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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Say it isn't so....

It's two weeks til Christmas Eve.

Just thought I'd get that reminder out there.

{Holy EFF it's 2 weeks til Christmas Eve}

My cards have been started. As in, paper has been cut. Some have been folded. About 12 have been stamped, and nothing is glued together. At this rate they may be delivered some time in February. I have pretty much all of my shopping completed, save a few phone calls and waiting for delivery for a couple of items. I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm going to be promoted to Chris' personal shopper, however... So, if you see a rather lonely-looking lost soul wandering aimlessly through the malls on the 24th of December, give me a wave, ok?
We might get the tree up on the weekend. Maybe it'll be the weekend of the 19th. As a compromise then, I suppose it'd be alright to leave it up til Easter then? What do you think?

Merry Thursday.

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