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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sleep deprived

Disrupted sleep + failure to check alarm clock to ensure set to go off + amazing ability for internal alarm clock to wake self from coma-tized disrupted slumber = how my morning started today. Let's just say that I am not a very happy camper when I don't have my usual double-hit of the snooze button. Couple that with a sore throat, runny oatmeal and coffee that tasted like metal and there you have how my day started.

The pros:
I made it to work on time
I did not slip on the icy walkways/roads (I'm TRYing!)

Fortunately, I remained adept at looking at the glass half full today, and the rest of the day didn't follow suit in how it started (huge sigh of relief!).

Last night, I had a wonderfully delicious time at the Annual Girls Night Christmas Exchange at Julie's. The food was enticing, but the company was much better. Thank you for hosting Julie, and thanks for the lovely time, girlies! *Muah!* Even though I ate enough to feed a small army last night and felt sure that I didn't need another bite of anything rich, sweet, or chocolate, I have to admit feeling the happy come back when Craig treated the staff to a bite-sized chocolate, peanut butter chip, skor bit delight. Oh the holidays. I had my very first Scotch cookie the day before yesterday, too. Another true sign of Christmas. The only thing missing? I've not had one Quality Street chocolate yet. Perhaps that's why I'm having such a hard time preparing? Doesn't chocolate solve everything after all?

As this post seems to be going a little bit on the up and down scale, let's go down now shall we? I returned home to find 3 piles of kitty puke. Awesome. Apparently Zoe also puked 3 times yesterday, too. Now I'm worried about her to go along with the rest of the stress that's going on right now. Dear Universe - you can stop now. Please?

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