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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Checkin' in.

I'm still here - busy as a bee so lacking in posting. Sorry m'lovelies. Christmas is still all packed away in the office closet. My shopping is not yet complete, and my wrapping is still not yet complete. I cut paper last night to make my cards. It'll likely take a few more nights before they're actually constructed and ready to be signed. We have Chris' work Christmas party on Saturday night, and Sunday night I'm scheduled to meet my scrap gals for a bite...somewhere in there I hope to get the tree standing... and Chris is beyond busy with the Picture Guy stuff .... We might be ready by Dec 24. Bah!

Chris' Granddad is still doing well. We haven't heard the results of the echo cardiogram yet - but I'm going on the fact that 'no news is good news'. We're all still keeping good thoughts, and are thrilled that things have turned around like they have. Thanks to all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers...xo.

Happy Hump.

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