deposits. It works like a dream. When we first moved into the 'hood we had some nasty hard water deposits in the toilet bowl (we're talking perma-poo looking stains, people). Christopher (God love him) took to it with the C-L-R, gloves and a scrubbing brush and it was sparkling after a bit of elbow grease.

The commercial advertizes that it's a great solution for stained, grimy coffee pots. So, Mr., maker of this wonderfully fantastic product, you advise me to wear rubber gloves to protect my hands and skin when using it to clean anything else... yet, with a bit of dilution, it's ok to run it through my coffee maker?....and rinse only 2 times with clean water to rid the coffee maker of any toxic leftover C-L-R remnants? Really?? Mmmkay...? I'll play your game Mr. (well, hehe, Chris did as he's the the one in this relationship that handles the toxic cleaners). Our Brew Station was looking a little worse for wear, and we thought a good cleaning would put 'er back to 'new'...

We did as you instructed, Mr. In fact, there were many more runs of clean water through than your instructed 2. You know, just to be safe...

I thought the first sip could have been the residual morning breath affecting my taste buds. Then I thought perhaps the different coffee beans I'd used were the culprit.

It tasted odd. It tasted wrong.

It smelled like cleaner.

It cleaner...toxic C-L-R cleaner!! If it would burn your hands, what would it do to your throat and lungs??!

I dumped the remnants, promptly instructed Christopher to stay away from the coffee pot, and made my way to Tim Hortons for an XL cup to sustain me (might I also add that it's just not a good idea for me to start the work day without at least a cup of coffee first?). For the remainder of the day I was certain I could feel the toxins coursing through my veins. At one point I even wondered if I should enduce vomiting. My mind can sometimes play horrible tricks on me. After Chris assuring me I'd be fine (after all he'd consumed a full cup of the affected java with no complaints other than it tasted 'soapy'), I figured I was going to live to see another day.

Moral of the story: Mr., while we thank you for a good, deep cleaning product, we do recommend that you stick to promoting it with regards to toilets, rusty foundations, and the like.


William J. Pohlman said...

Hi Amber,

I saw your post about using CLR to clean your coffee pot. You are right CLR is a powerful product and that is why they recommend that you use 8 parts of water and one part of CLR when you are cleaning your coffee pot. Rinsing with two pots of water should be enough to clear out any remaining CLR, although running through some more water to be on the safe side is not a bad idea. The only question I have is does your coffee maker hold water permanently? Jelmar does not recommend that you use CLR on coffee makers that hold water permanently.

As to the rubber gloves, they recommend gloves because people can be allergic to solutions like CLR. CLR is a safe product to use. In fact, Jelmar worked in conjunction with the EPA to develop a formula that is safer than other cleaning formulas. If you want the details go to

In answer to your question, yes I am associated with Jelmar. My company works with them on their web site so I know a little about their products. I also use their products especially CLR so I know what I am talking about.

Finally, just for the record, it’s Ms. Jelmar. They are women owned company.

Thanks for your time,
Bill Pohlman

Amber said...

Hi Bill - thank you very much for your comment, and stopping by my little ol' blog! :) Our coffee maker did not hold water permanently. It was a Hamilton Beach Brew Station, so the water was always going in fresh with each brew. We were sure to follow the directions and did use 8 parts water, 1 part CLR. Perhaps we had difficulty because it was plastic??

Kudos to Jelmar for staying on top of their good brand name.

For the record, my sarcasm in no way was intended to diss the actual product. It's a great cleaner, and one we intend on continuing to use. We are very conscious of what cleansers we do use in the home as we have two cats. As a matter of fact, I can't wait to see our CLR tackle the bathtub...I just have to convince Chris to do it for me! LOL.

Thanks again - Cheers to you and Ms. Jelmar ;)