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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Be my Valentine?

Chris claims to hate this 'holiday'.  He feels it's over-commercialized, and vehemently despises the idea of setting aside one day in the year to say, "I love you", when a man should say it every day.  His heart is in the right place, I guess, but, that doesn't discount the fact that a girl likes to get flowers.  And it really sucks to see all the girls around her getting flowers, when she's NOT getting flowers :).  So yeah, while I agee with his sentimentality, I still don't see anything wrong with a little bit of extra lovin', pretty flowers, and yummy chocolates one day of the year :).

In years past, regardless of Chris' attitude about the holiday, we've celebrated in style all the same.  Here are a few of my favourite Valentine moments we've shared over the years:

-I arrived home from work to find Chris slaving away in the kitchen of our little apartment in Stratford, making me supper (this was, of course, before him cooking and me cleaning up supper became our "norm").  He had a copy of "The Notebook" and some chocolates (maybe a rose? I can't remember) on the table, too.  And after supper, he whisked me away on a surprise sleigh ride. It was a "Valentine" sleigh ride, and the hosts arranged for candlelit hot cocoa and a dessert in a quaint little room of their farmhouse. It was really, really awesome.
-I surprised Chris with a little Valentine getaway at a bed & breakfast.  We walked around some trails in the forest, enjoyed a dip in the hot tub, and were catered to a delicious supper and breakfast. It was heavenly and worth every single penny.
-One year I had to work til 9pm, and as it was on a weeknight I figured the whole idea of Valentines Day was a write-off, but to my surprise, Chris had picked up a bottle of wine and had gone through the trouble of melting chocolate to make some homemade chocolate-covered strawberries.
-A few years ago Chris had a photo shoot to do. Valentines Day fell on the weekend.  I can't remember if it was a Saturday or a Sunday, but he was gone 90% of that entire weekend.  He returned home with a bouquet of wooden red roses. He wanted me to have a rose that never died (his least romantic of all romantic gestures, but, in his own way, still cute).

So yeah, he says Valentines Day is all so very "meh", but, he still manages to make me feel like one of the most special gals on earth, and very, very loved.  This year, he arrived home with a bouquet of 12 red roses, and I made him supper, and we had a romantic, candlelit evening.  He didn't look at his iPhone ONCE!  So yeah, you can say you hate it all you want, Christopher, I think deep down inside you're more of a romantic than you think.  And I'm totally ok with that :).  Love you! xoxo

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