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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"just be nice"

Sometimes when life gets you down, you can turn into a bitter soul who hates the world.  You wallow in your own self pity.  You think that everyone is out to get you.  You can interpret things incorrectly... Today I received a message that kinda hurt my feelings.  Instead of lashing out at the person I opted to say nothing. Then I stewed about it all day.  Perhaps I wasn't being fair to myself, but I kept coming back to three little words my dad always said. 

"Just be nice". 

When things are beyond your control - when you want to yell and scream and slap someone silly for being so clueless - take the higher road.  Be the bigger person.  Just be nice.  Adding to the stress and negativity won't help, in the long run.


*Ok, so maybe I'm still slightly stewing, and I still think that if I could yell and scream a few obscenities I'd feel better.  I'll get over it though.  And Dad, I'm trying my best to stand true to your wisdom.  You also always said, "You'll feel better after a good night's sleep".  I think I shall go turn the covers of the bed down.

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Anonymous said...

Great words to live by , your Dada was a great man. I am glad you try to live your life according to his wisdom. Not everyone can do that